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The Omegaverse
Developer(s) 1337doom Inc. (now Omegaverse Corp.)
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) NES
Genre(s) Platformer
Release Date(s)
Worldwide: May 1993
1P, 2P
Age Rating(s)
Media Included NES Cartridge

The Omegaverse is the REAL first game in the Omegaverse: Confidential saga. It came out for the NES in 1993, and only featured two characters that are in the rest of the O:C games.


The evil god Destructan has risen from banishment and has put Talus in the dungeon! You, a duck named Rattly Duck along with your best friend Logjam must defeat Destructan!

Worlds, Levels, and Bosses

There were 7 different worlds in this game to progress across, each one becoming darker until you finally reach night. Each world had 4 levels, the first of which is Grass, the second is City, the third is Sky and the final is Underworld. Here are a list of worlds and the bosses.

  1. Super Early~Hand of Destructan
  2. Morning~Foot of Destructan
  3. Noon~Arms of Destructan
  4. Afternoon~Legs of Destructan
  5. Evening~Hat of Destructan
  6. Night~Head of Destructan
  7. Midnight~Destructan

After defeating the boss in each world, Rattly Duck/Logjam runs up a hill back to the Grass world, and Talus is there to help you but Destructan teleports him away and it's the next world.


  • Talus Star: Collect for points
  • Plush Doll: Grow bigger and gain more health
  • Slingshot: Lets you shoot projectiles
  • Monster Plush: Shrink smaller and lose health
  • Angel Plush: Gain an extra life
  • Magic Key: One at end of each of the first 3 levels in each world
  • Grand Talus Star: One at end of the last level in each world.

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