The Psychic: Ultra Edition is a remake of The Psychic made for the Nintendo UltraCube.


The Psychic: Ultra Edition is just a remake of The Psychic. It was released in March 2015 as a launch game for the Nintendo Ultra. That's really it. It is rated E 10+.


To switch characters, the touchscreen/gamepad is used. On Xbox, a menu has to be pulled up. The random encounters and battles work like the Pokémon series.


At the age of 12, a young boy named Austyn does not sleep for 14 days in a row. The shadows of his room are keeping him awake, and they aren't normal shadows. They are shadows of friends and family. As a result of not sleeping, Austyn gains psychic powers; he can levitate himself and other objects, teleport, and fight with drumsticks. When fighting with drumsticks, slices and cuts continue through the air and can hit opponents like the Pokémon attack, Psycho Cut. One day, the shadows kidnap all of his friends and family, and Austyn has to go on a journey to find them and save them.


Austyn meets a lot of Nintendo (and others) characters a long the way, and they will become playable.


Mario becomes playable in Chapter 1 when Austyn meets him on the road.


Toad becomes playable in Chapter 1 if you visit his store on the side of the road.


Rosalina becomes playable in Chapter 3 when the group saves the Comet Observatory.


Luma becomes playable in Chapter 3 when the group saves the Comet Observatory.


Kirby becomes playable in Chapter 4 when the group defeats the Executive Shadow.

Meta Knight

Meta Knight becomes playable in Chapter 5 if you choose to go into the mirror, and win in the fight against him.


Link becomes playable in Chapter 7 when you defeat the Armos.

Red (Pokémon Trainer)

Red becomes playable in Chapter 8 when you defeat Ganon.


Pichu becomes playable in Chapter 9 if you talk to him in the rabbit hole.

Mega Man

Mega Man becomes playable in Chapter 11 if you give him the English-Speaking Chip.


Samus becomes playable in Chapter 13 when you defeat Ridley.

Dark Pit

Dark Pit becomes playable in Chapter 14 when you defeat him.


Mewtwo becomes playable in Chapter 15 if you defeat him in the Star Block Tunnel.


Sonic becomes playable in Chapter 15 when you help him defeat Shadow.

The Mangle

The Mangle becomes playable in Chapter 17 if you defeat him in battle, which enables his criminal database box to recognize you.


Lucina becomes playable in Lucina and the Alamo right before the Battle of the Alamo.

The Doctor

The Doctor becomes playable in Lucina and the Alamo right before the Battle of the Alamo.

Clone Trooper

The Clone Trooper becomes playable after finishing Attack of the Clones.

More character info coming soon!


Chapter 1

After Austyn's family was captured, he saw that the shadows were heading toward the Mysterious Mountains. Austyn sets off from his house to find them. After fighting some Level 1 Shadows along the road, Austyn discovers Mario fighting Level 3 shadow. After helping Mario, he becomes a playable character. After fighting a couple more Level 1 shadows, a Toad Shop will appear on the side of the road. If you visit the store (you don't even have to buy anything!) Toad will become playable. The shadows start toughening up a bit, with a 70% chance of Level 2 shadows, 20% chance of Level 1 shadows, 9% chance of Level 3 shadows, and 1% chance of Level 4 shadows. After walking down the road for a while, fighting shadows, the story gets more interesting.

Chapter 2

A huge missile crashes into the ground in front of Austyn, Mario, and Toad. They look up and see Bowser in an airship. He has a missile launcher tied to the front of his airship. He jumps down from the airship and lands in front of the group. They have to fight him, and he is Level 7. After defeating him, some angry Goombas and Koopas come down from the ship. On the road again, Level 3-4 Goombas, Level 4 Koopas, and Level 3-5 shadows can appear. There is a 70% chance of a level 3 Goomba and a 30% chance of a level 4 Goomba appearing. there is a 50% chance of a level 3 shadow, a 35% chance of a level 4 shadow appearing, and a 15% chance of a level 5 shadow appearing. After walking and fighting for a little bit, a Luma appears in front of the group with a message.

