The Quest for Christmas is a fan-fiction made by T0M.V.12 (tbc), starring several characters based on users. It takes place around Christmas time.

What you should know before reading

The story is about a group of friends that once a year go to the Snowy Summits to celebrate Christmas with each other. This tradition has gone for years, and shall never end. The Snowy Summits is a place near the North Pole, being, as the name suggests, snowy, white and plain. However, there are also lots of mountains and a secret forest.

An evil creature, often referred as poison master/poison creature, however, knew about this, and made a plan to kill the group. The creature's only chance of surviving was to kill people, due to an ancient curse.


Image Name Special Ability/Weapon
Mii Rain- Alange Alange (tbc) Katana
Mii Rain- Arend Arend (tbc)

Magical Paintbrush

Healing Ability

Mii Rain- Hayden Hayden (tbc) Strikers' Sword
Mii Rain- Jake Jake (tbc) Arrow and Bow
Mii Rain- HBB Joe (tbc) Giant Gumballs
Mii Rain- Mapman Mapman (tbc) Blue Aura
Mii Rain- Mason Mason (tbc) Giant Stylus
Mii Rain- Rick Rick (tbc) Shurikens
Mii Rain- SDMK Rocky (tbc) Rainbow Scepter
Mii Rain- Sam Sam (tbc) Mallet
Mii Rain- Sora Sora (tbc) Fire Flames
Mii Rain- Tom Tom (tbc) Dark Magic

The story begins...

TQFC Jake got Lost
20th December, 2012- A boy with arrow and bow walks around the Snowy Summit. It’s obvious he got lost, and he looks sad. Suddenly, the sky turns black, and an evil laugh is heard.

2 days later- A little house on the summit made out of wood was filled with lights, presents and other decorations. Suddenly, someone enters. ‘Pheew, it’s freezing out there!’. It turned out to be Alange. He was surprised he was the first one that entered, and sat down, resting from his far trip from Spain. Alange fell asleep, but then, another person enters. Alange awoke. ‘Hayden! Glad to see you! I started to get worried this was the wrong place!’ Alange said. The two talked a bit when the others one by one arrived. Only one was still missing, that one was Jake.

They waited for hours and hours, but Jake still didn’t arrive. Joe stood up, telling they should search for him. Everyone agreed, and so their quest began.

TQFC Finding the Glowing Ball
After ten minutes of searching, Rick noticed a light in the distance. After the crew arrived, they saw a mysterious, glowing ball surrounded by light. Rick wanted to touch it, but just before he did so, a massive wave of energy covered the area. Everything turned black.

A few hours later, Sam awoke. He saw everyone laying in the snow. Fortunately, he managed to awake everyone. The glowing ball was gone, and the crew decided to continue their quest. Wind and snow made it a very cold and hard trip. Suddenly, they heard someone laughing. After they turned around, they saw three Poison-like schemes who wanted to attack them. Everyone was surprised, thinking this was their end. Sora managed to escape the group. After taking a few staps, she focused really hard. What should she do? Suddenly she felt some kind of energy in her body. It made her run back to the poison creatures, and she released a large fire flame at the enemies. The enemies turned into fog and vanished. Everyone was shocked. They stared at each other without saying anything for a few minutes. Mapman interrupted the silence: ‘What the hell?’. ‘How did you do that?’ Mason asked. ‘I honestly have no idea…’ Sora answered. She told them she focused really hard, and that she suddenly felt a weird kind of energy in her body. Everyone tried to focus. Some managed to reveal their weapon. Alange magically gained a Bracelet and Katana, while Rick was packed with Ice Shurikens. However, they didn’t have much time to think, because another poison army attacked them. Everyone learned their new ability. However, they still had to learn how to use it wisely and why or when they gained it. After defeating the army, everyone sat down to rest. They wondered what was going on and where these creatures came from. A few minutes later, the crew sets off again.

