The Popopo Hunter
Popopo Hunter
Full Name Popopo Hunter
Date of Birth Unknown
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Gender Male
Species Unknown To Anybody
Location None, wanders around
Class Hunter, Neutral Evil
Family and Relations
Dead Family
Main Weapon(s) Fire and Plant related weapons
First Appearance Super Joke Bros. (2015)
Latest Appearance Super Joke Bros. (2015)
after what they have done to my life, I shall avenge my family, by destroying them all. one. BY. ONE.
The Popopo Hunter's plan

The Popopo Hunter (also known as destrosuh) is a villain who appears in random video games.


The Popopo Hunter is a character who hunts popopos for a living. He does this because a popopo once ate his entire family except for him. He sometimes goes against Negario, due to Negario destroying everything he makes.


Super Joke Bros.

The Popopo Hunter's first appearence is in Super Joke Bros. He serves as a boss against Negario.


The Popopo Hunter barely shows what personality he has. He is usually laid back and calm, but if he sees a Popopo (or Negario) he will turn into a berserker of pure fire.


  • The Popopo Hunter is actually a photoshopped version of Kerozene from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest for the GBA