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The Olympians are gods of the Graeco-Roman pantheon. In the game Mario in the Roman Empire , it is possible to worship deities. You can either worship the Olympians or the Titans.

List of Olympians


Jupiter is the god of storms.

  • God Power: Lightning (a single bolt of lightning kills one selected enemy unit)
  • Mythic Beast: Pegasus
  • Upgrades: The Bridle of the Pegasi(increase Pegasus HP), The Shield of Bellerophon (increases Pegasus Defense)
  • Improvements: Olympic Heritage (increases hero HP), Aegis Shield (increases infantry and hero Defense)


Juno is the goddess of storms.

  • God Power: Thunder Storm (a storm of lightning strikes a selected area)
  • Mythic Beast: Gorgon
  • Upgrades: The Gorgon's Serpent Hair (increases Gorgon attack)
  • Improvements: Wrath of Juno (increases mythic beast attack), Eye of the Peacock (increases sight of scouts)


Neptune is the god of the sea.

  • God Power: Lure Stone (a magic stone lures animals to collect meat/milk from.
  • Mythic Beast: Hippocampus
  • Improvements: Horses of Poseidon (increases cavalry speed), Draft Horses (increases cavalry Defense), The Strong Seas (increases ship Defense)


Salacia is the goddess of the sea.

  • God Power: Flood (waves go over a selected area and destroy buildings (except City-State Centers))
  • Mythic Beast: Carcinos
  • Improvement: Delfin of the Sea (increases scout ship sight),


Pluto is the god of riches.

  • God Power: Sentinel (four sentinels are placed around your city-state center)
  • Mythic Beast: Shades
  • Upgrade: The Souls of Hades (increases Shade HP)
  • Improvement: Vaults of Erebus (increases gatherer mineral gathering by 10)


Proserpina is the goddess of spring.

  • God Power: Forest (a field of trees and bushes appear on a selected location to collect wood or fruits)
  • Mythic Beasts: Dryad , Nereid
  • Upgrades: Swiftness of the Nymphs (increases Dryad and Nereid speed), Woodland Abundance (increases Dryad strength)
  • Improvement: Berry Bushes (increases amount of berries on berry bushes)

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