They walked for hours and hours, and eventually didn’t know where to go. Everything was plain and white. The crew got lost. ‘We should split up!’ Hayden said. Everyone agreed. Using his new ability, Mapman made a large, blue spot in the snow, so everyone knew where to go if they got lost again. Alange, Mapman, Sora, Hayden, Mason and Joe went to the right, and Rocky, Rick, Sam, Arend and Tom went to the left. They agreed to return to the blue spot around 5 PM to see if everyone was okay.

Rocky and the others searched for hours, and eventually arrived at a large, snowy mountain. Rocky thought they should climb the mountain to have a view over the area, but Arend and Tom thought it was too dangerous and that they shouldn’t take the risk. A small fight emerged. Eventually Rocky and Rick went to the mountain top, and Sam, Arend and Tom went the other way. After climbing 50 meters, Rocky slipped because of the ice and almost fell of the mountain. Fortunately, Rick managed to grab his hand and rescued him. The two rested a while, and Rocky agreed it was too dangerous and that they should go back. But Rick didn’t agree with him at all. He wanted to reach the top of the mountain, no matter how. Suddenly he stood up, and ran away to the top. Rocky decided to follow him, despite knowing it wasn’t safe.

Arend, Sam and Tom found themselves in the middle of nowhere. Everything was plain and white, just like before. Just when they decided to follow their footsteps in the snow to find the mountain so they could see the blue spot again, they were attacked by another army of the poison creatures. With his mallet, Sam was able to defeat most of them. Unfortunately, one was knocked at Tom, who felt backwards in the snow. He saw how one creature was going to attack him. He closed his eyes, expecting lots of pain. Nothing. When he opened his eyes. He saw Arend, who destroyed the creature by using a bat. ‘W… Where did you get that?’ Sam asked. Arend sighed and closed his eyes. ‘There’s something I have to tell you.’ he said. ‘You see… you know I always have my paintbrush with me, right? Well, it is magical. I found it on the street four years ago. It had a mysterious glow, so I decided to take a better look at it. I took it home, but when I drew something with it, it turned real. You see, everything I draw with this thing… turns real.’ ‘Then why didn’t you tell us?’ Tom asked. ‘Well, I was afraid you would keep asking me to use it to create money, or a huge mansion… But I only use it for emergencies. I was afraid you guys wouldn’t understand, and would make abuse of it. I still don’t know how much power it has and for how long I can use it. If I would’ve draw lots of things with it, you would probably be hurt very badly now, Tom. And I don’t want to have that on my conscience, knowing I could’ve prevent it. Do you understand?’ Sam and Tom were impressed. ‘Wow… that’s very kind of you… thanks a lot!’ Tom said. Arend mentioned they shouldn’t talk about it too much and continue their quest, and so they did.

Meanwhile, Sora and the others arrived at a small village. They were very hungry and thus decided to search for a little supermarket. After walking through some streets, they noticed the village was completely haunted. Just when they wanted to go back, the sky turned purple. Someone released a thick purple fog. The group couldn’t see anything, and eventually got lost.

Mapman eventually escaped the fog and used his aura ability to give signs to the others. Alange and Sora managed to escape the fog, but Mason was still missing. The group got worried and decided to enter the village again. Suddenly, the fog disappeared. Everyone was surprised. They went looking for Mason. ‘Hey guys! Over here!’ The crew looked up, and saw Mason on the roof of a little house. Mason told them he defeated some poison creatures, who apparently caused the fog, with his giant stylus. ‘Yep. This thing really comes in handy sometimes!’

Rocky and Rick were still climbing the mountain. ‘Phhew… I really feel like an Ice Climber!’ Rick said. After they almost reached the top, a huge army of black shades awaited them. They were shocked, but soon prepared to face off. Unfortunately, a huge bomb was thrown from behind, which made the ice climber duo blast of far away.

Meanwhile, Mapman found some food hidden in one of the houses. Just when everyone arrived, they heard noises. Something blasted through the ceiling of the house and landed in front of them. It turned out to Rick. ‘Rick!? How the hell did you get here? Apparently not by feet!’ Joe said. Rick didn’t seem to remember everything, but he still knew he wanted to climb the mountain with Rocky. ‘Is Rocky okay? And what about the rest?’ Mason asked. ‘I wish I knew, Mason. I wish I knew.’

