The paranormal is a cult of ghosts that work for The Brain in Evershade Valley.


The Paranormal was a cult that was organized in Italy as old as 800 B.C, a extremist group of people who believed in greater worship in religion towards ghosts, and vengeful wraiths, where they did sacrifices on innocent people to "worship and serve" the lord of the ghost realm Azrael, this organization spilled into other countries around the world and soon enough, to other continents, mainly Asia, North America, and South America, these beliefs in having ghosts of their religion was heavily controversed by Christian organizations throughout the world, soon where when the organization was nearly to its downfall after the word spread after in 1858 when a high governor in the United States was killed, this ungodly organization came to a end, or did it?

In 1880 when Evershade Valley was founded, one of the former owners of the Gloomy Manor: Xavier Hannay who created the mansion for his wife who was pregnant, and made the mansion to raise for their new daughter, however, Xavier had a strange addiction towards reading religious fables and books, which he had a collection he kept in the library, but some books were had tale and scripts no Christian dared to read without fear, however though one book he had, was a book on former religions on the Paranormal cult and its downfall, however when he read the book front to back, soon things have gone strange in the valley, people have been reporting strange sights of ghostly apparitions and even more frightening sights, soon though for Xavier, his wife disappeared mysteriously and his daughter acted very abnormal, she tended to ignore her father and act almost he never even was talking to her or anything, soon enough Xavier's daughter acted almost feral towards him, even grabbing him and trying to almost suffocate him, for a 9 year old daughter she was capable of it, but it was that she was possessed by spirits, soon she even regained her concious and snapped crying to her father telling she feels she has a monster inside her, Xavier took to a drastic measure and that was to free her demons, that night when his daughter slept, he grabbed a dagger and plunged it deep into her chest, after Xavier's daughter convulsed in agony, then Xavier after her daughter succumbed to her injury, her spirit emerged and replied to Xavier, "Thank you daddy."

However things didn't go much better as Xavier was still being tormented by the ghosts, and other voices cursing him for his actions, the book on the Paranormal  that Xavier read was actually a cursed book, it had scripts where if anyone read it, the ghosts would be resurrected unto the world, and seek to bring back belief in their religion towards the evil spirits, Xavier soon also wrote other books on this belief, as he felt all that he existed for the rest of his life for, was to write books like he used to but on the Paranormal's beliefs, and translate the rest of the books in his library, soon writing a book about his sad tale of how he released evil ghosts unto the valley and at the end of the book he said "May God have mercy on my soul, and may death soon relieve me of the guilt that i carry..."

soon the Paranormal was released and caused mayhem to the world as ghosts of the former cult members, with Greenies, Hiders and Creepers dressed in black robes, elite members so called as Slammers, Gobbers, and Sneakers wearing purple robes, and Poltergeists acting as leaders dressed in red robes and wearing goat skulls for masks, as Azrael though, he was still locked away in the Ghost Realm, and the cult was led by King Boo instead by his orders, soon though a green clad plumber came along by orders of a old man named Prof. E.Gadd, with him having Luigi help and capture the hostile spirits and King Boo and stopped the ghosts that were taking over the valley and peace was brought back to the valley, but the evil of the Paranormal cult still spreads across areas of the world like a virus, who knows what would happen next?

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