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The Project: Sorcerers (Tentative Title) is a game published and developed by Fantendo, released on a Muilti-Disk, which allows it to be played on most 8th Generation Consoles.



Long ago, when the Fantendoverse was young, the Fan and Enemy decided that they would have to put their differences aside to keep the fragile universe alive long enough to have life. To support life, they left a rich energy in many worlds and realms, known as Substant, which could be used to power magic for the good of people. Millenia later, people calling themselves Sorcerers harnessed the Substant, and used it for their own gain. Wars were waged and eventually most of the Substant was harvested, and now, new Sorcerers must find more Substant and prove to the deities themselves that the universe is worthy of using Substant.


The gameplay is non-linear, and Sorcerers may travel between realms and may possibly time-travel given they have the ability to do such. Between worlds, realms, and different times, the gameplay shifts through many genres, such as platformer, 3D adventure, RPG, racing, RTS, and more.


  • Platformer: Characters can jump, attack and use power-ups.
  • 3D Adventure: Similiar to Platformer; goal is to find Substant.
  • RPG: Birds eye view. Characters use Substant to attack in battles.
  • Racing: Characters race in their vehicles. Must be in 3rd place or higher to win.
  • RTS: Characters use Substant to power attacks to use in First-Person.
  • Puzzle: Objects fall from top. Must be moved with D-Pad to match for Substant. May also include mind-breaking questions.


  • Thomas Ellery: The main character. He is an important Sorcerer assigned to the Earth realm.
  • Jane Goodwin: Another main character, living on Earth. Thomas sees her potential as Sorcerer and tries to "hire" her.
  • Pluffteen: While not a Sorcerer, Pluffteen is a recurring mentor in the game, helping the main characters on their quest for Substant.
  • Vectacine: Vectacine helps out the main characters in their search, teaching them the ropes of passing through realms and time-travel.
  • Elegant von Fetus de Victoria: A stylish fetus who is always seen wearing a suit. Originates from the Darkest Timeline.
  • The Tesseract: A 4-D object that flies everywhere and talks in mutiple languages.


  • Fantendoverse: The Hub-World. The player can enter all the other realms here.
  • Earth: A main realm, and the first area the player can enter.
  • The Darkest Timeline: A darker version of the Fantendoverse in which everything went horribly wrong in all possible ways.



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