After waking up, Rocky found himself in another plain and white area. He walked around a bit, but soon gave up. He got really sad. ‘I never should’ve climb that mountain! Now I’m lonely, cold and hungry.’ He also felt guilty about Rick. He didn’t know if he was okay. Suddenly, he noticed a black spot in the distance. He gained hope again, and decided to take a look.

After walking a few hours, Arend, Sam and Tom arrived at a cave. They went to investigate. Deep into the cave, Sam noticed a bright light in the distance. After getting closer, it turned out to be the glowing ball that attacked them earlier. They now had all the time to study it. They saw it had a black spot in the middle. ‘It’s a camera!’ Arend said. ‘Someone’s spying us!’ Tom tried to use his ability to destroy it, but his attack didn’t do damage at all. ‘What is this thing?’ he said. Suddenly, multiple bombs were thrown from the dark. ‘They’re gonna explode!’ Tom shouted. The trio ran away, out of the cave. They just made it, but still got blast away by the explosion.

Fortunately, they all survived. ‘So someone’s spying on us…’ Sam said. ‘I bet this has something to do with those mysterious poison armies that keep attacking us!’ ‘Of course. The one that keeps spying on us, probably made those armies to keep us away from… finding Jake?!’ Arend said. ‘Jake must have been captured by that guy! We must hurry and save him!’ Tom answered. Sam interrupted him. ‘Guys… it’s already 4.43 PM. We must go back to the blue spot.’ And so they did.

Meanwhile, Joe and the others started a quest for Rocky. After leaving the haunted village and walking around for 10 minutes, a roaring noise was heard. ‘That must be a car! Quick, follow me!’ Sora said. Unfortunately, she was wrong. Suddenly, the ground started shaking. A massive, mechanical creature stepped behind them, and he didn’t look too friendly. The creature roared again, his breath was like a strong wind for the heroes. Everyone started to run away, but just one step of the giant robot was enough to block them. ‘I guess we’ll have to fight then!’ said Joe. Everyone prepared for the battle. They used their abilities to damage the robot, but they hadn’t success. ‘It doesn’t work!’ Alange yelled. He had to yell because of the huge noise the robot made. ‘Where is the power source of this thing?!’. ‘Maybe his head!’ Mapman answered. With lots of teamwork, Mason and Hayden managed to make it to its head via its tail. They were at the back of its head, so it couldn’t see them. While the others distracted it back on the ground, Mason and Hayden charged their abilities. However, just before releasing, the mechanical creature moved his head. Mason and Hayden fell off, but still released their abilities. Mason’s stylus strike crossed Hayden’s sword strike, which somehow caused a huge, devastating explosion.

A few miles away, Sam, Arend and Tom heard a massive noise, and when they turned around, they saw the explosion. As fast as they could, they ran to it. After 5 minutes they arrived, and saw their friends, laying in the snow next to some mechanical parts. They were very worried. After a few minutes, Alange awoke. It turned out the snow healed some skin burns and Alange was saved. One by one awoke, however, Mason and Hayden didn’t. After asking if everyone was alright, Sam asked what happened to them. ‘Ugghh… They were on the top of that huge thing…’ Mapman said, not fully restored. Sora wondered how they could save them, but no one really knew. ‘What caused the explosion?’ Tom asked. ‘I don’t know. Maybe there was a bomb hidden in that thing.’ Alange answered. Suddenly, Arend stood up. Without saying anything, he touched both Mason’s and Hayden’s heads. They both awoke. ‘Mason, Hayden!’ Sam shouted out of happiness. Everyone was happy. However, Arend was very quiet. ‘Wait… Arend… what did you do?’ Sora asked. Arend really didn’t know, and explained that suddenly his mind got black and he couldn’t control himself. ‘Wow, Arend, you really are full of surprises!’ Sam said. ‘OK, now let’s continue looking for Rocky and Jake!’ said Hayden. ‘Wait. There is something we need to tell you before leaving.’ Tom said. ‘You see, like 2 hours ago we arrived at a cave. There was a light in the distance, and when we arrived, it turned out to be that glowing ball we saw earlier.’ ‘The one that smashed us all down.’ Sam said. Tom continued: ‘We discovered a small black spot in the middle, which turned out to be a camera.’ ‘Someone’s spying us…’ Arend said. ‘Now we think there is one evil brain that’s all behind this. Our powers, Jake, and those poison armies.’ Arend continued. ‘Wait, why would someone give us powers so we have a bigger chance of surviving?’ Alange said. No one got an answer for that one, and it was quiet. ‘About those poison armies…’ Mapman said. ‘Did you know they apparently can cause fog?’ With this new information, the group decided to split up again. This time Mapman, Mason, Arend, Sam and Rick went to the south, heading for the cave the glowing ball was seen before, and Hayden, Joe, Sora, Alange and Tom went to the north, heading for the summit.

