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[The episode starts with Guaptain waking up. His eyes are blue.]

Guaptain [Sadly]: Yay. Another boring day.

[The scene cuts to the kitchen]

Ashley: Hey, Guaptain! Want some eggs?

Guaptain [Sadly]: Nah. I'm good.

Andy: What's wrong, Guap?

Guaptain [Sadly]: Nothing.

Andy: Your eyes are blue.

Guaptain [Sadly]: Well, with The Eviltons in jail, it's been so boring.

Tim [Looking at his phone]: Then you shouldn't have put them in jail.

Guaptain [Sadly]: Thanks for the support.

[Joe and Willie walk into the room]

Joe: Hey guys!

Willie: Hey Guaptain, I know you're sad, but I have to ask. I never really learned how you became Joe's friend.

[Guaptain's eyes suddenly become green]

Guaptain: So, you want to hear my life story, ay?!

Willie: Uh, no... I just want to know-

[Guaptain cuts Willie off]

Guaptain: Let's go back, to when I was born.

[The scene starts fading]

Willie: No, wait!

[It now shows Guaptain and his parents and his sister in the hospital]

Guaptain: When I was born, I had a birth defect that made my eyes solid green. The doctor said it wouldn't lead to any weird consequences... He was wrong.

[The scene show Guaptain and his mom]

Guaptain: At 4, my eyes started changing colors based on my emotions. I was walking to the kitchen, when I fell, and hurt myself. My eyes were still green, but there was a small hint of blue in my eyes. My mom, Karen, asked me if I was ok.

Karen: Are you ok, George?

Guaptain: Then, my mean 8 year old sister, Kellyann walked by, and laughed at me.

Kellyann: Ha! Ha!

Guaptain: Then, my eye tint turned from blue to red. Then, my dad, James, walked past me. He didn't even notice that I was hurt. Then, my eyes turned full red and I yelled something.

[The scene cuts back to the present]

Andy: You can remember all of these little details about one day when you were 4, and yet you can't remember to put your dirty clothes in the hamper?!

Guaptain: There's a dirty clothes hamper?

Bobtain: Hey, what word did you yell? I like to learn new words!

Guaptain:... Let's just say that there was a bar of soap in my mouth the same night. Now, let's go back to my flashback. Anyway-

[The scene starts to dissolve]

Guaptain: Let's go to the day when Andy... yeah. Anyway, it was winter! I was 5. Andy and I were having a snowball fight!

Young Andy: Ha! Good luck catching me! I've got the power of science.

Young Guaptain: Well, I've got the power of aimless throwing.

[Guaptain throws a snowball at the snow]

Young Andy: Nice shooting! Now, try dodging this!

Guaptain: Andy threw a snowball, but, it somehow turned into a metal ball, and a giant hole formed. I started hurling toward the whole.

Young Andy: So much for logic!

Guaptain: Andy ran over too me, and I grabbed my hand. He pulled me back to the ground.

Young Guaptain: Thanks, Andy!

Guaptain: Suddenly, the wind current pulled up, and Andy flew up! I grabbed Andy's hand.

Young Andy: Let go!

Young Guaptain: What?! Why?!

Young Andy: Id you hold on any longer, you'll fall into the whole with me.

Young Guaptain: I'm not letting go!

Young Andy: If you won't let go-

[Andy lets go]

Young Andy:-Then I will.

Guaptain: Andy started falling down the hole.

[Guaptain goes down on his knees]


[The scene cuts back to the present]

Joe: How did that even happen?

Andy: Well...

[The scene cuts to Wild X's mansion]

Wild X: Yes! I have killed Andy!

Andy: Then, Mr. O came, a day later, and revived me, turning me evil.

[The scene cuts back to the present]

Guaptain: Hey! This is my flashback! Anyway, with Pre-School coming up, and my best friend being dead, I had to find a new best friend. And, I did! Right Bobtain?

[Guaptain points to Bobtain]

Bobtain: Who?!

Tim: It's you, ding dong!

Bobtain: Who's there?!

[Tim walks away]

[The scene cuts back to a Kindergarten room.]

Guaptain: Now, we're at my Kindergarten year. I was at the green table, with Bobtain and... Ashley!

Ashley: Yay!

Guaptain: Around the middle of the year, Joe moved from Texas to Fun Town!

Willie: Yay! Now, I'm going to leave!

Guaptain: Wait, there's more!

Willie: Oh, come on!

Guaptain: For the next few years, I was forced to be friends with Joe. I never really liked him, no offense. But, in 3rd grade, something clicked!

Willie: You liking Joe?

Guaptain: No. My bones. In the hospital, Joe brought me help whenever I needed it! Then, I started liking him!

[The scene cuts to the present]

Willie: Yay. A happy ending! Well, I'm gonna go!

[The camera follows Willie]

Guaptain: Wait! I haven't gotten to my fight with Bobtain! Or me meeting Tim in 6th grade! Wait!

[The screen goes black. Guaptain lifts the curtain, and continues talking]

Guaptain: Sorry about that. Now, in 4th grade-

[The curtain drops, knocking Guaptain out. The episode ends]

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