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The Realm of Dreams (old)
The Realm of Dreams Logo
Developer(s) GD Gaming
Publisher(s) GD Gaming
Platform(s) GD Realm
Genre(s) Adventure/Puzzle
Multiplayer, up to four
Age Rating(s)
Everyone Ten & Up
 The Realm of Dreams is a game for the GD Realm made by GD Gaming Studios, mainly by Crimson. It focuses on a group of teenagers who must save the Realm of Dreams from its newest and most recent threat, known simply and only as the Echeno.  It plays like 3D Mario games but adds puzzle elements to it to make it more interesting.  Despite the gameplay being 3D, it uses a 2D graphics engine, using anime styled characters and objects.



In this game, you have twelve worlds that have many Glittering Crystals to be collected.  You have to collect eighteen of thirty Glittering Crystals in a world to be able to fight that world's boss.  You can inhance your gameplay by touching orbs and collecting scrolls.  You can also enter sub areas to do extra stuff.  Glittering Crystals by the way gain you power to unlock big secrets and enter new worlds.

Each world is dotted with little yellow shards that can be picked up for Special Points (SP).  Once 100 SP is collected, your character glows a red hue and is able to unleash their Dreamstorm, a very powerful move.  Once the move is used, the SP bar drops by 100 SP.

Character Exclusive Gameplay

This game plays differently for each character.  Each character uses the control stick to move and presses A to jump, though.

For Asher he is slow but has high jumping abilities.  He can also double jump to add to that.  He can hack computer and other types of systems, giving him great advantage in these levels.  He can fire energy spheres which can pierce straight through enemies with Y.

Aidan is very fast, fast enough to bypass security doors.  He can use a paintbrush and can draw things to life - as long as he has a fresh brush.  The stronger the paint on the brush the better the picture will be.  He jumps rather low.

Ethan is low in speed and is a bit bulky, meaning he's more of a power type.   He can solve many varieties of puzzles and he can jump at rather average rank.  He is totally capable of scaling cliffs due to his size.  He has many punching skills and can kill enemies.  He has low health in general.

Samantha is fast and very good at jumping.  She is capable of walking on walls and ceilings thanks to her speed and gracefulness.  She attacks with fire, but she cannot swim at all, greatly affecting her exploration range.

Elias is average in speed and can jump averagely too.  He has massive power and can break concrete walls.  He is a puzzle solver and has the second hardest puzzles, only after Ethan in difficulty.  He is capable of doing athletic tricks.

Arionna is average in every stat, and has three different abilities, each she can do for a short amount of time: Fly, swim, and spin around like a tornado.  She can explore many different areas.



The images were created from here.

Image Name Advantages Disadvantages Dreamstorm
  • High jump
  • Powerful projectiles
  • Hacking ability
  • Slow speed
  • Low physical power
Gear Rush
  • Extremely fast
  • Mildly strong
  • Can paint small platforms to life
  • Low jump
  • Bad maneuvering
  • Low weapon accuracy
Boxcar Rain
  • Powerful
  • Highly skilled
  • Brainy
  • Slow speed
  • Low health
Headphone Boom
  • Very fast
  • Can walk on walls
  • Cannot swim
  • Low power
Rose Ray 
  • Extremely powerful
  • Excessively brainy
  • Very athletic
  • Extremely low health, two hits from near anything can defeat Elias at max health
Hair Bounce
Arionna N/A N/A Dream Catcher


(NOTE TO THOSE WHO BECAME NPCs: Use the program I linked in the characters section to design your respective NPC.  KEEP THE BASIC BACKGROUND PLEASE.  I still take NPC requests, by the way.

