The Plumber Returns is a Special Chapter and the first special world of the game, Super Mario Bros.: The Popstar Crossover, it takes place at a blue temple on a cliff called The 10 Trials Temple, to access this chapter, you must defeat Combination Ztar atleast once and find the 4 Symbols found in 4 levels which are: Whispy's Forest, Smasher onto the Plumber, Super Mario!, and Rooftop, it's levels is based off of the chapters' levels in chapter order

List of Levels

Levels Description Bosses/Mini-Boss
Popstar's Fury Castle You are in a place that is a replica of Popstar's castle, King Dedede's Castle. None
Mushroom Kingdom's Greatest Underground After escaping the replica of Popstar's castle, you go into the abandoned mineshaft that is made 40 years ago when scientist Toads were researching the temple. None
Step on One Step When you got through that abandoned mineshaft, you go into a deserted room filled with traps, careful when you put your step onto a pressure plate The Great Fury Cog

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