The Echeno makes his menacing, downright terrifying return!...

The Realm of Dreams: Grand Nightmare is the sequel to The Realm of Dreams.  It was created and published for the GD Realm and Fandraxo consoles by GD Gaming Studios, and the game is a 3D platformer that plays somewhat like traditional Super Mario games.  The game was rated E+10 by the ESRB.


Main Gameplay

In a level, you must collect the level's six Turquoise Keys and make it to the end, set off a timer through hitting a switch, and race back to the level's entrance through several alternative routes, similarly done in the game "Wario Land 4". You're also required to do two side objectives in the level before you actually complete it.

New to this game is hubs. There are five hubs in the game, each having 6 levels for the player to complete. After 4 of these levels are finished, the boss gate opens up and you are able to fight the boss. Hubs in the game usually have challenges and unique elements you cannot find elsewhere.

Core Gameplay

There are eight characters in the game, each having their own unique playstyle. You need to master these different playstyles to beat the game and defeat the Echeno.

Asher is slow but has high jumping abilities.  He can also double jump to add to that.  He can hack computers and other types of systems, giving him great advantage in these levels.  He can fire energy spheres which can pierce straight through enemies with Y.

Aidan is very fast, fast enough to bypass security doors.  He can use a paintbrush and can draw things to life - as long as he has a fresh brush.  The stronger the paint on the brush the better the picture will be.  He jumps rather low.

Ethan is low in speed and is a bit bulky, meaning he's more of a power type.   He can solve many varieties of puzzles and he can jump at rather average rank.  He is totally capable of scaling cliffs due to his size.  He has many punching skills and can kill enemies.  He has low health in general.

Samantha is fast and very good at jumping.  She is capable of walking on walls and ceilings thanks to her speed and gracefulness.  She attacks with fire, but she cannot swim at all, greatly affecting her exploration range.

Elias is average in speed and can jump averagely too.  He has massive power and can break concrete walls.  He is a puzzle solver and has the second hardest puzzles, only after Ethan in difficulty.  He is capable of doing athletic tricks.

Arionna is average in every stat, and has three different abilities, each she can do for a short amount of time: Fly, swim, and spin around like a tornado.  She can explore many different areas.

Ben is rather low in speed, but he can jump very high, higher than anyone else in the game. He's got some bulk, allowing him to defeat enemies rather easily. He can warp short distances, but he needs recovery time before being able to teleport again.

Cyrus is very slow, but makes up with rather good jump and power. He can scan enemies and preform analysis-es on them



A half-human, half-cyborg sarcastic young lad.  He's always pumped for an adventure, but he dislikes anyone who gets in his way, like the Echeno.  He's a slow character, but he has a wide special attack set and is great at jumping. 


A witty artist with a quick, snappy sense of humor.  He's very wise and can draw inanimated objects to life.  Aidan is also known for being shy, so he isn't very social.


An intelligent, strong teenager.  He's slow and doesn't have great atheltic skill but that won't stop him from tossing enemies out from the frying pan into the fire...he's very friendly and isn't always serious.


While he is almost always confused, he is so strong, he can tear concrete walls apart with his bare hands!  He's also smart and is fairly good at running, but he can't jump...


A female with a hot temper.  She hangs out with the others and, while mostly friendly, can break into violent tempers.  Her running speed is used almost all the outspeed enemies.


The cousin of most of everyone in the group.  She is shy, but never backs down from a fight.  When a friend is being hurt, she tries to protect that person.


An intelligent member of the group that rivals only Asher in intelligence.  He's friendly towards some but hostile towards others, but is very honest and never lies.


The youngest of the group, but that doesn't mean he's worth nothing.  He's got incredible wits and is very sneaky at doing stuff.


Hub Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Boss Level Extra Level
Huckleberry Woods Sunshine Path Giant Oak Foggy Island Cloudy Village Underground Tunnel Deep Swamp Wild Bull's Battleground
Happy Mt. Flower Road Modern Metropolis Chill Hill Skyhigh City Techy Fortress Goodside Hill Three Headed Demon's Pit
Hilly Canyon Ghostly Mansion Creepy Cave Pizza Palace Gamble Corner Nightmare Plant Electrocuted Slammer Vine King's Overlook
Hostile Castle Pinball Alley DNA Chamber Castle Exterior Pump Works Perplex Pyramid Underwater Temple Dragon Slayer's Arena
Hellfire Nightmare Midnight Terrors Highway Inferno Magma Overflow

Angelic Ruin

Overfrozen Jungle Evil's Mind Echeno's Dungeon





With the power of the dreams bestowed within my body, the Echeno can be compared to Glass Joe as apples to oranges...


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