Note: No more male characters!  We only take feminine characters because this game doesn't have enough when you compare it to the number of males... :P)

Image Character Based off of: Description Function
Taylor TRoD
Taylor Hamclub13 A blonde 12 year old boy. He is usually very positive, but his negative emotions sometimes overpower his optimism. He isn't very strong, but smart, witty and funny. He serves as the game's tutorial guide.
Jake TimeSoul Same as game counterpart, Jake is an expert hacker. In the game he occasionally helps the team by hacking into the opponents' computers/systems. Usually encountered by Ethan or Elias.
Nicholas Lumoshi A normal 13 year old. Talks a lot, is very hyperactive, and intelligent. He gives useful tips throughout your journey.
Brandon Sr.Wario A sarcastic 13-year old who wears glasses. He is very smart, but is not athletic and is rather clumsy. He runs a store in the game.



Danni and Abbi White the Popopo (and a friend) A 15-year-old that wears a red coat and has sparkling blue pants. He is usually seen with his best friend and partner, Abbi. If you are stuck in a level, Abbi will come and point where you're supposed to go, while Danni fights off nearby enemies.
Quinn Blue Jay of Lightning

An 11-year-old who blocks your path six times in the game, but never encounters Ethan. Instead, he blocks Samantha twice, probably thrice.. Asher encounters him in Papaya Plains, Aidan in Brownie Banks, Samantha once in Wafer Works, Elias in Dessert Desert, Arionna in Chocolate City, and Samantha once more in Oatmeal Ocean.

There are two points in the game whereas fighting Quinn is mandatory to progress.

An obstacle character that blocks characters.  Later on he reveals that he wants to find more Glittering Crystals.
King Woodelec Golem Guy The king of the nerds. He has lost his legs due to the game's main antagonist, so he has made some robot legs to replace him. He is very smart, even being one of the first to discover an evil force growing in space. He serves as the owner of the Tech Shop, a shop that sells technology, which is the modern version of skills. Techs have elements, like the tech Swirlwind being wind element, but unlike skills, they don't make contact.
Booker Monstermanchego A quirky, annoying, and mildly intelligent human hailing from, as he puts it, "a far-off land." Whenever somebody tries to ask him about this land, he covers his ears and shouts "La la la, I can't hear you!" until said somebody decides to stop questioning. He's set up a variety of stores selling decorative items such as hats and shirts, but he mostly finds himself selling hints, gossip, and rumors instead. He is usually carrying a plushie of a white-furred cat that acts as the mascot of his store as well as his defining accessory.
Sketch CSketch Sketch is a young 12-year old boy who has a big imagination and likes to draw, even if he isn't good at drawing, Sketch is very kind and tries to be nice to everyone. Sketch is the son of the Orb shop's owner, who passed away, leaving Sketch to take care of the shop, he can sell you items of many different types.
Ziegs Ziegs

Ziegs is very mysterious and extremely calm. He is an archer that sometimes appears out of nowhere and either helps the player or challenges them to a combat. If beating him, he will just interrupt the fight and disappear. It is unknown what his actual purpose is, but when he helps the player he usually gives great and very useful information and / or a special item.

There are two points in the game whereas fighting Ziegs is mandatory to progress.

Occasional rival / ally. He is a magic archer, he is able to manipulate fire and use his bow and arrows. He usually combines both abilities to perform incredible techniques.
Vonn Vonn Karma A mysterious woman that just suddenly appeared in Wafer Works. She seems to have great powers and can make Mirage Crystals that appear where Glittering Crystals once were. Uses her strange powers to create Mirage Crystals that appear in places where already collected Glittering Crystals once were.
Violet DarKingdomHearts('s GF) Violet is an unusual girl who wanders around in a gothic lolita dress and has special eyes, whether they are real or lenses is never revealed. She says she is looking for the perfect man to become her butler. She tells you a riddle that you have to complete. Upon completion she will award you by giving a collectable/item to progress (you can put there what you think it fit). Most riddles are related to her image of a perfect man.


