Are you good at creating games? Do you have a strength at making stories? Do you LOVE to put together your own images? If you answered all three questions YES, put your skills to the test to see who can create the best Fan-Games, Fan-Fictions, and images. That's right! It's the Red Inc. Fanon Contest of 2009!


Join the Red Inc. Staff

If you want to participate in the RIFC 09, you must first be part of Red Inc. Simply ask RedYoshi on his talk page to join the staff. If he says yes, he'll put your username on the Staff List. THEN you can start to create.

Form Your Creation

Once you have joined Red Inc., you may begin your project. You can create a game, story, or an image. These conditions must be met:

  • Must be Nintendo
  • Games must be a Mario or SSB game
  • Fan-Fictions must be appropriate
  • Images must NOT be frightening or inappropriate

When your game or story is finished categorize it as "RIFC Projects".

Impress the Judges

It is fairly common a great article can lose. The judges of the RIFC 09 are RedYoshi, COKEMAN11, and McQueenMario. You must really "WOW!" these users. If you lose, don't worry; there's always RIFC 010!

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