The Rebel
Developer(s) Golden Ring, Inc.
Publisher(s) Golden Ring, Inc.
Platform(s) XBox One, InfiniteQuest I
Release Date(s)
Adventure Mode, Nightmare Mode
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Adventure
Media Included XBox One Game Case, InfiniteQuest I Game Case

The Rebel is a video game for the XBox One and InfiniteQuest I. It will be released in 2014. You play as a man named Stanley Tremblock, who is the last surviving member of the Klortenian Resistance. It takes place in a different universe.


A scientist creates a device that can send humans to different universe. He tests it out on several test monkeys, all failing except for Stanley Tremblock. Stanley finds that the universe he is trapped in is currently in war. A Klortenian finds Stanley and asks how he got there. Stanley says that he came from a different dimension. The Klortenian, who reveals his name to be Klortan, asks Stanley to join the Resistance, as he believes Stanley has highly advanced technology.

Seven years in the future, Stanley is the only living member of the Resistance. He teams up with Klortan, who was fired three years before, a flying narwhal named Jennifer, and Roadkill, the nicest landshark in Klortenia, to defeat TEO (The Evil Overlord).



Image Name
N/A Stanley Tremblock
N/A Klortan Klunt
N/A Jennifer Groanmoan
N/A Roadkill Hatrid


  • Rhinotes, the first enemy encountered in the game, which are rhinos that shoot music notes at the player(s)
  • Eggswells, walking eggs that will grow bigger and eventually turn into a giant enemy
  • Rhiknots, rhinos trapped in a suit that has to be "untied"
  • Bicycle Rhinos, rhinos riding bikes that will chase you but cannot jump; if rhino is killed, the bike will keep riding forwards
  • Hide-And-Seekers, enemies that look like a black version of the player; it will always walk behind you, so it needs to be tricked into jumping into a bottomless pit
  • Egg Bombs, walking eggs that shoot exploding yolks
  • Seek-And-Hiders, exactly like Hide-And-Seekers except they are in front of the player
  • Jetplants, a flying jet that will grab the player(s) using vines


Name Boss
Klortenia Music Note Yordoom
Yummor Invisibility Yordoom
Destrace Winged Yordoom

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