After 30 minutes of walking, Mapman and the others finally arrived at the cave. Due to the explosion that almost killed Sam, Arend and Tom, most of the cave was ruined. It still was a cave, but some walls were broken and rocks were moved. Sam led the others to the exact place where the glowing ball was before. They now noticed a red spot on the ground. No one knew what it was, but it was obvious that it came from the ball. Suddenly, everything turned black. ‘What happened?’ Rick asked. ‘I don’t know, but let’s get out of here before something bad happens.’ Mason said. However, it was too dark, and the group eventually got lost. They walked for hours, but couldn’t find the exit.

Meanwhile, Hayden and the group walked to the summit. Everything was haunted, empty and plain. After some minutes of walking Sora noticed something in the air. ‘Guys, what’s that?’. No one knew, and they decided to follow it.

Rocky finally arrived at the black spot. Unfortunately, he couldn’t really see what is was, because it started to get foggy. Suddenly, the spot moved, and Rocky decided to follow it. However, he soon lost it because it was getting too foggy. Rocky couldn’t see a thing. He decided to run into one direction. Suddenly, all fog disappeared. ‘Wait… what?’ He really didn’t understand what was going on. He didn’t have much time to think, three poison creatures suddenly appeared out of nowhere and attacked him. A battle started. ‘Look, I don’t know what you are and why you keep attacking us, but you’ll eventually beg for mercy when it comes to me!’ Rocky taunted. A deep, mysterious laugh was heard. Rocky didn’t expect the creatures could talk, and was shocked. ‘You… will be my next victim!’ Rocky noticed it wasn’t a poison creature that was talking. The creatures attacked him. They pushed Rocky on the ground. ‘Say goodbye!’ the voice said, and he laughed. ‘I’m sure that fellow with the arrow and bow would like a roommate!’ and he laughed again. ‘Don’t you dare to do anything to Jake, you big creep!’ His anger gave him some energy, and Rocky managed to grab his scepter. He easily killed the creatures, which vanished. ‘That’s what you get when you mess with my friends!’ . Rocky was exhausted, and lay down in the snow to rest. After a few minutes, he stood up, starting to look for Jake again. He didn’t know Jake was that close, however…

Meanwhile, Sora, Alange and Joe were climbing the summit to take a better look at the thing in the air, while Hayden and Tom continued searching on the ground. When they reached the top, they saw it was some sort of huge airship. ‘It’s coming to us!’ Alange said. He noticed an entrance and Alange and Joe decided to enter. Sora decided to stay on the mountain to join Hayden and Tom. However, due to the strong wind that came from the engines of the airship, she fell of the summit. Sora fell deep into the snow, right in front of Tom. With some help from the two, she managed to get herself out of the cold substance.

Alange and Joe found themselves into a factory like area. Joe mentioned there might be enemies controlling the ship, and the two went to investigate. After walking through a few empty rooms, they entered a room with an empty cage in it. They didn’t pay much attention to it and entered the other room. Continuing like this, they investigated a huge part of the ship, in hope of finding a sign or maybe even one of their friends. However, things suddenly didn’t go that easy anymore. They entered a room full of poison creatures. One immediately pushed the alarm button. ‘Those again! Run!’ Alange shouted. However, lots of creatures blocked their way, forcing them to fight their way to freedom. Alange quickly grabbed his katana and Joe grabbed his gumballs. ‘Good luck, my friend.’ he said. ‘You too, buddy.’ Alange answered.

