The Omegaverse US
Developer(s) 1337doom Inc. (now Omegaverse Corp.)
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) NES
Release Date(s)
US Only
1P, 2P
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Media Included NES Cartridge

The Omegaverse US is a game in the Omegaverse: Confidential saga. It was one of the classic games.


Destructan broke out of his banishment AGAIN, but only to be almost killed by Natcurtsed, who went to the Timeless Realm and started enslaving the people there. Destructan has to work together with Talus, Rattly Duck and Logjam to kill Natcurtsed.

Worlds, Levels, and Bosses

This game was very different. It had only 5 worlds, each with 3 levels each except the last which had only 2 levels. In most worlds, Level 1 is grass-based, Level 2 is sky-based and Level 3 is castle-based, except in the last world where both levels are abstract-based

  1. Mouse Maze~Dr. Rat
  2. Dinosaur Sky~Tea-Wrecks
  3. Future Isle~Warrior of the Future
  4. Timeless Realm~Sulat
  5. Timeless Castle~Natcurtsed

After defeating each boss they explode into a portal, leading to the next world.

When you beat Natcurtsed, he explodes and Destructan attempts to take over the castle, but Talus kicks him out and frees the people of the Timeless Realm.


  • Winged Plush: Collect for points.
  • Plush Doll: Grow bigger and gain more health
  • Earthquake Cake: Shakes the ground killing all enemies
  • Portal Blaster: Takes you to the Other Universe, where things are different.
  • Talus Star: Collect for a bonus chance to win lives at the end of the level.
  • 1-Up Cake: Gives you an extra life.


  • The Nightwolf character Future Warrior is likely a reference to the boss in this game, Warrior of the Future.
  • Sulat and Natcurtsed and Talus and Destructan backwards.
  • The video game Portal and the item in that game, Portal Gun, are likely inspired by the Portal Blaster item in this game.