The Nintendoverse is a fan-fiction made by ~ PeachPeach.

Chapter 1

Mario ran along, stomping goombas and hitting blocks.
Link was running through the soft grass of Hyrule, the Master Sword held firmly in his hand.
Samus, in her Power Suit, was going through Brinstar.
Kirby was running along, swallowing enemies that came in his way.
In the square, Pokemon trainers were eagerly having battles with each other.

Deliye came to a stop. All was good, in the Nintendoverse. To be continued

I know it's a but short, but I wanted a suspensful ending. To make you think "What was that about?". "Where is the Nintendoverse?" and "Who is Deliye?". Don't worry, it'll be revealed in the next chapter...or so.~ PeachPeach

Chapter 2

Deliye took a sigh of relief. The Nintendoverse was fine, in fact, for all the life he was a Nintendoverse watcher nothing had gone wrong. The Nintendoverse was a dimension, a place that watched all the adventurers(In Earth they called it "Nintendo Games). If anything out of the normal happened, they would know.

He looked out the window, as he always would after his shifts. The sun, was setting with pastel shades of pink and purple and blue...

"...Blue?" thought Deliye. The sun would never set with blue. As he looked towards the distance, he saw a silver glint in the hills.

He ran out of the tower and into the castle room. Something was wrong. To be continued

There. Now you know. After this, a lot of the ideas will be parodies. Be prepared~ PeachPeach

Chapter 3

"Master! Master!" cried Deliye as he ran towards the castle room. "Something's wrong!"
"Yeah, right," teased Iled, the senior Nintendoverse watcher. "Maybe you saw a bit of dust!"
"There's an army!" shouted Deliye, not noticing Iled. "I saw it!
"I think he's telling the truth." said the general. "I know what it is, and who it might be."
"So, we'll need to go to Segmal right away." said Iled.
"Presisely." said the general.

Iled left quickly out of the hall, to another place. The Nintendoverse was just one part in a large land. "Yes, I'll tell you." said the general as he watched Ilen leave.

I don't think this is that good, more of a filler.~ PeachPeach

Chapter 4

"You know we aren't alone." said the general.
"Of course," said Deliye. "Nintendo isn't the only thing out there."
"Exactly. There is an army of"
"Who?" asked Deliye. This was turning out to be much more serious than he thought.
"It's called Sony." said the general nervously, as if saying its name filled him with fear.

There was an arkward silence, which was broken when Iled came back. "They aren't so sure. They want to speak to you!" he said. He then walked straight out, ignoring Deliye like he was invisible.
"Deliye, come!" exclaimed the general. "We're going to Segmal."
"Huh?" thought Deliye. "What is that?"
"Sega" said the general, as if reading Deliye's mind.

Ahah! Parodies! It's going to get better soon.~ PeachPeach

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