The Nintendo Cinematic Universe is a Nintendo's Franchise expanded in movies and television series.


All of this movies of Nintendo are redected in Phases.


1- Metroid

2- Kirby's Dream Land

3- Metroid 2

4- The Legend of Zelda

5- Super Mario Bros: The First Hero

6- Super Smash Bros


1- Metroid 3

2- The Legend of Zelda: Dark World

3- Super Mario Bros: The Anti-Hero

4- Star Fox

5- Super Smash Bros: Age of Mother Brain

6- Kid Icarus


1- Super Mario Bros: Mushroom War

2- EarthBound

3- Star Fox 2.0

4- Sonic the Hedgehog

5- The Legend of Zelda: Triforce

6- Xenoblade Chronicles

7- Super Smash Bros: Infinity War Part 1

8- Kid Icarus and Goddess of Light

9- Pokemon

10- Super Smash Bros: Infinity War Part 2

11- The Defenders


1- Agents of SMASH

2- Captain Falcon

3- Pikmin

4- Metal Gear Solid

5- Bayonetta

6- Street Fighter

7- Final Fantasy

8- Eclipse Slayers

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