Regular Show: The Video Game is a game for the Xbox 360 and the Wii. There are may levels in the game and there all based on the episodes in the show. You can play as Mordecai, Rigby, Skips, Pops, Benson, and Muscle Man and High Five Ghost.


n the game the levels are based on the episodes, some levels has a villian you have to fight. If you die you go back to your checkpoint, but if you die before going to the checkpoint you have to start the level again. After passng the game you can unlock minigames and free roam around the park and city. The controls for the Xbox 360 are, that you move the joystick to move, press A to jump, press X to punck, press Y for kicking, and press RB to pick ,drop or throw objects. The Wii controls are that you have to use the remote and nunchuck you move the joystck to move around, press A to jump, press Z to punch, press B to kick, and press 1 to pick, drop, or throw objects.


Death Jump (play as Mordecai)- Fly to the house while holding Rigby and dodge obstecles like planes and birds

Destroyer Of Worlds (play as Rigby)- Mash the buttons that are seen in the arcade machine to defeat the Destroyer of Worlds

Save Skips! (play as Mordecai and Rigby)- Fight the Guardians of Eternal Youth to save Skips from death

Lawnmowing Madness (play as Mordecai and Rigby)- Ride the lawnmower all around the park, but don't crash into trees

Meat your Maker (play as Rigby)- Save Mordecai, Pops, Benson, and Skips from being marinated and fight the hot dogs

Prank Callers (play as Mordecai, Rigby, Benson, Pops, and Skips)- Play as the 5 characters and defeat the Master Prank Caller and get back to the present

Catch that Body (play as Mordecai, Pops, and Skips)- Play as the three character and chase Rigby's body with the golf cart

Mordecai and the Rigbys (play as Mordecai and Rigby) - Play Moredcai and Rigby's song but don't get the crowd boo you (the level looks like Guitar Hero)

Taxi Chase (play as Pops)- Drive Pops' taxi from the British taxi and get to the park before it catches you

Snowballs (play as Mordecai)- Fight Snowball the Ice Monster to save Rigby

Escape from Dizzy World (play as Pops)- Escape Dizzy World and get back to the regualr world from Iacedrom and Ybgir

Lemon Tree Delivery (play as Muscle Man and High Five Ghost)- Deliver the Lemon tree to Benson before the time runs out and dodge obstecles like rocks and trees

High Score (play as Mordecai and Rigby)- Defeat G.B.F's high score on Broken Bonez

Attack of the 50ft Park Manager (play as Benson)- Drive Mr. Maellard's limo to defeat Giant Susan and Leon helps you

Catch that Memory (play as Mordecai, Rigby, Skips)- Ride the golf cart to catch the naked Pops memory

The Hammer (play as Mordecai, Rigby, Pops, Skips, and Muscle Man and High Five Ghost )- Play as the six characters to fight the Hammer and pick up the furniture to defeat him

Extreme Boss Battle of Awsome Epicness (play as Mordecai, Rigby, Benson, Skips, Pops, and Muscle Man and High Five Ghost)- Play as all the characters and fight every villian from every level into one gigantic monster


When the game was first released Burger King were selling Regular Show toys when you get a kids meal and if you get two large sodas, you get the game for free.

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