The Portal Streets is a third-person MOBA spin-off of Paradigm. It is developed by The John Studios for The V² and Storybook, which had no involvement with Sixgon. Much like Paradigm, all content are original. It takes place on various locations on Earth, rather than other planets and the Paradigm itself.


Taking place 10 years after the Paradigm realm dissapeared, many people began voicing their dissapointment, including the veterans. However, a battle tournament was announced by a self-proclaimed champion named Mr. Unbeatable. This tournament led to the excitement of many people who wanted to partecipate in a form of a invitation and battle its team in many places of Earth using portals. The Sovient Union, despite being communist and enemy to U.S.A., agree to let partecipate only wealth people. But a new threat slowly starts to emerge in the meantime......will someone win the tournament? Only you, can do it!


The gameplay is basically the same as Paradigm, except that all characters now gain their own third Special Ability by using both the Shoulder Buttons, as it was partially influnced by SMITE.


Unlike Paradigm, where 10 heroes where available for free, it is now reduced to 6. After that, all heroes must be purchased separately with in-game currency. Each character is seperated by 8 types: Balance, Range, Strength, Stamina, Speed, Mobility, Magic, and Defence.


Character Description Character Description
Coco (The Portal Streets)
A bounty hunter who wanted to hunt Stinger for killing her mentor Lisette 4 years ago. Hitachi Tezuka
Hitachi Tezuka
A Ninja who has a flaming hatred towards Oni and Haru Kitsune as he believed that they killed his master.
A robotic bee hired by Yihamah to hunt down veterans in order for his master to create a new god-like body. Elena (The Portal Streets)
Elena Dimitrov
An Italian-Russian woman who moved to America due to Communism, then moves to Texas. But she don't realized is that she got a older brother that never met him.
Hisao and Kool Man (The Portal Streets)
Hisao and Kool Man
After 10 years of training, Hisao and Kool Man are ready to fight new and old fighters from around the world, Wuwei Shan (The Portal Streets)
Wuwei Shan
A former scientist of Paradigm Federation turned Jiangshi, he discovers that Yihamah survived and must defeat him.

Character Description Character Description
Pistol (The Portal Streets)
After losing Gina from a accident 4 years ago, Pistol became a wanderer who want to avenge the death of his wife from Tao Tao. Zanrya
An alien born from another world and raised in Egypt. She must discover her origin, so she can go back to her home planet, or stay on Earth.
Chimera (The Portal Streets)
A failed experiment created by a unknown company. This is a upgraded version of the monster that instead of absorbing fragments of the Paradigm, the install a buster in its left arm 404 010001
404 010001
A virus born from the Paradigm Incident, he infects other people's computers in order to gain private datas and send them to Yihamah.
Dust Draco
Dust Draco
A dragon robot from Scotland, was a former police officier before becoming infected by 404 010001 and joined Yihamah. Technoman
A floating robot created in Taiwan was used in dance parties and concerts for entertainment.
A young man who was the reincarnation of Apollo, and has a huge crush to Luna. Andrei Dimitrov
Andrei Dimitrov
Andrei was captured by the Sovient Lab using terrible experiments to him for 20 years, then hired by Yihamah to eliminate Elena.
Mr. Unbeatable
Mr. Unbeatable
A self-proclaimed champion man who in reality, won a title once. Anath (The Portal Streets)
A goddess of war, who is once cruel and ruthless, now became a competitor once inside the Paradigm, then joined the tournament.
Hong Shin Kai
Hong Shin Kai
A South-Korean Taekwondo expert who wants revenge for the destruction of his dojo by Yihamah's soldiers. Vanilla (The Portal Streets)
An old woman from the Nethelands who wants to obtain money as the Retirement Home is about to close.
Tao Tao
Tao Tao
A Chinese pirate who was raised in Colombia, and hired by Yihamah to find the secret treasure that was lost 4 generations ago. Vlam Dvärg
Vlam Dvärg
A Norwegian dwarf who wants millions of dollars as his family are very poor.
Ezio (The Portal Streets)
Ezio Auditore (Special Guest)
Skateboard Kid
Skateboard Kid
A typical American kid from the 80s who wants nothing but action, coolness and adventure.
Cada the Panda
Cada the Panda
A panda with a passion of dancing wants to become a popular dancer to furfill his father's wishes. Jeremiah (The Portal Streets)
After restoring back to his young self 10 years ago, he starts searching information about Yihamah's dissapearance.
Axel Keaton
Axel Keaton
Axel is a british vlogger, and flimmaker who wants to film a documentary based on the events of the Paradigm Tournament. Hana Laki
Hana Laki
After the death of her brother Kuleana due to obesity, she got a job as a bartender, but her wish is to become a capoeria dancer in order to end the financial problems.
Liekit Tulivuori
Liekit Tulivuori
Born as the tallest man in the world, Liekit won on the Big Voice competition 6 years ago by a magic penguin named Ki-Ki and a magic microphone. Paparapapo
Paparapapo came from the Music Land until Yihamah ruined it. So he goes to Earth and return his world back to normal.
Wind Queen
Wind Queen
Ranmaru (The Portal Streets)


Stage Description Stage Description
The Stadium Supermoon Base

Collectable Cards

The Collectable Cards can be earned by playing the Main Campaign of the game, which is inspired by Futurama: Game of Drones. By completing a group of 10 cards will recieve a bonus, such as gems, money, rare cards, or sometimes a character. The cards can also being bought with gems.

See: List of Collectable Cards in The Portal Streets.

It is confirmed that none of the original characters return, except for their own creations, but they confirmed that they will return as cards.


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