The Polyhedral Adventures of Geo
Geo and the Evil Polynoid.
Developer(s) KirbyRider
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) YoYo Games Instant Play
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
So far none...
Genre(s) Platform

The Polyhedral Adventures of Geo (Japanese: 危険!世界レスキュー (Kiken! Sekai resukyū), lit. Danger! World Rescue) is a game developed by Kirby Rider. In this game, the player plays as a Polynoid named Geo Metrey Shapeyton X.


It was another day in Dimension Hedron, and a Peaceful one! Until the Evil Polynoid decided to steal the show. He decided to sap so much wilderness that everything but him would die. The mayor of Shape Plaza, Hector Tony Cosa XX, warned Geo about it. Geo heard, and ran to save the world! He came to stop the Platonic Bros from ruining the wilderness in Platonic Plains. Once they were killed, Messenger Blancoid warned his leader. Then, after reviving his pets, The Evil Polynoid knew they would take care of the Cubivore Farm. The Cubivores ate the wilderness in the farm. Geo couldn't go there without a pet! So he bought a pet cubivore to take care. After beating up many Cubivores, Geo and his pet encountered the Divabeasts and the Killer Cubivore. 9 bites later, Geo's Pet Triumphed. He is the Killer Cubivore. Now, Geo and his pet can go to Sunburn Beach. However, the Evil Polynoid threw in Giga Coco, whose stomps make tremors that remove wilderness. No matter what, Geo and his pet cracked some Cocos and restored wilderness. After Giga Coco shattered, The Evil Polynoid decided to create a 4D Monster and throw it in Dimension Choron. He Did so by creating a Dimensiachine, which put it in its dimension. Geo deciced to go in another Dimensiachine, created by Handy Polynoids. The Dimensiachine took him to Dimension Choron, a 4D world. Geo gave many Evil 4D Beings papercuts and even the Hecatonicosamonster. Geo discovered the Hexacosimonster, and sliced its edges. Then, the Evil Polynoid sent Draculobleach and his Cohort, Jackson Omar Lantern. Haunted Highlands was next! Geo fought many Vampires, including a living, giant Pumpkin with an internal fire, Jack-O-Lantern, and then Draculobleach. Next, Draco messed with Dragon Party, where there were many Dragons to battle. Then, Draco was taken down. The Evil Polynoid threw in Murchin and Spike. Murchin shot his explosive spines, which destroyed wilderness. Murchin's spines are explosive. Geo went down there. His pet, too. Geo and his pet used Breathing Equipment (i.e. Space Helmets). They fought many Urches, including Spike and Murchin. Then, the only place without wilderness: THE EVIL POLYNOID'S CASTLE!! Luckily, Geo's pet consumed some Wildabugs to allow access to the castle. Geo fought the Archimedian Bros, and then the Evil Polynoid. After his defeat, The Evil Polynoid rode the District Attourney Beast, to make it much harder! Then, once the Evil Polynoid was done for, the World was saved. The day was saved. Dimension Hedron was saved.

Playable Characters

Playable Characters
Player Description Player No.
Geo is on a quest to stop wilderness from being usurped from the world! 1
Pet Cubivores
Geo gets a Pet! How useful! The player has the choice of which Cubivore Type (s)he wants. Shown is a Zen. 2
Hector Tony Cosa XX
Hector's worried about his city! He teams up to stop the evil polynoid! 3
Shape Plaza's "First Cubivore"
Hector's pet! He is named "Bony". He is a 6-Limb Rage Orangix-OTHERWISE KNOWN AS A CARBON! 4