Chapter 3

The Luma says, "Hello! I am a Luma. My mama, Rosalina, is in trouble! Weird shadows are attacking the Comet Observatory, and us Lumas are trying to defend! I'll get you to the Observatory in no time!" The Luma then turns into a launch star, and Toad, Mario, and Austyn get launched to the Comet Observatory. At the observatory, Austyn and the group have to get to the library, and shadows attack along the way. There is an 80% chance of a Level 5 shadow appearing, a 10% chance of a Level 6 shadow appearing, a 5% chance of a Level 1 shadow appearing, and a 5% chance of a Level 7 shadow appearing. After making it to the library, the group has to fight a Level 6 shadow, another Level 6 shadow, and then a Level 9 Executive Shadow, which is a shadow with a higher rank. After defeating them, the shadows disappear. Rosalina thanks everyone for helping, and then she and a Luma join you as playable characters. She then tries to pilot the Observatory to the Mysterious Mountains, but the Observatory explodes before she can. The group then falls toward the ground.

Chapter 4

Right before the group hits the ground, Austyn uses his psychic powers to levitate everyone down slowly. The group is relieved, and the group continues down the road. While walking, there is a 75% chance of a Level 5 shadow, a 20% chance of a level 6 shadow, a 4% chance of a Level 7 shadow, and a 1% chance of a Level 1 shadow. After walking for a bit, a bunch of shadows will block the road. There is one level 6 shadow, two level 5 shadows, and one level 9 Executive Shadow. After defeating them, the shadows will run away. The group continues down the road and sees Kirby about to touch a cactus. King Dedede runs over and slaps Kirby away from the cactus. Then a level 10 Executive Shadow attacks them, and the group helps Kirby and King Dedede defeat it. Kirby becomes a playable character, but King Dedede scoffs and walks off.

Chapter 5

The group continues down the road. There is a 12% chance of a Level 7 shadow, an 87% chance of a level 6 shadow, and a 1% chance of a Level 8 shadow appearing. On the side of the road is a mirror, and if you choose to jump into it, a fight against Meta Knight occurs. He is Level 10, and if you win, he deems you worthy and joins your team. After that, you come out of the mirror and continue. After walking more for a while (the shadows change a bit; there is now a 0.5% chance of a Level 8 shadow and a 0.5% chance of a level 9 shadow), the story gets more interesting.

Chapter 6

An earthquake rocks the ground, and a huge crack appears in the ground. Lava spews out of it, and Groudon arises from it. He is Level 11, and the group has to fight him. After defeating it, Team Magma comes and thanks the group for doing the heavy lifting. The leader, Maxie, then throws a Master Ball at Groudon and captures it. He then attempts to battle the group, and uses Groudon. This time, Maxie gives Groudon the Red Orb, and he Primal Reverses Groudon into Primal Groudon. He is now Level 15, and after defeating it, Team Magma scatters. The group continues down the road, and there is now Magma Grunts and shadows. There is a 50% chance of a Grunt being Level 8, a 25% chance of a Grunt being Level 9, and a 25% chance of a Grunt being Level 7. There is a 75% chance of a shadow being level 9, a 24% chance of a shadow being level 8, and a 1% chance of a shadow being Level 11.

Chapter 7

A fairy appears, and is revealed to be Navi. She says, "Hi," and flies away. If you defeated Primal Groudon in under 2 minutes, Navi will say, "Hello, my name is Navi the fairy," and fly away. The group continues down the road, and they see Link (Hyrule Warriors version) battling a Level 10 Armos. They help Link defeat it, and Link becomes a playable character. The group walks down the road, and a cutscene occurs. In the cutscene, Austyn says, "It seems like we're not even getting closer to it." Mario agrees, and Rosalina says, "What if we actually aren't getting closer?" Mario then says, "Yeah, like that everlasting staircase that I was stuck with a long time ago! I had to get enough stars to get it to stop." Meta Knight says, "What if this is the same situation? We might need to get something like stars to be able to get to the mountain." Everyone agrees, and they start looking for something. After looking for hours, the group finds nothing. Then Luma says, "Hey, Mama, how come it's never been night time?" Then everything faded to black, and the group wakes up in a plains area. Austyn says, "I bet we were in the Illusion Area! I've heard about that place from travelers! They claim that they got stuck in a Twilight Zone-like area and were stuck there until they realized that something was wrong!" Then Toad says, "Then we would be illusions, though, right?" Austyn remarks that it was very strange, and they walk through the plains in the direction of the Mysterious Mountains. There is a 99% chance of a level 9 shadow appearing, and a 1% chance that a Level 10 shadow will appear.