Name Game Description Features
Papaya Plains "An area filled with the sweet fruit known as papaya.  Some sweet papaya are lying on the ground, and its content can be eaten to refresh HP.  Boiling papaya lakes are found here and they can be bathed into refresh one's mind." Papaya that can be eaten to restore health, large mushrooms that stick around that can be jumped on to reach high places.  Healing papaya lakes are also present.
Brownie Banks "A sweet coastline made out of brownies.  The darker the brownie the quicker you'll sink into it.  Some brownie trees can be gnawed upon to restore HP.  Sometimes white and black chocolates can be found which increase attack and defense." Quicksand-functioning brownies, sugar tubes which can be ridden to reach other places.
Wafer Works "An underground sewer like system with wafer made structures and flowing lemon glaze rivers.  Walls are very climable and secrets are everywhere.  Where Asher usually works." Lemon glaze rivers that restore HP if floated in but can be drowned in, climable wafer walls, and pipes that can be crawled through to reach other areas.  Danni sometimes cameos here.
Dessert Desert "A desert filled to the brim with sweets.  The sun shines most of the time and beefs up those in the desert.  Soft, climable walls are found everywhere and hills made of brownies can be skiied on." Climbable deserts, skiiable brownies, and a sun that beefs up power.
Chocolate City "A city that floats on a chocolate lake.  Buildings are made out of climable chocolate and streets are made out of rocky road.  Vehicles appear to be made out of candies.  The city is prone to enemy attacks." Climable buildings, many secrets, a chocolate lake that can sink people quickly.
Onion Ocean "An ocean that will make you cry.  The water is very thin and is extremely easy to drown in, but to navigate across it there are many onions in the water.  There's a castle straight down in the middle that is said to be made from ancient times, under the commander of the tyrant King Onion III." Thin water that can drown you easily, a castle, and many small caverns..
Rocky Road Ruins "Mysterious ruins in between Chocolate City and Onion Ocean.  It's said to be the location of many old battles and wars, but ever since ice cream started flooding the area it became hard to fight in.  Ice cream is everywhere and touching it will freeze you, so being careful is required." Ice cream that can freeze you, lava hidden underneath the ruins.
Creamy Clouds "The homeland of many warriors.  It is said that Ethan originated from this place...Anyway, there are many security systems in this place, and triggering them will summon challenging enemies.  There's a large falling hazard too so watch your step." Many bottomless pits, high security system, climbable fortress
Lemon Lake
Mint Mountain
Haunted Habitat
Nutty Nightmare

Enemies & Bosses

There are 50 enemies and 12 bosses in this game.  


Name Description in Enemy Log HP Location Attacks
Rocky Ruckus "A chocolate-flavored enemy that prefers to attack enemies by ramming into them.  Huh.  Does that sound awfully familiar to you?" 2 Every World Ramming
Cool Whipper "This ice cream in a can can ram at you but it also tosses ice cream at you to solidify you for a moment.  How original." 2 Every World Ramming,Ice cream toss
Papaya Plant "This plant is capable of spitting papaya speeds at you, which only briefly paralyze you.  Then the plant will come over and bite!  Eek!" 3 Papaya Plains Spitting paralyzing seeds, biting
Zani "The tiny creature can around enemies then form a sinkhole under them to trap them.  You can smash his guts with anything that isn't fire." 3 Papaya Plains, Dessert Desert Run around enemies to sink them underground
Baddened Bone "This little bone haunts its way around the desert, then sneak up on a foe and attack with vigorous power." 3 Dessert Desert Floating around until an opponent is near, then sneaking up on them
Drumstick Cannon "The Drumstick cannon fires hot, flaming drumsticks at its opponents.  It's not too hard to defeat." 3 Dessert Desert Sitting still, rotating to the position of its opponent and firing drumsticks


In boss fights, it switches from daylight to nighttime and daylight again.  In daylight bosses are faster and weaker than their nighttime counterparts while in nighttime bosses are slower and stronger than their daylight counterparts.

