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The Pérez Chronicles is a series made by RTA fan (tbc). It is a story series following events that happen around Krystal Pérez. It also follows her as she discovers she is ruler of her universe.


Krystal Pérez

Main article: Krystal Pérez

Eliza Thomas

Main article: Eliza Thomas
Eliza is a devil who helps Krystal out during the series, trying to get her out of fear.


  • Journey of a Lifetime



Stuff from the RTAverse
Series in the RTAverse
Tayshaun & Amy | The Pérez Chronicles
Key Locations
Earth | Midula | California | Kirsti's home planet | Aggronia | Mars | The "Throne" planet
Major Events
Tayshaun's Adventure | Amy vs The Future | Tayshaun & Amy - The Other Side | Tayshaun & Amy (TV Show) | Journey of a Lifetime | The Not-So-Wonderful 75 | Amy vs The Future 2
Major Characters
Amy Jackson | Tayshaun Fitzgerald | Krystal Pérez | Brendan Palmer | Hitomi Yamamoto | Tabitha James | Leah Auvic | Jess Pierce | Laura Palmer | Blaze Zednik | Eliza Thomas | Skye Caballero | Aminu | Mr. D'Angelo | DeMarcus Bolton | Nina Chevoski | Nikolai Popovic | Alex Schmidt | Carli Bailey | Jennifer Oaklyn | Robyn Palmer | Anna Edmondson

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