Chapter 8

Night falls over the plains. It is dark, so the group decides to settle down. However, they have to camping equipment, so they all sleep on the ground. Link wakes up in the middle of the night to footsteps. He gets up and sees a Level 11 Executive Shadow army crawling on the ground. He goes to fight it, and then comes back to sleep afterwards. In the morning, the group continues walking on the plains. There is a 50% chance of a Level 10 shadow appearing, a 25% chance of a Level 11 shadow appearing, and a 25% chance of a level 12 shadow appearing. After walking for a while, the group sees a Pokémon Trainer fighting Ganon. Ganon sees Link and says, "Ooh, better prey!" The group fights Ganon, who is Level 15, and when he is defeated, the Pokémon Trainer becomes playable. He reveals himself to be Red, and he uses the Pokémon Venusaur. He is clearly based off of the Pokémon Adventures version of Red because his design is that of the Yellow Adventures series and he uses Venusaur, his starter Pokémon in that manga. The group then continues heading towards the Mysterious Mountains.

Chapter 9

The group reaches a river, and a Level 10 Gyarados comes out of it. When it is defeated, it uses its body as a bridge and lets everyone cross. The group continues walking, and a tiny Luma-sized hole appears on the side of the road. If you choose to go inside, a rabbit-hole type area appears, and a Pichu is inside. He will join your team if you talk to him. When walking down the road after this (or if you don't get Pichu), there is a 50% chance of a Level 10 shadow appearing, a 49% chance of a Level 12 shadow appearing, and a 1% chance of a Level 13 shadow appearing.

Chapter 10

A bunch of shadows appear in the road. There is two Level 10 shadows, one level 11 shadow, one level 12 shadow, and one Level 15 Executive Shadow. After defeating them, they scatter. Suddenly, the ground cracks under the group and they all fall into an abandoned mine. A shadow waves at them from the hole and then it is sealed. It is too dark for anyone to see, and the group is suddenly attacked by Fire Lion. He is Level 15, and when he is defeated, he explodes, and all the burned-out torches in the shaft catch fire, bringing light to the mine.

Chapter 11

There is a strange tree on the wall of the shaft, and if you use Venusaur's Cut on it, the tree disappears and a secret tunnel is behind it. After following the tunnel, it leads to a dead end. However, there is a Venusaurite for Venusaur at the end of the tunnel as well. There is also a hidden item in the wall called the English-Speaking Chip. After coming back out of the tunnel (or not even going in there), the group walks down the shaft. There is a 99% chance of a Level 11 shadow and a 1% chance of a Level 14 shadow appearing. After walking for a little bit, Mega Man is found blasting at the ceiling of the mine. He looks at everyone and says, "こんにちは、ああ!私は英語を話すチップを失っているように見える。あなたは私がそれを見つけるのを助けることができますか?" Translated, this says,"Oh, hello! I seem to have lost my English-Speaking chip. Can you help me find it?" If you have the English-Speaking Chip, the group automatically gives it to him and he pushes it into his head. He says, "Thank you! I've been shooting at the ceiling, trying to get out of here, for days. No results." Mega Man then joins your group. If you do not have the chip, he just keeps shooting at the ceiling after asking. Either way, the group continues down the hall, and there is a 25% chance of a Level 12 shadow, a 25% chance of a level 13 shadow, a 25% chance of a Level 14 shadow, and a 25% chance of a Level 15 shadow appearing.

