Bikini Bottom 8000 BC - The 1st Octonauts and Vegimals originate and begin to spread throughout the world.

1620 - The 1st Octopod and the 1st Gups are invented along with the Submarine.


Flappity Flippers, this is very horrible and bad! The Tamagotchis, the Galactic Republic, the Raposas, the Anime Humans and their familes including the cute anime talking animals and their families and the Galactic Empire have abducted all the Disney Princes' and Princesses' including all of the parents, grandparents and teenage siblings of all Disney Junior Town to use them as sacrifices for their chicken goddess, Poultra. Now it is Captain Barnacles, everyone in Disney Junior Town, the Octonauts and all the kids to save them.


Regular Shorts

Pain, Pain Go Away

Plot -


Disney Junior Dentist's Office

Captain Barnacles: The Octonauts in: Pain, Pain Go Away!

(The dentist, Dr. Pane is holding a drill walking to the patient and Peso, Pinto and Petunia look horrified)

Human Man: Oh no! No please, don't! No, please stop! Not the drill! Yaargh! (The Human Man's tooth bounces underneath the door)

Peso Penguin: (nervous and sad) Hey, Captain Barnacles and Captain Lara? Are you both scared it's gonna hurt? (sniffles and sheds a tear)

Captain Barnacles: Of course not, Peso, Pinto and Petunia. With our Pain Transference Helmet! Any pain we experience gets transfered to someone else!

Pinto Penguin: (nervous) Neato, but who?

Dr. Pane: Ok Captain Barnacles and Captain Lara, you both are 1st.

Captain Barnacles: Ok, Dr. Pane, let me and Lara have it!

Darth Vader: YEOWCHIE!

Eugene: What's wrong with you, Vader?

Darth Vader: This, OUCH! Must, ARGH! Be, OW! (furious) BARNACLES!!

(The Octonauts and the Vegimals are at Disney Junior Playground/Recreational Park)

Captain Barnacles: Did you see the look on Darth Vader's face, Octonauts?

Kwazii Cat: Yeah!

Sasha: It was so very funny!

Captain Barnacles: He looked like he had the mumps! Didn't he? (laughs)

Tweak Bunny: Yeah! Hey Cap, can we see that Pain Transference Helmet?

Captain Barnacles: We thought you and Andrew have it. (Sees Darth Vader wearing the Pain Transference Helmet) Uh oh. Hey, Vader, Kali and Eugene. Should we uh talk about this?

Darth Vader: Nope. (flicks his arm and Captain Barnacles' arm gets flicked)

Captain Barnacles: Ow. Hey! What in the world?! (Darth Vader pulls his cheeks and Barnacles screams in pain as his cheeks get pulled)

Darth Vader: Ok, Kali and Eugene! Kick it and punch it!

Eugene: You got it!

(Eugene kicks Vader in the head and Barnacles gets flicted with a kick in the head)

Captain Barnacles: Ow!

(Kali, Eugene and Darth Vader laugh on and on as Kali and Eugene keep punching and kicking, Darth Vader who is wearing the Pain Transference Helmet)

Captain Barnacles: Octonauts! WAAAOOH!

Tweak Bunny, Andrew Bunny. Shellingtn Sea Otter and Dashi Dog: Ooooh!


Kids: Octonauts!

Announcer: For more Octonauts, go on, or Disney for more adventures of the Octonauts.

Kwazii Cat: Explore!

Peso Penguin: Rescue!

Captain Barnacles: Protect!


Plot - It's Dinnertime in Tweak's Victorian Mansion in Dodge City, Texas. Tweak and Andrew Bunny begin to eat carrots, lettuce, corn on a cob, and of course creamed corn for dinner, but Tweak's father let's out all the creamed corn from her Hypercube, causing creamed corn to fly everywhere in the kitchen, however Tweak and Andrew licks the creamed corn off of their face saying "Oh, that is good."


Captain Barnacles: The Octonauts in: Hypercorn!

Narrator: It was a beautiful western evening in the massive enoumous western town of Dodge City. Tweak and Andrew are getting ready for dinner.

