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The New Adventures of Mika Sho is a reboot of the Mika Sho franchise and the first one not developed by Drack Games, instead it is being developed by Stardust Citadel. Taking place in a high school in the city of Phoenix, a young asian-american student Mika Sho gets powers through mysterious means and alongside fellow friends with powers, she helps an secret organization to take on a gangster of metahumans that wishes to take over the city of Phoenix named the Crows.

The New Adventures of Mika Sho is an action RPG inspired by the likes of Super Mario RPG and Earthbound. It is set to be released for the Nintendo 3DS.



The New Adventures of Mika Sho is an isometric role-playing game where the players takes control of Mika and her partners in the hunt of metahumans, although at the beginning, you only get the choice to play as Mika, but you get more party members as the story progresses. The game progresses through chapters and so each chapter is somewhat linear, similar to the likes of Paper Mario, where there is almost no backtracking in the game. Players can easily warp to other locations once they unlock the teleporters in Chapter 2, allowing traveling to be easier. Outside battles, enemies appear on the screen and depending of the player's level, they will either run away or run towards the player. Some enemies can even show indifference towards the player, so battle only occours if the player chooses to.

Battle System

The battle system of The New Adventure of Mika Sho is a somewhat unique one. Players can select their actions but the order of attacks is chosen by the player's stats and the enemy's stats, whoever has the highest speed stat does their attack first. There is four commands that the player can choose, Attack, Special, Item or Defend. Attack is the melee attack and if the player hit the Action button at the same time that the attack connects, a second hit will happen and if done again with the second hit it increases the chance of a critical attack, similar to the Timed Hit mechanic in Super Mario RPG.

Special attacks be done in three ways: Single, Duo or Triple. Each character unlocks a Duo or Triple attack if they participate in random battles with another character. Duo and Triple attacks consume the Attack Points of every character involved and it is usually a more risky move than the others. Like with melee attacks, pressing the Action button at the right time will increase the chances of a critical hit.

Item is a pretty self-explanatory command. Defend is also pretty simple too, although the player can utilize special items to defend or utilize certain specials to protect themselves, each one with their own unique abilities and stats. Additionally, the player can run away from battles by pressing the Back button without chossing any command. If the player succesfully runs away from the battle or not depends on the maximum total of the Speed stat of all active party members divided by the number of party members compared with the enemy's total Speed stat divided by the number of enemies (example: there is four party members and their total is 400 and there is two enemies and their total speed stat is 150, so 400/4 and 150/2 will result in 100 and 75, which results in a succesful escape from battle).


Playable Characters

There is 6 playable characters, although one is a secret unlockable character. Mika Sho is the only character playable from start and the remaining characters are acquired through out the story.

Character Info
Mika Sho / Sunfire Mika Sho is the first metahuman to appear in Phoenix and she has the ability of pyrokinesis. A high school prodigy, Mika Sho is one of the most intelligent students of the Phoenix High School and a sci-fi / superhero enthusiast. Mika is the balanced character in the cast in terms of stats and all of her special abilities are for offensive purposes. She is the only character that cannot be switched out the main party up until a certain point.
  • Weapon Type: Gloves
  • Accessory Type: Uniforms
  • Element: Fire
Donald Skitz / Velocity Donald Skitz is a close friend of Mika and one of the fastest metahumans alive, thanks to whatever gave him his powers gave him the ability to run really fast. Originally he entitled himself "Duo", since he could run so fast that he could create the mirage there was two of him but Mika nicknamed him Velocity because it better fit with his powers. Donald is the fastest of the group, although he lacks good offensive and defensive stats. He has a decent amount of defensive and supportive skills, although he only has few offensive abilities.
  • Weapon Type: Goggles
  • Accessorcy Type: Spandex Suits
  • Element: Wind
Manson Ray / Azure Manson Ray is a field agent on Operation Metahunt, at first unknowingly that he is a metahuman himself. After discovering his powers, he turns himself for the operation to be captured, although since he is loyal to the system, he is instead listed to participate in the field operations. Somewhat paraonid, by-the-books agent, Manson is a cold person. Manson's special abilities allows him to hit multiple opponents at once and thanks to his Water Skin ability, he can power up his friends. He lacks any defensive abilities. He is very strong and fast, although he has the lowest HP of all.
  • Weapon Type: Wands
  • Accesory Type: Capes
  • Element: Water
Jon Justice / Judge Jon Justice is a rogue metahuman who is the "judge" of a criminal organization. He offers to volunteer himself to be a part of the operation in exchange to his freedom. A brute, snarky, ignorant and anti-social member of the group, Jon Justice doesn't have any special metahuman power, instead he just became very strong. He is the strongest of the group, but he is also the slowest. He is an all melee offensive character, with lacking defense and a short amount of special abilities.
  • Weapon Type: Gavels
  • Acessory Type: Robes
  • Element: Earth
Alecia Katharyn / Binary A member of Shadow Cross and Wolfe's girlfriend who decides to participate in the operation after Wolfe is saved. Alecia is a masterful hacker who can invade every system. She is also specialized in the field of medicine, thanks to her being the medic of the Shadow Cross. She is dry, witty and friendly. Alecia is not the strongest in combat, although she has a very defensive playstyle and thanks to her medical knowledge, she can heal her friends in combat.
  • Weapon Type: Notebooks
  • Accessory Type: Hoods
  • Element: Lightning
Abigail Ainsworth
  • Weapon Type: Staves
  • Accessory Type: Masks
  • Element: Light