Chapter 12

After walking for a while more, the cave comes to a dead-end. There is a portal on one wall, and the wall collapses behind the group. Going into the portal is mandatory. After going inside it, everyone appears inside a large room. There are no doors or windows. After waiting for 30 seconds, a hole in the ceiling will open. A robotic organism will come out of it and say, "Hello, I am GLaDOS2! I am here to help only." A faint "and maybe have some fun" is heard after that sentence. A secret door opens, and GLaDOS2 says, "You may enter the premises." GLaDOS2 then takes you on a tour of "AI Industries", but the strange part is that there is no other humans or life forms in the building. After the tour, GLaDOS2 says, "X-186-order." A bunch of robot suits come up from the ground. There are five of them. One is Level 14, Two are Level 15, one is Level 16, and one is Level 17. After defeating the robots, GLaDOS2 fights you, and she is Level 21. After defeating her, her design changes (the game files refer to this version as Damaged GLaDOS2) and she says, "Ouy may evael." A secret door opens, and the group walks through it.

Chapter 13

After walking out the door, the group is clearly much closer to the mountain. They begin walking again, and there is a 30% chance of a Level 17 shadow appearing, a 60% chance of a Level 18 shadow appearing, and a 10% chance of a Level 19 shadow appearing. There is also a very rare possibility of an "Escapee Robot" appearing, and there is a 75% chance of one being Level 15, and a 25% chance of one being Level 16, if one shows at all. After walking for a while, there will be a building on the side of the road. It is called "Fandro's Pizza Frontier". If you choose to walk inside, there is nothing there except for a locked closet. If you touch the door, the Fandro minigame is unlocked. After leaving (or walking past the restaurant), sand starts swirling around. Ridley flies down from the sky. He is level 22, and Samus runs up to the group after he is defeated. Samus says, "Oh, am I too late? Oh, well." She then joins the group.

Chapter 14

After walking more (with a 50% chance of a Level 20 shadow, and a 50% chance of a Level 21 shadow), the group reaches the base of the mountain. They begin the ascent, now with a 25% chance of a level 20 shadow, a 25% chance of a level 21 shadow, a 25% chance of a level 22 shadow, a 20% chance of a level 23 shadow, and a 5% chance of a level 24 shadow. After walking for a while, Resetti the Mole will come out of the ground and warn you not to reset. He then retreats back underground, and the group continues. After walking for a bit, an arrow will hit the ground in front of the group. Dark Pit is the archer, and he says,"Whadda you need?" After explaining the cause, he battles you (he is level 25) and will join the group when you beat him.

Chapter 15

The group continues walking, and the shadows get stronger by one level (21, 22, 23, 24, 25). A speeding noise is heard, and the group sees Sonic the Hedgehog fighting Shadow (the hedgehog) on a cliff. Before climbing up to the cliff, there is a Star Block that can only be destroyed by Kirby or Meta Knight, and if it is destroyed, there is a tunnel behind it. After following the tunnel, Mewtwo appears at the end, and if you defeat him in battle (he is level 25), he will join your team. After getting Mewtwo (or not), the group heads up to the cliff and helps Sonic defeat Shadow (the hedgehog), who is Level 26. Sonic joins the team after defeating Shadow.

Chapter 16

The group continues the walk up the mountain, with a 50% chance of a Level 24 shadow, a 24% chance of a Level 25 shadow, and a 26% chance of a level 26 shadow. After a bit of walking, a strange house appears. If you choose to go inside, the doors lock behind the group. After walking through the house for a while, encounters begin. When a shadow appears, there is a 50% chance of it being Level 25, and a 50% chance of it being Level 26. A Boo can also appear, and it has a 75% chance of being Level 26, and a 25% chance of being level 25. At the end of the house is a card that says "Luigi" on it. After picking this card up, the Luigi's Mansion minigame is unlocked. When you finish the house (or skip it entirely), the group will just continue walking up the mountain. After a while, the story gets more interesting.

Chapter 17

Gobblegut suddenly comes out of the ground, and the group has to fight him. He is Level 27, and when he is defeated, he flies off into space. A short cutscene where Mario, Luma, and Rosalina are staring into the sky with surprised looks plays afterwards. In the game files, the cutscene was supposed to trigger Super Mario Galaxy as a minigame to be unlocked, but this was taken out of the final game. The group continues normally after this with a 50% chance of a Level 25 shadow, and a 50% chance of a level 26 shadow appearing.

