The Pikmin Movie
Director Nintendo
Producer(s) WaddleDeeDreamMoonX2
Writer(s) Nintendo
Genre(s) Adventure, Comedy
Music [Impact Site]

[Distant Spring]

[Formidable Oak]

[Plasm Wraith]

Country of Origin Japan
WaddleDeeDreamMoonX2 - (Olimar)
Original Language Japanese
Runtime 82 minutes (1 hour and 22 minutes.)
Series Pikmin


The camera zooms into a ship lifting off out of PNF-404. The camera cuts down to the planet, and zooms into a red Onion. After a few seconds, a red pikmin crawls out. All of the other pikmin start to come out of their Onions, and gaze at the sky. While the pikmin aren't looking, an orange bulborb slowly comes out of a bush and sneaks up to the red pikmin Onion, and slowly pushes it away. Then the orange bulborb continues to do the same thing with the other Onions. The bulborb crawls away, but then bangs into a tree when he wasn't looking. The pikmin stop gazing at the sky, and look towards the bulborb. Each flower pikmin in each group of pikmin pointed at the bulborb and told the other pikmin to charge. The orange bulborb ran away, and now the Onions were gone to some cave. The pikmin have to get it back, but Olimar is gone! Will he come back?


  • Captain Olimar
  • The Pikmin
  • Titan Dweevil
  • Emperor Bulblax and Empress Bulblax
  • Plasm Wraith
  • The Orange Bulborb

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