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Hi, It's me, User:GreenKissTheKirby, The new employee from Zentech Studios. Now, I'm a bit accustomised with Makes New Games ^^.

Don't forget this page is mine ! Don't edit without MY permission.

Again a new game from... Zentech Studios !

This time, Zentech Studios bet bigs on a brand new 3D game !


  • The Story begins in Frozen City, a small city where its snows everytime. In a big mansion, the Cohen Mansion, are living Professor Firin Cohen, Scientific & Happy Daddy, with her daughter Amy Cohen, a little red lolita, also with her dog, Clyde. The Cohen family has really quiet, during a certain time....
  • A day, the twos brothers of Professor Firin, Kevin & Ran, have give to Firin a little visit ! And with their little daughters, Lady & Katy.  This is how Lady, Katy & Amy are meet.
  • One day, Lady, Amy & Katy are playin' in the Toys room, in the same time, in out of the Mansion, a monster destroying the city & He are coming  on the mansion ! What makes, anybody know the risk ! Without express, Katy sent the ball out of the mansion, Amy go searchin' it. And this is when she see the monster, she go warn her father & uncles but they don't want to come, WHAT MAKES ?! Amy have been a only solution, infact, the only solution she found in her head ; fight ! She don't have powers or strenght, but she wants to protect her entourage ! She's slender on the monster, and by magic, she has successfuly hit the Beast ! But how she makes that ? She then realizes that her body is now ignite, and her hair are move ! She are a monster, a mutant, in one hit, the monster stopped moves. That was been a robot, controled by Pr.Firin ! What, Why & How ?! That " monster " have been maked to waking the Amy's Power... Twos days after this weirdn, Lady & katy need to return to their home with their fathers. The following comes later.


  • When you begins the game, the only playable character is Amy with her basically attacks & combos. The first stage are in Frozen City, Cohen Mansion.
  • When you play in 2DS Mode, the game are normal screen like Super Mario Bros, but when you play in 3DS Mode, the stage/level become like a Super Mario 3D Land !
  • To finish the game, It could take you 2 months, or more, if you play rarely.
  • In certains stages, you will found the " Zaza's Shop " where you can find new clothes/outfit for the differents character, like, the Amy's outfit   Party/Casual Amy
  • In options, you will found the options " Clan ", this option can give you the luck to be in the Evil or the Good.
  • In options, you will found " Eyes ", with this, you will see the story with the selected character eyes.
  • The Game style are " beat'em all ", certains stages are timed.
  • Certains Bosses, will give you " challenges ". Example, with the Boss " Raptorusic ", a monster who uses musics to fight, the challenge will be a musical fight, you will need make the more good notes Raptorusic has make.

Playbles Characters

1 - Name

2 - Element

3 - Role

4 - Special Hit

Playables Characters
PPG Base by Berii Chann
Amy Cohen Fire Main Character Cancer Schiller 
PPG with doll base by Natsumi chan0wolf
Lady Sudhen Take Over 2nd Main Character Take Over : Demon
Katy aurantiaco orange pcg by greenkissthekirby-d6s2j2e
Katy Aurantiaco Height/Shape 3rd Main Character Hair Shape : Giant Sword

Bonus Characters

PPG Z Bubbles Base by Kidiu
Amy Cohen - Power Curled Girls Z version

2582888369 5

Bubble - The Powerpuff Girls

2582902791 4

Buttercup - The Powerpuff  Girls


Blossom - The Powerpuff Girls


Nami, Sanji & Zoro - The PowerPirates Trio

( One piece, version PPG )





Roronoa Zoro - One Piece PPG   

Monkey.D.Luffy - One Piece PPG


Sanji - One piece PPG

Kaoru Matsubara-Powered Buttercup

Bubble PPG Z

7c80665fc92f80 full

Buttercup PPG Z

Blossom PPG Z

Characters Hits, Combos, Specials Abilities

Amy Cohen :

  1. Kick : Basic Fist Kick ; A
  2. Kick 2 : Basic Foot Kick ; B
  3. Laser Eyes : Amy's eyes send lasers ; Y
  4. More to come...

Combos :

  1. Kick 1 + Kick 2 : Combo od Fist Kick & Foot Kick ; AB
  2. Laser Circle ; YX
  3. Kick Fetter : 5 kick already ; AA
  4. More to come...

Specials Abilities :

  1. Take Over : Fightin' Hair ; 20 seconds ; R
  2. Take Over: Mega Fight'in Hair ; 1 minute : L
  3. Dance In Fire : 1 minute ; L+R
  4. Cancer Schiller : 3 minutes : XA
  5. More to come...

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