Chapter 18

After walking more (with the same encounter percentages as there were after Gobblegut), a weird, mangled animatronic-type thing is on the ground. If you choose to touch it, it turns on and fights you. It is revealed to be the Mangle. It is Level 30 and battles you, and if you beat it, it recognizes the group and declares that they are not criminals. It joins the group afterwards. After he joins (or not), the group keeps walking until they reach the top of the mountain.

Chapter 19

At the top of the mountain, there are 20 shadows to battle. The shadow group is so large that the group will have to fight them before they can see behind them. The first three are Level 28, the next three are Level 30, the next four are Level 31, the next five are Level 34, and the next five are level 36. After defeating them, five shadow executives appear. The first 2 are Level 35, and the last 3 are Level 38. After defeating them, shadows of previous enemies appear.

Chapter 20

Shadow Bowser, Level 37, appears first. He fights in the same way that Bowser did, except that he is completely black. After defeating him, Shadow Groudon Level 38 appears. Just when the group is about to defeat him, he will Primal Reverse into Shadow Primal Groudon, and when he is defeated this time, a Shadow Armos, Level 39, will appear. After he is defeated, Shadow Ganon Level 40 will fight the group, and Shadow Gyarados Level 41 will appear when S. Ganon is defeated. Shadow Fire Lion comes next, and he is Level 42. Shadow GLaDOS2 follows, and she is Level 43. Shadow Ridley comes next, and he is Level 44. Shadow Shadow appears next, at Level 45. Shadow Gobblegut comes next and is Level 46. Then the final boss appears under the name Master Shadow. He is Level 50 exactly, and the screen fades out when he is defeated.


The credits roll, and a cutscene where Austyn and his family walk back into their house plays at the end. The song "My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark" plays during the credits.


After the game, the same thing happens again, except all the enemies are 50 levels tougher, and you have all the characters that you had at the end of the game.

Downloadable Content (DLC)

After the game's completion, three DLC options become available. After completing the first three options, three more become available.

Lucina and the Alamo

The group sees a girl performing some kind of ritual in an open field. They go to see what is going on, and suddenly they are whisked into time. They appear in a trench, and the Alamo is viewable in the distance. The girl reveals herself as Lucina and explains that she came to stop Davy Crockett from dying. A weird noise becomes audible, and an old Police Box materializes next to everyone. A man with gray hair steps out and warns Lucina not to mess with Davy's death, as it is a fixed point in time. He then says that his name is the Doctor, and he asks Lucina why she wants to save him anyway. She says that it was an innocent death, and that she doesn't like innocent deaths. The Doctor says that they can't save Davy, but that they can help in the battle of the Alamo. The Doctor and Lucina then join your group, and the DLC ends after the battle. Five Level 45, six Level 46, and one Level 51 soldiers will appear. The DLC costs $.99.

Attack of the Clones

The group is having a meeting in a skyscraper in Pokemon's Lumiose City when a bunch of gangster trainers come in and attack. After the battle, more reinforcement gangsters come, and they keep on coming until up to three of your characters remain. One of them will yell, "We need help!" and then another batch of gangsters attack. Regardless of if you lose against them or not, after they attack, 12 clone troopers from Star Wars will come in and help. There are seven Level 45 gangsters, eight level 48 gangsters, seven level 51 gangsters, and one level 55 gangster that appears. After defeating all of the gangsters, the group plus the clones will leave the tower and search the city for the gangsters' hideout. After finding it in the Lumiose train station, the group and clones defeats all the gangsters, and the clones leave, all except for one. The gangsters there are in exactly the same numbers as before except that each gangster is two levels higher than before. The remaining clone joins the group, and the DLC ends. This DLC costs $1.99.

Robot Operating Buddy: Lost in the Woods

The group is traveling through the woods. Out of nowhere, a horde of wolves appears and the group has to fight them. There are three level 50 wolves and two Level 49 wolves. After defeating them, they run off. Strange static-like noises become audible, and get louder the farther you walk into the woods. After walking far enough, the group will find a damaged Robot Operating Buddy (R.O.B.) in a clearing. Austyn uses his psychic powers to fix it, but before they can leave, ten Level 60 wolves attack. After defeating them, R.O.B. joins the group and the DLC, which costs $.99, ends.

