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N/A The Curse of the Demon Part 1 - An Unexpected Journey


(Title Card)

The Perfect Gift - Written by SuperSonicDarkness

(The group is sitting at the back table of the Jam as usual. They are wearing christmas hats and the whole Jam is lit up with christmas decorations. Hamclub is passing out free coffees and other drinks to everyone.)

Nick: Hey Hamclub, aren't you going a bit overboard? We can't just give away everything for free! 

Hamclub: Well, on a normal day I would agree, but it's CHRISTMAS! You gotta get into the giving spirit, you know! (Hands Nick a coffee.)

Nick: Ok then.... (silently sips his coffee)

(Camera shifts to the group conversing, as usual.)

Sam: Don't you just love the christmas season? I just get a good feeling whenever it rolls around! What about you guys?

Sketch: Meh, the holiday seems to have lost it's meaning by now to commercial jazz.

Dark: Oh, don't go overanalyze things and ruin our fun.

Fandro: I think you both have very valid points, to be honest.

Brandon: Enough of this jibber jabber, it's the Holidays! Remember our memories? Like the big snowball fight! Where I....admittedly went....a BIT too far with the...."fight" aspect....

Fandro: *shudders*

Brandon: (continues to get less and less enthusiastic as time goes on) or our sled race where.....the big accident with the twig and the rotting chicken corpse and the big ball of fire....

Sketch: Don't remind me.

Brandon: Oh, I just remembered! I really need to start studying for that test coming up in....two months....well, I'll talk to you later!

(Brandon rushes out the door, leaving the others perplexed.) 

(After exiting The Jam, Brandon begins to talk to himself.)

Brandon: Gah, I feel like such a mess. What kind of friend am I? There's obviously SOMETHING I can do for the gang...oh, I know! Of course!

(Brandon runs all the way to a large store called The Talk Page and walks in.)

Shop Worker: Merry Christmas! Do you want this exclusive copy of New Super Mario Bros. 3?

Brandon: No thanks, I really-

Shop Worker: How about this copy of New Super Mario Bros. Adventure for 30% off!

Brandon: Actually, I need to-

Shop Worker: Or how about a limited edition copy of New Super Mario Bros. Omega?

Brandon: .....No.

(Brandon is seen thumbing through CDs)

Brandon: I know Dark likes to listen to music, so let's see, nope, he doesn't like that artist,.....not that one either, no,....OH HELL NO.

Brandon: OK, how about Sketch? Maybe I could get some art material for him?...No, he probably has every art product in the book! Well, no harm in trying....

(A while of searching for gifts later, Brandon goes to buy his gifts at the counter.)

Shop Worker: And that will be 60 dollars, please?

Brandon: .....shit! I didn't bring my freaking wallet! 

(Brandon dumps the gifts in a basket and runs out, starting to cry. He somehow finds himself back at The Jam and sits down at the back table.)

Fandro: What's wrong?

Brandon: It's just....the pranks and I was sorry and I was angry and there was never a test to begin with and I was looking for gifts but I-

Dark: Dude. It's fine.

Brandon: (begins to smile.) I'm really sorry about what I did to you guys. Thanks for putting up with me.

Sketch: No problem dude!

Sam: Merry Christmas!

(Bells begin to chime as the episode ends.)

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