Meanwhile, Mason awoke after resting. He awoke the others and they continued searching for an exit. After a long time of walking, they suddenly heard a large noise coming from behind. When they turned around, they saw two evil, red eyes coming at them. ‘It’s a monster, run!’ Sam shouted. Everyone ran as fast as they could, but it was very hard because they still couldn’t see anything.

Rocky was walking, when he heard a huge noise. Suddenly, he saw a picture of a secret entrance in one of the mountains in his head. He was confused, but decided to look for it. After some minutes of walking, he arrived at an area between two mountains. He looked around, and surprisingly found the secret entrance. Rocky was surprised of himself. He decided to enter, in hope of finding Jake…

When he entered, he found himself in a foggy area. He thought that it might be the poison creatures, and he looked around. Suddenly, a knife was thrown at him. Rocky just managed to dodge it by diving. However, when he looked forwards, he saw that all out of sudden, a slide had appeared. ‘How the hell did that come here?’ he said. The slide was full of traps. From disappearing platforms to unbreakable walls, but Rocky managed to dodge them all. Suddenly, the slide ended. Rocky landed into the deep. Everything was dark, and Rocky was still falling. He was scared, and screamed and shouted very loud. Suddenly, he saw a lighted room, surrounded by the darkness. Something, or someone, grabbed him. He now was in the lighted room, which magically floated in the deep darkness. When Rocky awoke, he saw Jake. ‘Jake! Oh thank goodness, you’re okay!’ Rocky was very happy to see his friend. ‘I can say the same about you. That was a long fall you made there.’ Jake explained how Rocky got here. ‘Did you get a picture in your head from some sort of secret hole inside a mountain?’ Rocky nodded. ‘Yes, the poison master, at least that’s how I call him, tricked you to come here so he could capture you.’ Jake also explained that he got captured by a whole army of poison minions. After that, they captured him into their airship and brought him to this room, which they then let sinking. ‘So… this room keeps sinking into the darkness?’ Rocky asked. ‘Yes, we got to get out of here!’ Jake answered.

Mapman and the group were still running for their lives, when suddenly Rick got an idea. ‘Guys, we need to get to an open area and combine our powers to destroy this thing. We can’t keep running forever!’ Everyone agreed. After 30 seconds of running they finally found one. ‘It’s not ideal, but let’s give it a try!’ Mapman said. Everyone prepared. ‘Hurry, before the thing it getting to close!’ Arend said. ‘Now!’ Mason shouted.

Suddenly, Jake and Rocky heard a massive noise coming from the deep. They saw a strong light coming from the darkness, and just when Rocky wanted to ask what the hell that was supposed to be, they got blast away by it, up to the top.

After some hours, Jake awoke. They weren’t underground anymore, they were near the top of a mountain. He saw Rocky laying in the snow, but to his surprise, also some of his other friends. Fortunately, Jake managed to awake everyone. Everyone was very happy to see Jake and Rocky safe and well. After the two told the group what happened, they all rested for a while, and eventually started looking for the others to tell them the great news.

Alange and Joe managed to escape the first army of poison creatures, and they fled to another room. Unfortunately, that room was loaded with armies too. Joe grabbed a huge gumball and threw it like a bowling ball, crushing some creatures to create a path. Alange used his katana to defend themselves against some attacking creatures, and they successfully made it to the other room.

When they entered, they were shocked. They saw a huge creature. It was almost invisible, and floated magically in the air. It looked like it was made out of darkness. The creature turned around, and it laughed a bit. It had a very deep, mysterious voice. Just when the two prepared to battle, poison minions magically appeared from the walls, attacking them. The two were shocked, but Joe got an idea. He threw a gumball at a small red button, the self-destruction button. Alange saw what he did, and quickly grabbed him. He jumped out of a window, just before the ship exploded.

