The Outcasts
Creator(s) Lurky Lorean
Producer(s) Vector Arts
Distributor(s) Vector Enterprises
Broadcaster(s) Cartoon Network
Type 2D CGI animated show
Genre(s) Action, comedy, adventure
First Air Date(s)
April 28, 2015
Last Air Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Opening Theme Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival.
Ending Theme Clocks by Coldplay.
Country of Origin Brazil
United States
Original Language Portuguese
Season(s) 1
Episodes 13
Runtime 20min.

The Outcasts is an animated show about a group of Outcasts, a group of persons that were banished from the Legion, the surviving group of the apocalpyse. The Outcasts discover a secret source of power that grants them the powers of the First Borns, the first living creatures that lived on the planet. They also discover a message left by the First Borns, about the 12 Seals of the Apocalpyse, 12 things that if goes out of order can break a seal and if all 12 seals are broken, a powerful beast is released. The show was created by Vector Arts and written and produced by Lurky Lorean.

The show is based upon shows such as Supernatural (as a series that follows outlaws fighting evil monsters to save the rest of the world), Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (a group of heroes with different powers and different personities united for a common goal) and Teen Titans (a half-serious, half-comedy show). The show aired in April 28, 2015.


The Earth has been destroyed by an event known as the Giant Storm, a gigantic and unstoppable storm that devastated through Earth's countries one by one. The survivors of the storm created the group known as the Legion, a group full of strict rules to ensure the survival of the humans as they try to rebuild the human civilization. A group of teenagers breaks the laws of the Legion and become the Outcasts, outlaws that live outside the Legion's country. One of them finds the secret source of power left by the First Borns, which give them the abilities of the First Borns, which were creatures send in by the creator of the Planet to balance each one of Earth's planets. The First Borns' source of power fuses with the Outlaws giving superhuman abilities to them. The source also leads to a glowing light that makes the Outlaws to be the new protectors of the Earth, leading them to the message left by the First Borns talking about the 12 Seals of the Apocalypse. It is the Outlaws' job to keep things in order to prevent the total apocalypse of Earth.


The Outcasts

  • Jared Passerini - A 17-years old white boy who got the ability to control the Wind. He is the closest thing that the group has to a leader, he is clear minded and is the one that comes up with the strategies, but he is insecure, timid and scared of most everything.
  • Jamie Payne - A 19-years old white girl who got the ability to control Fire. She is the comic relief of the group, as she finds fun in everything and most of the time doesn't realizes the dangers around her. She uses that as an advantage to her, since she doesn't realizes the danger, she doesn't cares about taking risks.
  • Gavan Ochoa - A 18-years old black boy who got the ability to control Nature. He is the most serious of the group and the one that has the most fun of fighting against enemies. He usually doesn't cares about enemies and always rushes against his opponents.
  • Yui Tapia - A 16-years old asian boy who got the ability to control Lightning.
  • Oskar Earl - A 20-years old european boy who got the ability to control the Seas.
  • Catherine Macbeth - A 17-years old black girl who got the ability to create weapons through the power of the mind.


Season One

  1. From Bad To Better
  2. Enter Virgil
  3. On A Dream
  4. Great Worm
  5. The Multitude
  6. River of Anger
  7. The Flaming Tombs
  8. War Ring
  9. Evil Pockets
  10. Trapped In Ice
  11. Excommunicate
  12. The Late Repentant
  13. Terrace

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