Character Info
Koloro is one of Mika's best friends, alongside Abigail and Donald. Koloro is created by the god of colors to restore the color in the world in case someone steals it. Until the day comes, Koloro decides to live a normal teenager life going to school and keeping her mission a secret. She and Mika are very close and Koloro usually throws herself in danger to protect her. There's a hint of romance between the two.
Mr. Riley A biology teacher, secretly the leader of Operation Metahunt, who enlists Mika and her classmates as members of the operations, making use of their powers to their benefit. A friendly person, even if he has a threathing appearance and a skilled strategist. Usually helps the heroes by giving information their location and objectives.

He is inspired Mr. Riley from The Uncanny Adventures of Mika Sho, where he was originally a villian.

Dr. Raven Carey He is the metahuman researcher participating Operation Metahunt, a specialist in the powers of meta humans, helping the heroes by giving them help when fighting against metahumans by providing information about their weaknesses and strengths. He also gives information about items and equipment.

He is inspired Dr. K from Kode Kid Rising, where he was originally a villian.

Wolfe Erik / Cyber Wolfe Erik is a hacker activist, part of a bigger group known as the Shadow Cross. He is one of the founders of the group alongside Rexana Alvena and he is mainly known by his online alias of "Cyber". He assists the team after they manage to save him and other Shadow Cross members.

He is inspired Daniel Jonhson / DATA from KODE KID, where he was originally a cyborg. His nickname Cyber comes from a character from Kode Kid Rising.

Rexana Alvena / White Blade Rexana Alvena is the "field agent" of Shadow Cross, enlisted to acquire any information that is out of their reach. She is a metahuman with superhuman reflexes, making her a deadly assassin in field thanks to her ability with a sword, which allows her to stop bullets with it thanks to her improved reflexes. Dry and serious, Rexana helps the team once Wolfe, Jade and Akira are captured by the Crows.

Rexana is an unique character to this game, although her name "White Blade" comes from Kode Kid Rising.

Jade Stacey Stacey is the creator of the "Eye on the Skies", a drone whom follows the Shadow Cross agents in their field missions. She sends them important information missions regarding the progress of the task. Stacey doesn't appear much on the main story, although she appears more frequently in the White Cross side missions. She has a somewhat snarky sense of humor and delivers information in a direct, short manner.

Jade Stacey is inspired by the character Jade the Cat from The Lectro Chronicles. As a nod to her origin, Jade is always seen with a green cat.

Akira Kento Akira is a runaway from a lab experiment who seeked to utilize the metahuman blood to create metahuman soldiers. He is thought to be the first Metahuman although that is debatable. Akira can no longer utilize his powers thanks to the experiments that turned them null although he can sense the presence of other metahumans. Akira appears in a few main story quests, although he is one of the main characters in the Recovery sidequest storyline, which involves the recovery of his powers. Rather honest, shy, timid, not a lot talkative, Akira is a very quiet person.

Akira Kento is inspired by the character with the same name from Dangan Ronpa 3 - The Great Despair Clash.





Category Types
Latex Gloves (+3 DEF)
Disposable gloves. Worn out after a few uses. Protects the user from status effects.

Wool Gloves (+5 DEF, +1 ATK)

Leather Gloves (+7 DEF, +3 ATK)

Aircrew Gloves (+10 DEF, +5 ATK)
Fire resistent. Increases the chances for critical hits.

Chainmail Gloves (+13 DEF, +7 ATK)

Impact Protection Gloves (+16 DEF, +5 ATK)
Protects the user from critical hits.

Catcher's Mitt (+17 DEF, +9 ATK)
Improves the strength of projectiles and decreases the damage from enemy projectiles.

Boxing Gloves (+17 DEF, +11 ATK)
Increases the time given to the player to block enemy attacks and improves the strenght of melee attacks.

LED Gloves (+15 DEF, +9 ATK)
May dizzy the opponent when the opponent is hit by a melee attack.

Power Glove (+20 DEF, +15 ATK)
May give the player control over the enemy.




Character Info
Jess Brook / Gizmo Jess Brook is new crook of Matrix's gang and a metahuman with the ability of manipulating three dimensional objects from computers into reality. Jess is not used to her powers and as such she doesn't utilizes it to full potentional. She is the first boss in the game and she reappears when the player battles Matrix.
Terry Merlyn / Pyro
Willie Shannon / Matrix
Drake Fallafel / Sour Note


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