On their way to find their friends, Sora explained to Hayden and Tom that Alange and Joe entered a mysterious airship. When they pass some mountains, they saw a forest in the distance. When they arrived, they saw it looked pretty dark and scary. Hayden said they should enter it. ‘Yes, it looks like a pretty good place to hide someone.’ Sora agreed. After another few minutes of walking, everything turned black. They couldn’t see a thing. An evil laugh was heard.

Sora awoke. They were in a small room, and they were tied up. By shouting, she managed to awake Hayden and Tom. ‘Ughh… where are we?’ Tom said. Suddenly, three small robots entered the room. They didn’t look nice, however, carrying swords. A deep voice was heard. ‘Bwahaha! You really thought you could escape me, didn’t you!’. ‘Who is that?’ Sora asked angered. Suddenly, someone entered the room. Quickly he destroyed all robots. Out of the flames, it turned out to be Stelios. ‘Stelios?! I thought you left?’ Tom said. Everyone was surprised. ‘Consider this as a last gift.’ he said. Quickly he freed the three, and they escaped the building, with tons of robots chasing them. Outside, it turned out the building was made out of wood. Sora simply used her fire-ability to burn and destroy it.

After Sora and the others explained to Stelios how they gained their abilities, Stelios explained how he got here. He decided to surprise the others by going to the wooden house on the summit, the place where they always celebrate Christmas together, but when he arrived, no one was home. He searched for hours, after finally arriving at the wooden building. With their friend returned, they ran away from the burnt building, searching for their other friends.

Alange and Joe fell deep into the snow after the airship escape. When they got up, they saw they were at the end of a cliff. Suddenly, they heard the airship crashing right behind them. ‘This way, before something’s still alive!’ Joe said. He rolled a gumball at the airship, to make sure nothing could escape. They ran to a wooden bridge, which was the only way to the other cliff. When they were at the middle of it, a horizontal, lighted strike appeared out of nowhere, breaking the bridge. Alange and Joe both grabbed another side. They tried to climb it to reach the top. Joe just made it, but unfortunately, Alange fell into the deep. Joe yelled his name, hoping for an answer, but he heard nothing. He decided to chase his friend, and he jumped into the deep too.

Jake and the others walked off the summit, when suddenly, they heard a huge noise. Behind them, a massive amount of snow and huge rocks rolled of the mountain. It was an avalanche. Everyone started to run for their lives once again. Unfortunately, Mapman slipped, and fell in the snow. Everyone turned around, expecting to watch the death of their friend. However, suddenly, a dark figure appeared from the sky. He landed behind Mapman, and stood still. When the avalanche touched him, it broke apart, and disappeared. Everyone was shocked. ‘A creature that powerful is impossible’ Mason thought. Everyone looked surprised, when the dark figure turned around, revealing to be Stelios. ‘Hey guys, already forgot me?!’ he said teasingly. Everyone was happily surprised. ‘Stelios!’ Sam shouted happily. ‘We thought you left!’ Arend said. After a bit of chatting, Mason asked how Stelios broke the avalanche. ‘Mweh, no big deal.’ he answered. Rick asked how he got here. ‘Well, I decided to go on a Christmas vacation to truly celebrate it, I’ve been here for a few days. When I was taking a hike, I saw some people and of course the avalanche, and then it turned out to be you… and you know the rest.’ With a surprise return of their friend, they all walked home, in hope of finding the others.

Joe had a hard time controlling his fall, and landed up with his head in the snow. Everything turned black for a minute, but Joe restored within a few minutes. He looked around, and saw he was in a dark, haunted place. He searched for some minutes, but he couldn’t find Alange. Suddenly, someone fell right next to him. It turned out to be Alange himself. ‘Alange? Where the hell did you come from?’ Joe asked. Alange explained that he managed to grab a rock, but it broke and he fell. ‘You made a lucky fall there, Alange.’ Joe said. With the two united, they looked for a solution of how to get up again, when a giant poison minion appeared out of a rock. The two were shocked, but once again prepared to battle. Alange destroyed one of its legs with his katana, which made it fall. Joe then easily put chewed gumballs on its glowing eyes, so it couldn’t see. They celebrated their easy victory, not knowing an even huger minion grew out of the ground behind them.