Name Tattle HP Location Attacks
Darcious Mattorium "A mysterious set of four blobs that rotate around the battlefield, then zoom into their opponents.  When they form up as one, they all try to attack as a ball.  They can shoot lasers as the fight drones down.  Beat its ass quickly or your ass will be beaten!" 8 Payaya Plains Ramming, lasers
Inhumane Reaper "A nighttime creature known to remove the souls of human beings.  She slashes with her long scythe, stay clear of it.  If she misses, it's a good time to hit her because it's pretty hard to hit her in any other way.  She can also fire green orbs at you which stick you to your location for five seconds, which gives her an opportunity to slash you. 10 Brownie Banks Slashing with scythe, firing sticky green orbs
Satan Statue "This boss is...literally hell!  Anywho, it'll try to shoot dual lasers at you, dodge them obviously, and if it misses, its head will fly off and attempt to ram into you.  Hit the head as it comes back to the owner.  It can also fire spears at you and make the edges of the battlefield turn into spikes...defeat it quickly!" 10 Wafer Works Dual lasers, head charge, spear firing
Quinn "As if we really needed someone to oppose us.  He is very similar to Ethan, using the same powerful attacks, but instead of a vibration attack he can fire rockets at you.  Send them back to his sorry body to deal damage." 6 Wafer Works Physical attacking, rockets
S.S. Dessert "Oh boy, a ship to fight!...however that works.  Make your way from the bottom of the ship to the top and click on the self destruct button to end the battle.  However, there are many enemies that attempt to get in your way, DO be careful.  You can also be flung off the ship from high winds so, again, be careful..." 12 Dessert Desert N/A
Ziegs "Wow, another to oppose us?...that's odd.  Ziegs can fire arrows, which fly faster than Elias, and can also create towers of fire.  He's not in the best of conditions so there will be short pauses between arrows being fired, this is a good time to attack.  Be warned, his Ember arrow is deadly and kills on the spot." 8 Dessert Desert Firing arrows, creating towers of flames, deadly Ember arrow
Candyzilla "This giant...ape?...made out of candy canes?...okay then.  It'll attempt to take you in its claws and crush, avoid that happening to you, and if it misses it can breathe flames that melt chocolate really quickly!  Sometimes it'll try to step on you...fat chance though." 12 Chocolate City Crushing you in claws, breathing fire, stepping on player
Echeno v0.8 "Wow, a miniature version of our main target!  How original!  It can run at lightning quick speeds to attempt to slam you into the wall, and it can lash at you with its sharp jaws.  It can also create shockwaves with its quick and powerful bounces." 15 Onion Ocean Extreme speeds, biting, shockwaves via jumping
Stone King 15 Rocky Road Ruins
Quinn 12 Rocky Road Ruins
Aerialcrafter 20 Creamy Clouds
Ziegs 16 Creamy Clouds
Miracle Mech 20 Lemon Lake
Solar 25 Mint Mountain
Lunar 25 Haunted Habitat
Echeno 18/30/25 Nutty Nightmare

Learnable Skills

There are skills in the game that can be collected in the game.  They are capable of either enhancing your abilities to make them greater and better than ever before or increasing a stat of yours.  There are a total of sixty-four.  They are in the form of scrolls.  When a scroll is collected, your skill is automatically enhanced.  Wears off when you exit the level or are otherwise told.  Once a scroll is found it can appear in any other level...besides the character scrolls and Echeno scroll, which automatically travel with you.

