The Psychic 2 is an upcoming video game for the New Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, and Nintendo UltraCube. It was created by Float Island Inc., but certain characters are licensed by other companies. Production began in March 2015.


Gameplay is simple. You move with the circle pad, talk with A, and battles work like the Pokémon series. To switch between the characters you are playing as, you use the CHARACTER SWITCH icon, which appears on the southeast side of the touchscreen.



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Austyn is the first playable character. After a whole adventure in his head, he wakes from a coma. The shadows hold him captive, and their experimenting on Austyn while he was in the coma has resulted in his hair turning blue and one eye turning red.


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Katy is Austyn's girlfriend. Ever since he went missing, Katy has been looking for him. Using her dead father's katana, she fights like a pro, and according to Austyn, kisses like a pro.


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Dark Austin

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You are playing as the original Austyn. A short tutorial occurs, where you learn the controls and fight one Level 1 shadow. After you finish the tutorial, the game begins.

Chapter 1: Rude Awakening

Cutscene Begins

Light... eyes open. The camera switches from first person to third person. An unrecognizable figure is inside of a floating grey-black transparent ball. Shadows from The Psychic surround the ball. "You're awake," one of the shadows says. The figure inside of the ball closes his eyes. "Shadows..." he says. "No matter. I've defeated you before." The boy has light blue hair, ragged and torn clothes, and one red eye. "No, Austyn, you haven't..." one of the shadows replies. "You have been in a coma the whole time, dreaming about defeating us." Austyn replies, "So, no friends, no psychic powers?" The shadows say, "No, you still have the powers. By the way, the ball that you are in has been cloning you while you were in the coma. We gave you powers, but we knew you wouldn't join us, so we made an evil clone of you!" A boy who looks just like the original Austyn, except he is completely black and white, teleports into the room. "'sup," he says. The shadows say, "There were a few complications. Since he was created by creatures with no concept of color, he has no color. By the way, we call him Dark Austyn." Austyn replies with, "I call this escape!" and bursts out of the bubble by using his powers. He then makes a run for it while the bad guys are in shock.

Cutscene Ends

You play as Austyn, and you have to navigate your way through the Shadow Fortress. Levels 1-3 shadows can attack while you run, and when you get out of the building, five Shadows and one Executive Shadow come out of the building behind you. You have to fight them. There are three Level 2 Shadows, two Level 1 Shadows, and one Level 5 Executive Shadow. After defeating them, Austyn uses up a ton of energy to use long-range teleportation. A short clip plays where you appear in a city. The camera switches to first person. Austyn's eyes slowly close, and a loud thud is heard.

Chapter 2: Not Such a Good Idea

Cutscene begins

Austyn is shown in a hospital bed. He slowly opens his eyes and looks around. One nurse is in the room. "Where... where am I?" he asks quietly. The nurse replies, "This is the Northwest Hospital. You got very lucky. A girl by the name of Katy found you out cold on a sidewalk."

Austyn's eyes widen, and a flashback occurs. The flashback shows Austyn's apartment in Northwest. He remembers that he lives there and that Katy was his girlfriend.

Austyn remembers his brother, Sora, and his parents. The flashback ends, and he sits up and says, "I have to go. I have to tell them what happened!"

The scene skips ahead to Austyn being let out of the hospital. He runs down the sidewalk, clearly trying to get home. He turns a corner and runs into a girl. They both fall to the ground.

When the girl gets up, she says, "Hey, it's you!"

Austyn looks at her and realizes that it's Katy. "Katy!" he exclaims.

"Hey, how do you know my name?" she replies.

Austyn gets up and says, "I'll explain later. Come with me." He then grabs Katy by the hand and pulls her with him in the direction of his family's apartment.

Cutscene ends  

You have to play as Austyn and follow the touchscreen map to Austyn's apartment. All the while, Katy tries to get away, which makes it especially hard to make it there. Once you get there, another cutscene begins.

Cutscene begins

Katy pulls on Austyn and says, "Let me go!" He lets go and says, "Wait! Don't leave! It's me, Austyn!" Katy stands still and looks closely at Austyn. After observing him she says, " it really you?" Austyn says yes, and she looks again. "Well, he has the same glasses... and the same clothes... Hey, tell me something only Austyn and I would know," Katy says. Austyn replies, "We first met when I ran into at school. Literally, I turned a corner and bumped into you."

Katy runs over to Austyn and hugs him. After about 5 seconds, she stops and slaps him in the face. "Where have you been?! You've been gone for a week! And what's up with your eye? And hair?"

"Come inside with me, and I'll tell you," Austyn says as he walks to the door of his apartment.

More coming soon!

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