Sora and the others got lost. The sky turned darker and darker the further they walked. Suddenly, the ground ended. They saw a destroyed bridge, that used to be the way to the other side. ‘How deep is it?’ Hayden asked. Sora looked into the deep. ‘Well, it’s pretty dark, I can’t see a thing.’ she said. They walked to another place, where they could see the bottom. ‘Oh shit!’ Sora suddenly said. She jumped into the deep. No one knew what she was doing, but Stelios decided to follow her. During his fall, he saw a huge creature attacking two people. After landing, Sora burnt it. Alange noticed it, and cut the minion apart. Stelios then lands, followed by Hayden and Tom. The two were surprised to see Stelios, and after he explained how he got here again, they all went home.

Sam and the others were already home when Alange and the group arrived. They greeted each other, and everyone was happy to see that everyone was safe. However, their good moods suddenly weren’t that good anymore when Stelios arrived. There were two Stelios’s. ‘What the hell?!’ Hayden said. Everyone looked at the two Stelios’s. ‘How can this be happening?’ Sam said. ‘It can be that one is an evil clone. Be prepared for another battle!’ Alange said. However, Alange was wrong… unfortunately. The two Stelios’s had a sinister look on their face. They reached out their hands. When their hands touched the other’s, a dark light began to spread over the area, coming from their hands. The two Stelios clones suddenly disappeared into the thin air, and a thick fog appeared. The fog magically transformed into a scary looking creature, who looked like it was made out of poisonous darkness. It laughed as you would expect an evil master mind would do. ‘No, this can’t be…’ Alange said. ‘I thought we killed it…’ Joe said. It was the same creature they met earlier in the airship. ‘Guys. This is him. This is the mind that caused all the trouble.’ Jake said. ‘Please. Just call me Your Highness.’ said it with a very terrifying, low voice. ‘What are you up to, you piece of poison?!’ Rocky said teasingly. However, instead of getting an answer, the creature turned red, and looked even angrier and scarier. It started to attack Rick, who fell on the ground. He screamed of pain. Everyone was shocked seeing Rick with an almost broken leg. ‘And that’s just my warming-up!’ it said. Sam and Mapman suddenly jumped up, attacking the dark being. However, they were knocked back by something invisible. ‘What the hell happened?’ Mason said. Everyone was impressed of the abilities of the dark enemy, and didn’t know what to do. Arend suddenly walked to Rick, and held his hand above Rick’s leg. A white, almost transparent fluid appeared, transporting energy to his leg. The wound healed, and Rick was stronger than ever before. No one noticed it. The confused Rick thanked Arend. Suddenly, the creature grabbed Hayden and engulf him. Hayden screamed before disappearing into the dark matter seen in the evil mouth. He then grabbed everyone one by one. Mason, Rocky and Sam knew to escape, but were soon surrounded by poison creatures. After defeated, the evil being was already behind them, and they got swallowed as well.