Skill Name What it does Scroll's Location
Healthius Upporeim Increases your health completely. Papaya Plains
Attackus Noalan Prevents enemy attacks once. Papaya Plains
Attackus Upporeim Increases attack by one. Papaya Plains
Defensol Noalan Decreases enemy defense by one. Papaya Plains
Defensol Upporeim Increases your defense by one. Papaya Plains
Dannious Poponious Adds an explosion to your attacks. Papaya Plains
Speedious Noalan Decreases enemy speed by one. Papaya Plains
Speedious Upporeim Increases your speed by one. Papaya Plains
Jumporious Highonum This allows you to jump higher than before. Brownie Banks
Jumporious Lownonam This allows you to jump slightly lower than usual.  Sounds useless but it may come in handy. Brownie Banks
Skidous Allowance This allows you to skid across seas and prevents you from falling in. Brownie Banks
Skidous Fasterorium This allows you to skid at double the usual speed. Brownie Banks
Drillous Nowinom This allows you to drill into soft ground, like brownies. Brownie Banks
Tenchiolis Fixuim  This allows you to fix robotic parts, regardless of intelligence. Wafer Works
Swimono Doso This allows you to swim in liquids if collected the first time, and every other time it's collected you increase your swimming speed. Wafer Works
Climbinius Nownon This allows you to climb walls if collected the first time, and every other time it's collected your climbing speed is doubled. Wafer Works
Glidon Goton This allows you to glide if collected the first time, and every other time it's collected your gliding speed is doubled. Wafer Works
Coin Sensonus This allows you to detect money in the ground.  Lasts throughout the level. Wafer Works
Chainin Sproutini Chains sprout from your body onto foes, and the foes get pulled to you for you to defeat.  It has five uses. Dessert Desert
Aerial Bombati Upon getting this scroll, you'll fly into the air and have three bombs on hand.  Once all three bombs are dropped, you fall from the sky. Dessert Desert
Longinus Punch Your fists extend from your arms into nearby foes.  Has five uses. Dessert Desert
Spacious Bouncious Upon getting this scroll, you're allowed to jump five times in the air.  Upon jumping more than once in the air five times, the effect disappears. Dessert Desert
Crescentino Slashino If you collect this scroll, your attacks gain the effect of a slash in the shape of a crescent.  Lasts for the rest of the level. Dessert Desert
Chocolate City
Chocolate City
Chocolate City
Chocolate City
Chocolate City
Orange Ocean
Orange Ocean
Orange Ocean
Orange Ocean
Orange Ocean
Rocky Road Ruins
Rocky Road Ruins
Rocky Road Ruins
Rocky Road Ruins
Rocky Road Ruins
Creamy Clouds
Creamy Clouds
Creamy Clouds
Creamy Clouds
Creamy Clouds
Lemon Lake
Lemon Lake
Lemon Lake
Lemon Lake
Lemon Lake
Mint Mountain
Mint Mountain
Mint Mountain
Mint Mountain
Mint Mountain
Haunted Habitat
Haunted Habitat
Haunted Habitat
Haunted Habitat
Haunted Habitat
Tutorialous Unium This summons Taylor to appear and ask you if you need any help. Obtained from Taylor
Hackonium Jakious This allows you to hack into systems without the help of Jake.  This makes certain objectives easier. Obtained from Jake
Tiponous Nicholousum This summons Nicholas to appear and give you three random tips. Obtained from Nicholas
Storious Appearous This summons a store to appear in the stage's beginning area, where Brandon will give you items in exchange for money. Obtained from Brandon
Dannius Flioneum A pair of wings will appear which can be collected to allow you to fly momentarily. Obtained from Danni
Echenekous Defeatius This spell creates a large, crismon colored blast that is said to damage the echeno.  It's the only way to do so! Nutty Nightmare


There are various Tech in the game that can be bought at King Woodelec' s shop. They cost TP to use, but they are powerful and have different attributes. There are a total of 64 Techs.

Tech Name What it does Attribute
Swirlwind A basic wind Tech that allows you to launch bursts of wind. Wind
Greatwind A advanced wind Tech that allows you to create giant tornados and launch them at the opponent.  Wind
Flare Boom A basic fire Tech tech that allows you to throw fireballs. The fireballs can melt through the ice in some locations.   Fire
Solar Dragoon A advanced fire Tech that allows you to create and ride a firey dragon. Fire
Slow A basic time Tech that allows you to slow down enemies in their tracks. Time
Quicken A basic time Tech that allows you to make yourself quick and have a extra jump for a short time.  Time
Wind Shuriken A advanced wind Tech that allows you to throw shurikens made of wind. Wind
Gaea' s Tribute A basic earth Tech that allows you to create mud and make a spiked mud shield to protect you. Earth
Gaea' s Rage A advanced earth Tech that allows you to pull colums of stone from the ground and use them to attack enemies. Earth
Rocket Punch A special fire Tech that imbues your hand with fire. The fire allows you to burn plants and burn enemies for a full minute. Fire
Freezeframe A advanced time Tech that allows you to freeze time for everyone except yourself and friends for 10 seconds. Time
Summon¹ This summon tech is a one use tech, but it summons a wind phoenix that attacks the screen with a wave of wind. Summon


