The Omegaverse: 9 Island
Developer(s) 1337doom Inc. (now Omegaverse Corp.)
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) NES
Release Date(s)
1P, 2P
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Media Included NES Cartridge

The Omegaverse: 9 Island is the final game in the classic games of the Omegaverse: Confidential saga for the NES.


Guess what? Destructan rose from banishment YET AGAIN, and he has brought 7 different creatures to help him: The Color Killers. Along with Inverto (who appears 1-3 times in the middles of each world), Destructan will surely take over this world unless Rattly Duck and Logjam can stop him!

Worlds, Levels, and Bosses

There are 8 different worlds in this game, and they were each islands. There was also a secret world called the "Teleport Isle" where you could warp like in Warp Zone. You navigate the worlds on maps, and there are up to 13 levels!

  1. Rock Mountain Island~Redd
  2. Marooned Islet~Blu
  3. Water Lagoon~Greend
  4. Dangerous Continent~Orage
  5. Tall Sky Island~Whit
  6. Space Galaxy Planet~Blak
  7. Yum Jungle Isle~Purpill
  8. Dark Island~Destructan
  9. Teleport Isle~Rainbo

After defeating Destructan, he dies and you go to Teleport Isle, where you can take warps to past levels in the game. Also, you can go to Color Killers Castle where you fight all the Color Killers and well as Inverto, and then Rainbo. When you defeat Rainbo, he explodes and you've truly won the game.


  • Talus Star: Collect for points
  • Plush Doll: Grow bigger and gain more health
  • Slingshot: Lets you shoot projectiles
  • Monster Plush: Shrink smaller and lose health
  • Angel Plush: Gain an extra life
  • Magic Key: One at end of each of the first 3 levels in each world
  • Grand Talus Star: One at end of the last level in each world.
  • Wings: Let you fly
  • Fish Fin: Let's you swim
  • Rock Statue: Turns you into a rock and you can fly.