The New adventures of the Mario bros! is a amarican TV show made in 2016 by Disney XD.


In 2015, Nintendo anounced a new progect that they were working on. When asked about the progect, they said it was not a game. Then, after a few months, a image was leaked of a animated Mario. Then Nintendo anounced the TV show would come in 2016.


The show is about Mario and his Friends's normal, everyday life in the Mushroom Kingdom...well, as normal as it gets, anyways.


  • Mario: A kind-hearted, adventurus Plumber who likes anything to do with adventure.
  • Luigi: The cowardly yet nice brother to Mario who pefers to stay home and drink tea.
  • Peach: The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. It's been hinted at that her and Mario are dating.
  • Toadsworth: The king of the Mushroom Kingdom. He's quite over-protective.
  • Bowser: The hot-headed arch-enemy of Mario. Is VERY full of himself and oftan brags.
  • Bowser Jr.: The son of Bowser. He's spoiled, rotten, and mean...exactly as Bowser wanted.
  • Wario: Mario's cousin. He's fat, greedy, and a overall jerk.
  • Waluigi: Wario's brother.
  • E. Gadd: Luigi's friend and Professer. Oftan, his inventions go boom.


Season 1

Name Air Date Info
Meet the bros TBA This basically shows the bros in action.
Power-up mix-up TBA

After a Toad messes up, the Bros get some new...and weird...Power-ups.

The good, bad, and the smelly TBA Mario and Wario enter a competion to see who's better.
Castle Calamity TBA When Mario, Peach, and Toadsworth are on vacation, Luigi looks after the Castle.
School fools TBA When Bowser Jr goes to school, he becomes freinds with a frendly koopa.
Three strikes, you're out TBA After Peach forgets to pay her workers, the Toads go on strike.
Pranks for nothing TBA Mario and Luigi get in the middle of a prank war between Wario and Bowser.
Yoshi's own episode TBA Like the title says, Yoshi finally gets his own episode...on a cooking skit.
Ghost-clusters TBA E. Gadd, Mario, and Luigi must take back there lunch from King Boo.
Welcome to Rainbow road TBA The gang hold a race on Rainbow Road, with the prize being a golden shroom.
Get that Nabbit TBA Because Nabbit is stealing stuff, Mario and Luigi try to catch him.
Paper Jam TBA Due to an exparement gone wrong, E. Gadd creates a paper version of Mario.

Season 2

Name Air Date Info
Doctor in the house TBA Mario gets a PHD and becomes his alter-ego, Dr. Mario.
Banana-Slama TBA Wario and Waluigi meet a ape called Donkey Kong while exploring the jungle.
Invasion TBA A Shroob attacks the kingdom and trys to take it over, only to fail over and over.
Down memory lane TBA The bros find there old junk and remember the good ol' days in 1983.
Widdle baby Mawio TBA The bros get turned into baby's by Kamak, and need the help of yoshi.
Whomps and Thwomps TBA A bunch of Whomps and Thwomps invade the castle.
The inside story TBA The bros are sent inside of Bowsers body to defeat a virus in there.
Clone wars TBA Kamak clones Bowser in order to become smarter and defeat Mario.
Showdown of the nerds TBA E. Gadd and Fawful fight over who's smarter, so they start building stuff.
Toadinator TBA A robotic Toad goes after Mario and Luigi, so they seek Gadds help.
Waluigi's own episode TBA Waluigi gets his own episode, and parodys popular TV shows.
Space odd-itys TBA When the gang abord E. Gadd's space ship, the AI abord the ship rebells.

Season 3


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