Tweak Bunny: I present you, the Hypercube. It stores all kinds of things (grabs out Magic School Bus books) in this tiny (pull out a Mexican hat) little space.

Tweak Bunny's Mama: Tweak and Andrew, dinner's ready!

Andrew Bunny: Bye Maxwell!

Maxwell: Adios!

Tweak Bunny: Oh boy! Carrots, Lettuce, Corn on a Cob and Creamed Corn! Our favorite!

Tweak Bunny: Mmm hmm. That was sure good. Me and Andrew are stuffed.

Anna Bunny: Well' that's more what it came from Tweak!

Tweak Bunny: (sad and disappointed) Doh!!

Tweak Bunny: (shocked) NOOOO!


Tweak Bunny's Papa: Hey, look everyone, I won!

(Tweak and Andrew both lick the creamed corn off of their own faces)

Tweak Bunny: Oh, that is good.

Peso Sqaured


Pinto Penguin: Anything me, including Peso and Petunia can do anything to help? (drops the beaker and breaks it) Oops, sorry.

Han Solo: Seems logical Captain Barnacles and Captain Lara.

Captain Barnacles: Peso?! Have you including Petunia and Pinto been messing with the Cloning Machine again?!

Peso, Pinto and Petunia Clones: (together) No! Not us, uh, uh! You got the wrong penguins!

Kids: Octonauts!

Announcer: For more Octonauts, go on, or Disney for more adventures of the Octonauts

Kwazii Cat: Explore!

Peso Penguin: Rescue!

Captain Barnacles: Protect!

Calling All Aliens

Part 1

Plot - Captain Barnacles and Captain Lara are waiting for all their lives to contact an advanced alien race. Things get worse when the 2 are accidentally transported to Disney Junior School and gets laughed at by the whole class, which causes him to hide himself with a globe.


Captain Barnacles - Goddard transport goo-dart, hand Goddard! (Goddard licks Captain Barnacles' paw and the goo-dart is transported into his paw) It works! With this Matter Transmitter, me and Lara can never worry about missing the School Bus ever again, you can just beam me and Lara right into our desks!

Computer: Incoming Message!

Captain Barnacles: Holy Polar Bears! It's a message from Deep Space!

Computer: Deciphering Message.

(The whole entire class begins to laugh hysterically at Captain Barnacles as he grabs a globe and hides his chest nervously)

Narrator: Will Captain Barnacles and Captain Lara make contact with the aliens, will he ever put on his pants?!

Part 2

Mrs. Clarkbell: Captian Barnacles and Captain Lara. Show and Tell is tomorrow.

Narrator: That night.

Captain L

Captain Lara: Then when me and Barnacles got to the Octopod, the message from Deep Space has been erased so me and Barnacles didn't hear it!

Peso Penguin: Wow! Do you and Lara think the aliens will see it from space?

Captain Barnacles: Oops.

Pinto Penguin: (sobbing) Captain!

Narrator: Will the Captain Barnacles and Captain Lara make contact with the aliens? Will the aliens see Peso, Pinto, Petunia, Barnacles and Lara fall flat on their faces?

Part 3

Captain Barnacles' Papa: Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus! You two are early and filthy.

Part 4

Part 5

Tweak Bunny: Is this Mars?

Gaston: See ya, Space Animals!


General Thomas: We got ourselves bogies.

Rebel Pilot: What in the world!!

Captain Barnacles: Hi! Nice helmets! Gotta blast!

Male Movie Trailer Narrator: Meet Captain Barnacles!

Tweak Bunny: Whaddya drawlin'?

Captain Lara: Our latest invention.

Captain Barnacles: The Shrink Ray!

Tosoko Cheng Cat: Will it work on you and Lara's bigger heads?!

Captain Lara: Bubble Travel is the way of the future!

Captain Barnacles' Mama: (angry and annoyed) Captain Barnacles and Captain Lara!!!

Captain Barnacles: Waah! We didn't do it!

Captain Barnacles' Mama: Oh dear! Stop, Drop & Roll!

Captain Barnacles' Mama: Okay Captain Barnacles and Captain Lara, that is totally the last straw!