Sandbag Attack

This DLC becomes available after finishing the first three. In this one, Austyn walks downstairs to find the sandbag on his couch. Meanwhile, Lucina is on the road and sees a sandbag on top of a tree. Next, a sandbag is seen in a desert and a blue telephone box, the Doctor's TARDIS, appears next to it. Another scene is shown where Mario is staring at a sandbag. The final scene shows Austyn looking at a sandbag, and it suddenly fades out. You then have to play as the group (except for Austyn) and journey a short ways to get to Austyn's house. When you get there, Austyn is knocked out on the floor with blood on his head. Lucina immediately runs over, followed by R.O.B., the Doctor, Mario, and Kirby; everyone else is in shock. After Austyn wakes up and is treated, everyone in the group explains their encounters with the mysterious sandbag. Austyn's is completely different then everyone else's. All the other sandbags were peaceful towards everyone, but the one in Austyn's house attacked him. Then a shadow creeps up the wall, which is in the shape of a sandbag... a sandbag with robotic arms and legs. Before attacking, he says that all of the sandbags of the universe have come for revenge. He says that it's terrible to be hit over and over again. Then he calls in a swarm of sandbags, and the group has to defeat them. There are 5 Level 57 sandbags, 7 level 58 sandbags, 2 level 59 sandbags, 5 level 61 sandbags, and one level 66 sandbag. After defeating them, all of the sandbags turn back into normal sandbags. Then the sandbag leader, who is level 70, attacks. After defeating him, he calls the sandbags to retreat. They leave the planet, and everyone was saved. This DLC costs $.99.

Things of the Past

While over at Austyn's house, the group is eating dinner. Unknowingly, a rip in time and space appears in the basement. Young Lucina, Young Link, and the 11th Doctor come out. They are all surprised and yell. The group hears it all and runs downstairs. When they get down there, Lucina, Link, and the Doctor recognize their younger selves and explain what happened. The Doctors know the most about the strange rip. Then some shadows come out of the rip. There are three Level 56 shadows, one level 59 shadow, and three Level 61 shadows. After defeating them, Young Lucina, Young Link, and the 11th Doctor join your team. This DLC costs $.99.

Black Holes

Austyn is the only playable character in this DLC pack. In this DLC pack, Austyn is bored, so he decides to see if he can do anything else with his psychic powers. As soon as he tries, he appears in space. Austyn is extremely confused, and suddenly a black hole begins forming around him. After a while, the black hole is finished forming. Austyn has to go through a maze to find his way out while battling Shadows that are inside the hole. After coming out, Austyn uses his psychic powers to teleport the black hole into another dimension. This DLC costs $.50.


If you do not want to play the main story mode, there are minigames to play.

Super Psychic Smash

A Super Smash Bros-type game. You can fight as the characters that you have unlocked in-game, and the minigame becomes playable once Mario is unlocked. The stages that are playable are Illusion Area, Comet Observatory, Plains, Abandoned Mine Shaft, AI Industries, Mysterious Mountains Base, Haunted House, and Mountaintop.

Five Nights at Fandro's

Main Article: Five Nights at Fandro's

Five Nights at Fandro's is a minigame, and is unlocked after touching the door in Fandro's Pizza Frontier in Chapter 13.

Luigi's Mansion

Main Article: Luigi's Mansion (series)

The GameCube game Luigi's Mansion is a minigame, and is unlocked after getting through the Haunted House in Chapter 16.


  • Mario
  • Toad
  • Rosalina
  • Luma
  • Kirby
  • Meta Knight
  • Link
  • Red
  • Mega Man
  • Pichu
  • Samus
  • Dark Pit
  • Mewtwo
  • Sonic
  • The Mangle
  • Lucina (DLC)
  • The Doctor (DLC)
  • Clone Trooper (DLC)
  • R.O.B. (DLC)
  • 11th Doctor (DLC)
  • Young Link (DLC)
  • Young Lucina (DLC)

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