The Perfect Party is a fanfic shipping Pinkie Pie with Hamclub13 (tbc). Hamclub13 takes the role of a pegasus pony named Hammy Blast.

Chapter 1

Hammy Blast was flying through the sky with the Wonderbolts with his best friend, Amber Sunset, beside him. As he flapped his cyan wings yet again, he and Amber bumped into each other. Her long orange mane rippled in the strong winds, the tiny red streaks shining in the hot sun. They were passing over Ponyville, a quaint little village, save for the giant crystaline palace. There seemed to be a market of sorts going on below with many stalls and ponies of all kinds. Rumour had it that as they flew over Ponyville, a trainee was going to join them. At least, that's what Amber had told him.

As they passed over the bustling marketplace a cyan pegasus watched from below. She spread her wings to join the flock of pegasi, leaving a trail of technicoloured light, matching her mane and tail. Hammy and Amber weren't expecting her to appear between them, however. The two got knocked a bit to the side when the trainee appeared between them. "Hey, watch it!" said Hammy Blast, referring to the reckless, violet-eyed pegasus between him and his friend. "Wow, relax dude!" replied the newcomer. "The name's Rainbow Dash, but you can call me Dash!" Amber looked surprised at how quickly Rainbow Dash decided to introduce herself, even after just meeting the duo. "I'm Amber Sunset and that goofball up there is Hammy Blast," explained Amber, followed by a friendly nudge from Hammy. "Who you callin' a goofball? I'm a way better flier than you!" he teased. "Wow, you two get along really well. How long have you two known each other?" inquired Dash. The long-time friends looked at one another. "I don't know. As long as I can remember, I guess," answered Amber.

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