Jared Polar Bear: Mom says you're both grounded for a week and aslo you and Lara are gonna have to stay in Detention and After School Community Service after school for a week.

Captain Barnacles: (sad and disappointed) Doh!

Captain Barnacles' Mama: Maybe we should check on him and Lara.

Captain Barnacles' Papa: No. I know.

Darth Vader: Freeze that image. (The film gets paused) The search is over. (Laughs evilly)

Captain Barnacles: (scared, frantic and panicking) Our parents including our grandparents and our teenage siblings includinall of the Disney Princes' and Princesses' have been kidnapped by the Galactic Empire, the Tamagotchis, the Raposas and the Anime people!

(The Octonauts, the Vegimals and the characters of Disney Junior begin screaming in terror)

(The Tamagotchis begin to panic)

(Tunip faints)

Captain Barnacles: There are absolutely no princes, princesses, adults, teens and seniors anywhere within the Octo-radar. These Tamagotchis, the Raposas, the Anime people, the Galactic Republic and the Galactic Empire stole our parents, our grandparents and our teenage siblings and all of the Disney Princes' ad Princesses'! It's time to show them what we're made of!

Tweak Bunny: Than faster you can say  "buncha munchy crunchy carrots!"

Octonauts: (together) Yeah!

Captain Barnacles: It will gives us about 2 days to complete our Fusion Engines and build Interstellar Warships!

Captain Lara: Any questions?

Annie: If we all blow up, whatever is left of me and Leo is Game Over!

Saka Cheng Cat: Hear we go! Hear we go!

Male Movie Trailer Narrator: From Meomi Pictures and Disney Junior Movies!

Captain Barnacles: Hang on everyone, this could get really very bumpy!!

Male Movie Trailer Narrator: Everyday in theaters, get ready to blast!

Captain Barnacles: We might be small, but me and Lara got a bigger brain!

Tosoko Cheng Cat: You know for you 2 nerdy polar bears, you and Lara sure come in handy.

Narrator: Octonauts: The Movie.

Peso Penguin: I think that we hate Disney Villians, Captain.

Captain Barnacles: Oh we do hate Disney Villains, they are very mean. Yuck, the'yre very rude, an and evil.

(Goddard then licks)


Captain Banracles and Captain Lara turn on their jetpack backpacks on and they begin to fly faster)

(Aaron Carter's Leave It Up to Me begins to play)

Human Woman: Whoa! Watch out!

Captain Barnacles: Whoa!

Human Man: Slow down!

Aaron Carter: Is the kid ready?

Captain Lara: 30 oysters.

Captain Barnacles: 2 lumps of coal comin' up,

Captain Lara: Excuse us.

Captain Lara's Mom: Oh Barnacle sand Lara is that you 2 dear?

Captain Lara: Yeah mom, be here in a second!

VOX: Warning, Entry Tube to the Octopod Closed for Maintenace.

Captain Barnacles: Say "ahhh."

Oyster: (opens up is mouth) Ahhh.

Captain Lara: Add a little sand,

Oyster: (coughs)

Goddard: Bark!

Captain Barnacles: And in ya go!

Captain Barnacles: (singing) Me and Lara just ol' lumps of coal...

Andrew Bunny: Wow, it's better than a poster.

Captain Lara: Octonauts, this is the night we shant easily forgetting.

Kwazii Cat: Me and Sasha including my little brother and little sister don't know what "shan'" means, but let's go!

Tweak Bunny: Faster than you can say buncha munchy carrots!

(The Octonauts including Indiana Jones, Marion Ravenwood, Sallah, Short Round, Willy Scott, Dr. Henry Jones Sr., Marcus, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Wedge Antilles, Leia Organa, R2-D2, C-3PO are amazed as they look at all of the fun and exciting rides)

(Tweak Bunny points her finger at the High Boy roller coaster)

(Kwazii points his finger at the Firedrill ride)

(Shellington Sea Otter points his finger to the Show Me The Mummy ride)

Harrison Ford (Han Solo): Do you and Dashi and your little brother and little sister including Dashi's little brother and little sister promise to join the Rebel Alliance instead of the Galactic Empire?

Shellington Sea Otter: (excited) Yes. Yes Han Solo!

