The Quanzic Fantendoverse is an alternate take on The New Fantendoverse by Exotoro (tbc). The basic concept to the Quanzic Fantendoverse is that all scientific and magic elements of the Fantendoverse are swapped. Earth is more magic-based, while Huxxabu is more science based. Leah Needlenam is a chaotic white mage while this version of Unten (dubbed Wurm by his superiors) uses backfiring tasers. Additionally, the history is rather shifted, with the Beorns being the bad guys while the Radali (The Quanzic versions of the Doomuli) attempt to stop them.

In comparison to the New Fantendoverse, the stories are usually more fantastical slice of life and often don't really move forward with a "plot". Despite the inherent dangers, things are more or less at a standstill in terms of conflicts.


It's the Fantendoverse everyone knows and loves… with a major switch up. Generally all science and magic elements of the New Fantendoverse have swapped, creating a more magical Earth and a more scientific version of Huxxabu. Zeon has been converted into a massive magitech spaceship (dubbed Starship Zeon) for the Beorns and their allies, who are on a quest to control the universe by depowering the gods that defy them.

The Fan and The Enemy have been depowered, while the Threat is in a romantic relationship with the leader of Starship Zeon: Boare (dubbed Köing). Sia is a rebellious wild woman that cannot be tamed or stopped by the Beorns, but only works for her own means and uses the Starship Zeon as a way to hitch a ride. The lowliest, most pathetic warrior in Starship Zeon is Unten (dubbed Wurm) who betrays the Beorns when he falls in love with a Radali officer named Rachel Harel.

The Radali are a galactic force lead by Kaliban (the Quanzic version of The Doomuli), and are the Quanzic version of the Doomuli that anyone can enlist in, with magical armor that sustains against any magic thrown at it. Despite their intentions to destroy the corrupt Enlightened Beorns, they may have corruption within. Earth and Huxxabu are some of the many planets under watch of the Radali Council.

The Quanzic version of Earth is a magical hotbed, full of fantastic environments and completely lacking in Distortion Mist, meaning that it's at full size here, nearly double the size of the New Fantendoverse's Earth. Here a Sarah Auvic (dubbed Leah Phantomnam) was transformed into a chaotic white mage, with her whole right arm gone and replaced with a telekinetic spirit arm. She has split off from Susan's white mage cult and intends to build a tower into space with her zombie girlfriend X-Ritual (the Quanzic version of X-Ray).

Strafe is the son of Palutena, who has taught him how to use his light magic since he was young. His father has always been a mystery, but as Palutena refuses to settle down with anyone while remaining highly desirable, she has given birth to 5 sons and 6 daughters in addition to Strafe. While Strafe is the eldest, he is often preoccupied with other things to be the leader of the household, leading this responsibility to his eldest sister Maraude.

On the Quanzic version of Huxxabu, Hexa is a crazed scientist who dabbles with creating life with her army of flamingos, which she dubs them all as "Trip". She created the sinister robot known as VOL-T, who was meant to be a robot that could power the entire Radali union, but instead plunged Huxxabu into a chaotic battle that was only stopped by Iron Maiden (the Quanzic version of Iron Mask and Mioda), a refugee from Starship Zeon that proved her worth by stopping the haywire robot and secretly reprogramming it with magictech (making it the Quanzic version of PAIN-T as well). Along the way, she joined forces with Bang Scarlet, a demon with a love for speed.

That's the basic history of the major events and characters in the Quanzic Fantendoverse, which will be further elaborated on in character pages. The universe has yet to cross into others, but both the Raduli and Starship Zeon are working on it.



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