The Nintendo Side is a series of fan-fiction written by Leety Dooshim. It consists of Mario, Daisy and several other characters having tons of adventures on the random little place called, Ninten.

Major Characters

There are several characters, all with tons of different personalities.


Mario is the main character. He was originally formed as the new kid at Ninten's schoolhouse. Later, he formed into a more random character, becoming akin to the rest of the students, teachers, and everyone else.


Daisy was Mario's first friend. She was always nice enough to help Mario around the school. For some reason she appears on the recess field even when school is in session, particularly during science class. Strangely, Daisy liked Science.

Ms. Peach

Ms. Peach was Mario, Daisy, and the rest of the students teachers. She was a very strange teacher and did not hesitate to make no sense at the randomest of times.

Agent DK and Doctor Bowser

Agent DK is a secret agent that is actually Donkey Kong. He often had several battles with Doctor Bowser, who was an evil genius who was Bowser.

Kirby Brothers

The Kirby Bros. are two Kirby's, one Mike Kirby and the other Animal. They always floated around on a boat, which got wrecked lots of times by the other characters. They are some of the funniest characters in the series.

Minor Characters

Brother, Brother and Brother

Also known as Bros, the Bros are three people that look like Luigi, Wario and Waluigi. They all have the same name, which makes it very confusing for Ms. Peach, but even more confusing for everyone else.

Draggy the Dragonite

Draggy is an electric Dragonite that only ever got into the series on accident. Currently, the other characters forbid Draggy from entering.

PKMN Trainer Rich

Rich, the Poke'mon trainer... he was only ever mentioned, once, but is now mentioned quite a lot.

Deoxeys the Babysitter

Deoxeys the Babysitter is a baby sitter that is always very annoyed. He is currently cut from the series. There were other babysitters, though.


There were many books written on these characters. The template below holds them all.

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