Orbs are collectable items in the stages.  There are fifty collectable orbs in the game, each with a different purpose.  Orbs can be shattered by dropping them on the ground.  If you use an orb it will shrink down to nothing.

Color Description
Red Orb It allows you to increase your attack by one.  This allows for more attacking.
Dark Red Orb If used your attack is increased by two.  You can now have long range punches/better tosses.
Black-Red Orb Your attack is increased by three.  Your body glows a black aura and you can attack with ease.
Light Orange Orb If collected, your skills multiply by 2 for a short period of time.
Orange Orb If collected, your skills multiply by 3 for a short period of time.
Brown Orb If collected, your skills multiply by 4 for a short period of time.
Light Yellow Orb Everything moves slowly, allowing you to see where you're going.
Yellow Orb Everything EXCEPT you moves slowly, allowing you to dodge obstacles with ease.
Dark Yellow Orb Everything besides you and your friends move slowly, allowing everyone to do better with dodging obstacles.
Green Orb Your defense is increased by one. You are better protected against enemies.
Dark Green Orb Your defense is increased by two. You have sharper protection and you can survive nasty attacks.
Black-Green Orb Your defense is increased by three. Your body glows a white aura and you have so high of a defense that you are near invincibility.
Sky Blue Orb If used it will restore a quarter of your health.
Blue Orb If used it will restore half of your health.
Dark Blue Orb If used it will restore all of your health.
Violet Orb Despite this orb being poisonous, you can collect it and not get poisoned.  It poisons enemies so feel free to throw it at them.
Purple Orb Watch out! This disguises as a blue orb but is actually poisonous. You can guarantee it poison if your screen fuzzes out a bit from seeing it. If grabbed throw it to an enemy to poison them.
Dark Purple Orb This is a more poisonous variant of the purple orb.  It's disguised as a dark blue orb, but you cannot detect it as a dark purple orb unless its shadow in the sunlight is purple instead of a dark color.
Hot Pink Orb When collected, you blaze up in hearts and spiral into the air, flying for a short period of time.
Pink Orb This orb guarantees love. Once collected, you become very dizzy but you regain HP for the amount of time you are dizzy, which is fifteen seconds.
Magenta Orb When this orb is collected, you automatically head towards enemies.  The effect lasts 20 seconds.
Black Orb If touched you are cursed for thirty seconds, with all your abilities cut in half.
White Orb If touched you are granted invincibility for fifteen seconds.



Main Game Music

Title Screen
Data Select
Character Select
Papaya Plains
Brownie Banks
Wafer Works
Dessert Desert
Chocolate City
Oatmeal Ocean
Rocky Road Ruins
Creamy Clouds
Lemon Lake
Mint Mountain
Haunted Habitat - Outside Castle
Haunted Habitat - Castle
Nutty Nightmare
Nutty Nightmare Depths
Daytime Boss Fight
Nighttime Boss Fight
Rival Encounter theme
Vs. Quinn
Vs. Ziegs
Before the Echeno
 - Before the Echeno Fight
Echeno - Phase One
Echeno - Phase Two
The Exceptional: Final Echeno Battle!
Glittering Crystal Obtained!
Boss Obliterated!
Dreamstorm ready to be used!

Character Themes

Asher's Theme
Aidan's Theme
Ethan's Theme
Elias's Theme
Samantha's Theme
Arionna's Theme
Echeno's Theme
Jake's Theme
Danni and Abbi's Theme
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