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"The Ninja (Team Flare)"
Season 1, episode 2
Airdate:  ???
Director: Drak Drookleson
Story: Drak Drookleson
Written &
storyboarded by:
Drak Drookleson
"Some Assembly Required, Part 2"
"I'm With You In Spirit"


Amy and Koloro meet a new friend in school named Jon, but things go sour when they learn about his mysterious double life...


The episode begins a few weeks after the end of the first episode. Koloro, Sketch, and Amy walk out of school, talking amongst themselves.

Amy: Thanks for letting us stay with you guys. Our house got....pretty banged up after the invasion, and it still needs repairs.

Koloro: No problem! I'm amazed so much stuff got fixed so quickly.

Sketch: Heh, yeah. All those freaky aliens, it was like a monster movie up in there.

Koloro: It WAS a monster movie.

Amy: Hey, where's Mika?

Sketch: Oh, I think she's talking to the new kid.

Koloro: New kid?

Sketch: Y'know, Jon. He literally joined the class today.

Koloro: Oh, huh. I didn't notice him.

Sketch: Well, he was kinda quiet.

Amy: Why don't we go talk to him? Y'know, introduce ourselves?

The group walks up to Mika and Jon.

Jon: Hi guys. You must be Koloro, Sketch, and Amy, right?

Amy: You got it!

Sketch: Hey, so you're the new guy, right?

Jon: Uh huh. This school seems pretty normal though.

Mika: Yeah, besides the occasional alien invasion, it's pretty chill.

Jon: Heh, I heard about that.

More TBA

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