The Old Lamp-Lighter
TV Series Fantendo - Turning Point
Season Number 1
Episode Number 007(Overall)


Writer(s) Sr.Wario
Airing Date(s)
January, 2016
Preceding Episode Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
Following Episode A Night in Tunisia

The Old Lamp-Lighter is the seventh episode of Fantendo - Turning Point, and the seventh episode of Season 1. In this episode, Vincent has to turn to Revolution when someone he swore to protect comes to him for help. Reception has been (TBA).


Vincent is drinking his bottle of whiskey from Robert and falls asleep, where he has the same war dream from the first episode. Vincent wakes up, does his usual boring routine with easy cases, and falls asleep once more to the haunting war dream. Vincent wakes up once more, ready to repeat the same, sad routine. However, at the door is the widow Vincent swore to protect in the dream.

Vincent throws away his bottle of whiskey and eats a mint as he sits down, asking what she needs. The widow, introducing herself as Ella Harel, tells Vincent that the small neighborhood she and her two children live in has recently been the site of suspicious events, such as nonsensical graffiti, small thievery, and lights being turned on and off. Ella asks Vincent to investigate for her, and he says he will, free of charge. Ella offers money, but Vincent tells her that he is keeping a promise.

That night, Vincent drives out to the neighborhood, with The Old-Lamp Lighter playing on his radio, advising everyone to lock up and stay in their houses all night. As Vincent sits in his car, he sees a lightbulb break spontaneously. Vincent gets out slowly, gun in hand, and walks forward to find nothing but pitch black darkness. Suddenly, he feels a claw against his chest, and falls back in pain.

As Vincent writhes, a man comes out from the shadows, dark claws in hand and prepares to kill Vincent. Vincent begs for mercy, and then pulls out his gun and fires at the man, sending him reeling back in pain. Vincent gets up and and shoots several times, but finds that his firing has done nothing. Assuming the man fled, Vincent gets in his car and drives back to his apartment.

Vincent bandages his chest and reaches for the whiskey, but decides to call Ella first. Vincent tells her that it's taken care of, and she says she'll have money for him tomorrow, but he hangs up. Vincent turns on the radio and drinks his whiskey, falling asleep at his desk and having the same war dream again. Vincent wakes up the next morning, startled and wonders why he has the same dream even though he protected the widow.

Vincent shrugs it off and goes through his usual routine of boring easy cases, and prepares to head off to bed once more. Before he does, he sees a call and answers it to find Ella calling him once more. Ella tells Vincent that the strange activity is continuing, and Vincent says he'll get it done. Sitting in his bed and hoping he can finally get rid of the dream, he lays down to sleep.

Vincent wakes up in the morning and looks at the claw marks on his chest, realizing that even after shooting him, he came back. Wondering what to do, he looks over at the whiskey bottle's tag, which says "FROM: Robert". Vincent sighs and realizes that Revolution is much more skilled than him in these matters, and drives out to the HQ.

Vincent arrives and heads over to the main desk, where he finds an old woman. Vincent asks to see the Revolution HQ, but she says she has no idea what that is. Vincent says he's a friend of Robert's reluctantly, and she replies by pulling out a pistol. As she does, Robert gets out of the elevator and calls off their new security guard, who he introduces as Mavis. Vincent says she's a step up from Rick, and Robert agrees as he leads him into the HQ.

Robert and Vincent head into the office, and Robert asks jokingly if he's here to join Revolution. Vincent tells him maybe, which catches Robert's attention. Vincent explains the situation, and Robert says they'll gladly help, and brings him to Mary, Barbara, and Henry to explain exactly what happened. Vincent quickly tells them the story, and Mary says he has Umbrakinesis, darkness manipulation.

Barbara suggests they lure him and then pump him full of lead, but Vincent says that it seemed to stun him, but he fled in the shadows before Vincent could do anything. Henry suggests Night-Vision goggles, and they all agree that'd work. Henry fetches them for all of them, and they wait until nightfall to head out to the neighborhood, with Robert acting as the strategist, Henry and Mary being support, and Vincent and Barbara being offense, armed with shotguns.

The four head closer while Robert sticks back, but when they look, they find nothing. Suddenly though, Vincent and Barbara are shot at and flee, with a legion of people heading toward them. Vincent and Barbara try to take down them, and are semi-successful, but there are too many for them to handle. Suddenly though, the soldiers find their weapons jammed, due to Henry and Mary's devices. The soldiers flee in a giant truck, with Robert driving the group after them at high speeds.

Swerving through the nightly traffic, they eventually catch up with truck on the outskirts, and Barbara hops onto it, using one of Mary's chemicals to burn through the steel back of the truck. Henry, Vincent, and Robert all fire at the truck, causing it to crash into a ditch. As Mary tends to Barbara's wounds, the others go to interrogate the soldiers and find that they are carrying Savior cards.

The team head over to find the shadowy man laying in the ditch, near dead, and he speaks an oath to The Saviors before dying, that reveals their purpose is to "redistribute the power" and "reinstate America". As they consider what that means, they drive off before the police arrive.

Vincent heads back to his apartment, and thanks the team for their help before heading in to the building. Inside, Vincent sits down and prepares to commence his nightly routine, but instead decides to call Betty Logia. Betty asks what's wrong with him, and Vincent tells her he thinks he has a chance to start anew. Betty tells Vincent that he should take it, because that's what his war buddies would've wanted. Vincent thanks her, and then calls Robert, telling him he wants to be an agent of Revolution.

In the Stinger, Mr. Crane is informed that a truck full of Savior soldiers was taken out by Revolution. Crane, angered that his previous attempts to lure and destroy them failed, says he'll do it himself.


I swear to protect America as a Savior. I swear to give my life for our cause as a Savior. I swear to redistribute the power as a Savior. I swear to reinstate America as a savior.
What the bloody hell does that mean?
Savior Soldier and Barbara Jackson

Mr. Crane, I just got word that a truck of Savior soldiers has been taken out by Revolution and Mr. Lewis.
Even with our Shadow Man? Our soldiers have been foolish. Unsuccessful. Unprepared. I'll take care of them myself then.
Savior Soldier and Mr. Crane




  • The titular song was chosen due to the villain of the episode being someone who extinguishes light, to create contrast.
  • Ella Harel is the great-grandmother of Rachel Harel.