The Not-So-Wonderful 75 is an action TV show based around the agency used in the game with the same name.

Season synopses

  • Season One - A team of heroes set out to save the world as they try to make them selves recognisable.


Character Description
Alex Schmidt
Alex is a German girl with precognitive powers who is an outstanding fighter. She carries swords to help out in combat.
Robyn Palmer A woman from West Virginia with terrakinesis, Robyn is a fighter who has a notable face tattoo.
Anna Edmondson A theoretical physicist from Alberta, Anna is a researcher with odd infrared sight she got from an experiment in Yale.
Link Perez Yup, the Hero of Time. He came to the RTAverse after getting bored of Hyrule. He joined the team to get a kick.
Beth RTAverse
Beth Johnson
An Australian woman who joined the team through her cousin, Beth is a tri-elemental who acts like the brains of the team.


Episode Description
The Start of the 75 75 people from all around the globe gather to protect the universe they live in.





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