The Night Watch is a game heavily inspired from both the Five Nights At Freddy's and the SCP Containment Breach series. The game takes place in a facility, in which you have to guard to make sure nothing escapes or even worse, kills you.


You are a Security Guard who has been payed tons of money to guard a supposed haunted facility. You accept the job due to the high paycheck and you are happy. This soon changes, as you notice many strange creatures roaming the halls at night, just waiting to get their hands on you. You must survive all 20 nights and figure out what the facility has been hiding from civilians all this time.


Cat Painting:

A painting in the West Hallway that will not move, but will emit creepy meowing and will turn bright red and fleshy. Not really an enemy, just gives off a creepiness factor.


A paper mache man on display in the West Hallway. It will stare directly at the camera, blocking the entire screen, and then will run away. If it has already ran away, it will run towards your room and jump at you, emitting a high screeching noise.

Long Legs:

A long legged red monster that will leap at you. It comes from the West Hallway, hiding behind a statue. When you look at it a second time it will look at you, before running towards your room. It runs using it's extremely well kept legs and will claw your face off.

Cryogenic Mum:

A zombified creature that has been preserved using top notch technology. It comes from the Cryo Room, hiding behind the shelf. It is covered in paper, but it will sometimes take off the paper, revealing it's horrifying face. It slowly walks into your room, and then strangles you while looking at you.

Deepfreeze Bass:

A bass that comes from the Freezer Area, It will swim around the facility, levitating in the air. It will not attack you, but will rather freeze your door handles so that you cannot shut them.

Freezerlock Man:

A frozen rotting corpse, locked away in the Freezer Area. The first sign of him being active is if the Freezer Area door handle is shaking. The next time you look at it, it will be open and the Freezerlock Man will be coming after you. He will come in your room automatically after 5 seconds if Deepfreeze Bass has frozen the door open first.

Areas Of The Facility:

West Hallway: Also known as the "Art Room", the West Hallway is essentially the relaxation station for those who work at the facility. It is perfectly harmless during the day, but when the monsters break out, it becomes a warzone.

East Hallway: Also known as the "Metal Room", the East Hallway is where the Cryo Room is located and also where Longlegs originates from...

Cryo Room: This room is filled with high tech gadgets. There is a shelf that looks somewhat suspicious. Mabye you should keep an eye on it?

Kitchen: Everyone needs to eat, even the government! This is where all the food is made, although it is not very good. Not much happens in here.

Freezer Area: This creepy freezer is used to store food and other things in it. However, this freezer is home to the Deepfreeze Bass, and the Freezerlock Man.

Bathrooms: This area doesn't have much going on for it, besides the occasional ghost flushing the toilet of course.

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