The Paths Crossed is an RPG developed by Twenty-Second Choice for the Nintendo DS. The game is not canon to any other games at all, yet features characters from them. The setting of the game also draws inspiration from other games.





  • Unten: A member of the Inner Realm's army during the First Age.

Major NPCs

  • Dialga: The Master of Time, Dialga has managed to exist inside all Realms during all ages at the same time.
  • Palkia: The Master of Space, he is capable of teleporting himself and others to anywhere else in any of the Realms, and even creating or destroying space.
  • Giratina: The Master of Realms, he lives inside his own Realm known as the Distortion World.
  • Ciela: The Spirit of Courage, and the Guardian Fairy for the Inner Realm. She is later appointed by Dialga as the Spirit of Time, and sent to aid Unten on his quest.
  • Leaf: The Spirit of Power, and the Guardian Fairy for the Outer Realm.
  • Neri: The Spirit of Wisdom, and the Guardian Fairy for the Remote Realm.
  • Tingle: A man who's very existence defies the laws of time and space.
  • JIM: TBA
  • Blind Man: A mysterious man who is believed to hold some connection to the disappearances of numerous figures throughout the ages.

First Age

  • King Dedede: The first king of the Inner Realm, Dedede was responsible for the creation of Devotee City.

Fourth Age

  • King Toadstool: The king of the Inner Realm, he disappeared on the anniversary of the completion of Devotee Castle.
  • Princess Peach: The princess of the Inner Realm, after her father's disappearance she was forced to become the temporary ruler of the kingdom until King Toadstool was found.

Sixth Age

  • Oxus: The leader of a small settlement founded in the ruins of Devotee City.

Seventh Age

  • Lyx: A Shadow Android who destroyed every living creature in the Inner Realm.


See Pathverse

Inner Realm

  • Devotee City: The capital city of the Inner Realm, Devotee City is considered by many to be the most spectacular place in all of the realms.
    • Devotee Castle: This castle was designed by King Dedede during the First Age, and stood all the way until the Sixth Age when the monarchy was overthrown, and the Inner Realm became an anarchy.

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