Everyone slowly got destroyed by the dark matter within the evil body. Suddenly, everyone felt a huge shock. The evil being was attacked by a lightning strike, which did much damage. Suddenly, a scheme at the top of a mountain was seen. He jumped off, and landed right in front of the being. ‘So we meet again, pus-face!’ Everyone recognized the voice. ‘You! I thought I finally killed you!’ said the creature. The group heard some noises, and suddenly, they saw light. Before fully being destroyed, everyone managed to get out of the creature just in time. Their bodies were restored, as the evil being lost much power. Unfortunately, Rocky got stuck in it. Jake just managed to grab his hand, and pulled him out just in time. Everyone turned around to see their real friend. ‘The real Stelios finally arrived!’ Tom said. ‘Hang on, how do we know this is the real one? I mean, the other one saved our lives too, but turned out to be false too…’ Sam said. ‘Does this prove enough?’ Stelios said. He jumped high into the air and spread his arms. A massive lightning strike hit the evil master. It was damaged even more. It now revealed eyes. His eyes were deep red, and in it, small power wires could be seen. It looked even more terrifying. ‘Let’s rock!’ Jake and Stelios said. Everyone attacked the being at the same time. A massive wave of energy was spread over the whole area, and a huge roaring sound was heard, but the horrible scream of the evil enemy could be heard over it. When everyone opened their eyes, they saw nothing but a purple spot in the snow. The darkness disappeared. The purple, foggy sky was replaced by a bright, light blue one. Suddenly, everyone felt extremely happy, and not only because of the monster that was defeated. It was Christmas! Everyone rested for a while, and then returned home to celebrate the festivities. On their way to go home, Stelios explained the rest of the group everything. He had been here for a while, but was captured by the poison creatures as well. ‘I should’ve told you guys I was coming, then you would’ve looked for me too…’ I was held at a massive airship’ ‘Me too! You must have been in a different part…’ Jake interrupted. ‘I learned about the plan of the armies.’ Stelios continued. ‘He took some of my DNA, and made two copies of me to hide in… After that, he created his army; he fully changed my DNA, mixed it with some other beings and eventually created the poison minions. However, those minions, and actually everything that had happened to you, was all fake. The villains you fought against, couldn’t really hurt you… he just made you think it hurt. That’s why the two Stelios’s saved you, they both were controlled by the poison master. Yes, you could feel pain, but you didn’t really had it, and you couldn’t die. So he used some tricks to win your trust, to eventually deal with you in his true form.’ Everyone was shocked about Stelios’ story and it was quiet for a few seconds. ‘Well… then how did you get of the airship?’ Sam asked. ‘And what about our abilities?’ Tom added. ‘He gave you your abilities via a powerful device, which looked like a tiny globe.’ ‘Yes, we know.’ Rocky said. ‘But what you may not know is that is also spied you.’ ‘Yes, we did know that too.’ Hayden said. ‘Hmmm… impressive.’ Stelios continued. ‘Those abilities were real, but the enemies weren’t as I explained before, so those abilities are kinda useless. The poison master manipulated your brains, so you’d think those enemies were real. He also knew your powers would give you more confidence, to eventually start a quest and end up with him. However, I knew they weren’t, but still couldn’t escape the airship, because the poison master was just too powerful to risk a try. However, suddenly, at one moment, I heard the alarm, and some time later I could see two boys entering the room, standing right behind the master. They quickly escaped so I couldn’t recognize them. A few minutes later we crashed on the ground, and I got blasted out of my cage, far away. I searched for hours, knowing you were in danger, and you know the rest…’. Everyone was very impressed. Both of Stelios’ deeds and both of the plan of the master. ‘So… this whole adventure… was a game?’ Alange asked. ‘Yes, exept the so-called final boss battle.’ Stelios ended his story. After resting and thinking for a few hours, Mason suddenly said ‘Let’s party!’. Everyone agreed, they needed a little happiness to cheer them up. The next morning was Christmas. Their quest from more than a month finally ended. It was a wonderful, almost magical day, with presents, happiness and fun. At the end of the day, Stelios grabbed his suitcases. ‘Guys. Thanks for the wonderful years. Unfortunately, it’s time for me to go now.’ Everyone thanked Stelios for everything he has done those years, and he walked away, heading home.

Hayden entered. Alange awoke. He was confused. ‘W… what happened?’ Suddenly, Alange realized all this had been a dream. After a few seconds, he noticed Hayden. He welcomed him, chatted a bit, and waited for the other ones to arrive. Eventually, everyone arrived. However, after hours of waiting, one was still missing. And that one, believe it or not, was Jake.

The End


Merry Christmas everybody!

This project is dedicated to Stelios7 (tbc). We'll all miss you, but wish you the best of luck with your tests.



  • Alange is the only one that doesn't have brown shoes, instead they are grey.
  • The project was planned to be released between 20th-25th of November, but was released earlier, being released on November 15th.


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