The Quest of Starlexand (Badger Quest in Europe and Australia and Star-Star Land Adventure in Japan) is a 2D platformer video game created and published by Metal Chaos Inc.. The game is about two anthropomorphic animals, one being a young badger and the other being a young adult-aged tortoise, named Donnie and Alexander (though they are normally called "Cub" and "Buffuxz") to kill an evil hedgehog named Ghedgie-X that assassinated Cub's parents for fortune. The game also gives some famous video game characters cameos in levels or cutscenes.



Artwork Name Unlocked by Special Move
Cub Cub the Badger Default Magic Flaming Scepter
Buffuxz Buffuxz the Tortoise Default Super Uppercut Punch
Silverbacktotheorigins Silver the Hedgehog Code Physoconisis Boost
Koopathingpaper Koopa the Quick Code Koopa Shells
Starlexandmaster The Starlexand Master Beating the game Destroy-Enemy-On-Screen Spell


  • Cub's real name, Donnie, is based on one of the Ninja Turtles' names, Donatello.
  • When progressing throughout the game, you have to collect rainbow stars and the end of a level or boss. This concept has been based off collecting stars in Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and the two Super Mario Galaxy games.
  • Originally, the characters where originally going to have different designs on the box art in USA/Europe/Australia and Japan regions, (similar to the boxarts of videogames in the 1980's-1990's) but it ended up to keep the same designs for Japan originally, and used them for all audiences in all regions it is released.