Harrison Ford (Han Solo): Now, Shellington. Take this Rebel Pilot Helmet and this suit and you will lead the fight for justice and fight against the Galactic Empire!

(Shellington hapilly faints)

Harrison Ford (Han Solo): Are these kids with anyone?

Captain Barnacles: Go Tweak and Andrew!

(Tweak and Andrew both walk slowly to the llama and touches it)

Tweak Bunny: Waahoo!

Sasha: Wow! Now that's we we call a ride!

Darth Vader: Kick it!

Imperial Tower Guard: Munchy Crunchy Time!

Darth Vader: Guards and Soldierchis, destroy those pathetic Earth brats and that idiotic Rebel scum!

(The Stormtroopers begin firing their blasters at Captain Barnacles, Goddard and Captain Lara)

Captain Lara: Hurry! head to the Exit!

Tweak Bunny: (panting) Where's Kwazii and his little brother and little sister?!

Captain Barnacles: Me and Lara don't know!

Darth Vader: Stop them!

Captain Lara: All right, Kwazii!

Kwazii Cat: (dizzy) Your ships await, Barnacles and Lara.

Mamametchi: Poultra! Your dinner is getting away!

June: One!

Andrew Bunny: Cap! Here they come!

Quincy: This is no good! The Tamagotchis aren't happy!

Darth Vader: (Laughs evilly) Time to discipline the naughty children. Open Fire!!!

Mametchi: So Barnacles, it looks like its the Octonauts, the Rebel Alliance and the Tamagotchis, the Raposas, the Galactic Empire, the Anime Teenagers, my friends and family and I! All weapons online!

Kwazii Cat: (singing) Ultra Lord is not afraid! Chickens are very afraid!

Dashi Dog: Incoming Message!

Captain Lara: On screen.

Captain Barnacles: (mad) You stealed our parents, our grandparents and our teenage siblings including all of the Disney Princes' and Disney Princesses'! You threaten Goddard!

Memetchi: Itsy Bitsy Captain Barnacles and Captain!

Lovelitchi: Yeah he and Lara are so very small and tiny like puny little ants!

Captain Barnacles: (angrier) You attack our friends and you made fun of our size!!

Mametchi: (singing) Tiny! Tiny!

Kuchipatchi: Woohoo! He and Lara are so tinychi!

Captain Barnacles: We might be small, but me and Lara got a bigger brain! (Grabs oiut his Shrink Ray and sets it to Planet Size and becamed Planet Sized)

Mametchi: No!

Chamametchi: Not tiny?!

Captain Barnacles: Hmph!

(Captain Barnacles sprinkles the black pepper on himself and is about to sneeze)

Captain Barnacles: Ah! Aaaahh!

Memetchi: Oh no!

Kuchipatchi: Not goodchi.

Lovelin: Oh...dear! (faints)

Violetchi: Oh my dear Tamagotchis! We are gonna be sent flying (begins to cry even harder)

Mametchi: It can't be!


(Mametchi and friends all begin to scream and cry)

Papamametchi: Oh, noodlesticks.

Grand Toff Morgan: Darn it!

(Captain Barnacles' massive ultimate sized sneeze begins to send Mametchi and his friends and family flying towards the Massive Tamagotchi UFO and it explodes and causes a gigantic massive chain reaction causing all the Imperial Star Destroyers, Massive Tamagotchi UFOS, Raposa Rocket Creations, TIE FIghters, TIE Bombers, TIE Intercepters, Tamagotchi UFOs and Imperial Transports to explode)


(The Octonauts begin cheering in happiness)

Mametchi: You haven't seen the last of us, Captain Barnacles and Captain Lara!!

(Darth Vader suddenly flies away in fear)

Princess Leia: There you are, Octonauts.

Tweak Bunny: Waah! (Grabs out a carrot) Freeze!

Captain Lara: It's ok, Tweak and Andrew. It's just breakfast.

Captain Barnacles Mama: (Grabs a soda can that says "Burping Soda") I don't remember buying this brand of soda.

Captain Barnacles Mama: Octonauts, it's just soda.

Captain Barnacles: Mom, no!