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The Power of Two is a video game for the Wii developed by Strangames and published by Konami. It was released in 2007, and was Strangames' first game on the Wii.


The story begins when a cat, Ispi, and a bird, Pekk, are watching a meteor shower. Suddenly, our two heroes have both of their tails connected together by a shooting star, not allowing them to seperate. So, they must work together to get rid of the star.


Gameplay is very similar to Crash Twinsanity, with a touch of Sonic Heroes. The two are always connected together, but the leader can be switched. Ispi has a scratch attack and can run up walls. Pekk also has a pecking attack and can fly. However, both of them can jump, walk, run, and crouch. Occasionally, a third member will join, Scewp the dolphin, who goes on top of the star, and can squirt water. Finally, the member that preforms the best will get to go into a bonus stage. If all members preform equally, there won't be a bonus stage.


  • The game's characters are based off of the first 3 Mew Mews from Tokyo Mew Mew. Ispi is based off of Ichigo Momomiya, Pekk is based off of Minto Azawa, and Scewp is based off of Lettuce Midorikawa. The last 2 Mew Mews, Bu-Ling Huang and Zakuro Fujiwara, aren't refrenced in this game.


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