The Negative Wormhole is a game developed by Goomy Inc. (specifically Crimson) for the Wii U system. The game is of the horror puzzle genre and is focused upon the negativity of its creator, the twists and curves that shape his mind, and his sorrow past.


There are six timelines in the game, each their own mode.  Each timeline is different, having different characters die and each one having different endings.  If the first five are completed, the true sixth timeline is unlocked and it will reveal which timeline truly took place.

Rose Timeline

Dark Timeline

Positive Timeline

Brutal Timeline

Love Timeline

Sacrifice Timeline


Each of the three characters go throughout the various timelines, trying to solve deaths and uncover secrets like a detective.  The player must go between the real world and the Negative Wormhole to solve clues and realize their life's purpose.

What the characters have to defend themselves with is very little.  Crimson has his spirit, which willingly auto attacks foes, although can be brought out of shape, forcing the teen to defend himself.  Trainbro has a pistol for defense and Samuel has minor explosives disguised as ordinary objects.  Defending isn't all that necessary  in the real world because relatively few events involve people attemping to harm the player.  

Characters can pick up items found in the various places and place them in their inventory to be used later.  Sometimes you can come across something like a grapple hook to reach new places.


In the Negative Wormhole, you can actually battle enemies and bosses, using ordinary items and willpower.  Search out the enemy's weak point, then strike it enough to defeat the foe, earning experience points.  Enough experience points takes you to the next level, where you gain more speed, attack power, and more defense.


Name Crimson Indigo Trainbro Maria Samuel Fafa

A sixteen year old with strange feelings running through him.  The strong negativity running through his veins causes his actions, which usually lead into disasters.  His body is split into two parts, main and spirit.  The spirit has been referred to as "Negative", which always has a veil around Crimson that causes misery and trouble around him wherever he goes.

A ten year old that is supposingly the best friend and brother of Crimson.  Unlike Crimson, Indigo shows many happiness and joy, but usually spreads this via sarcasm.  As the story ventures on, Indigo slowly becomes an antagonist.

A thirteen year old who is another brother of Crimson.  He is obsessed with vehicles, which led to the creation of an intelligent mind, turning him into a scientist.  While starting off hating Crimson via sibling rivalry, the two eventually become allies and defeat Indigo. A passionate friend that is one of Crimson's few.  She pulled Crimson out of his troubles, only to be murdered by Indigo later on in the plotline.  Before she died, she went by alias "Sammie". One of Crimson's friends, Samuel is a happy-go-lucky type of guy.  Smart and cunning, he helps Crimson out in the plotline, creating intelligent plans to help Crimson defeat Indigo.  A shipping between Crimson and Samuel has been teased throughout the game. Another one of Crimson's good friends.  A traveller from the world's edges, he's great with geography and is very knowledgable about the planet and proves more useful than a map.  Often throughout the game he will tease the other characters, leading to some arguments but everything comes all right in the end.
Char. Status Crimson is a playable character. Indigo is an antagonistic character. Trainbro is a playable character. Maria is a supporting character. Samuel is a playable character. Fafa is a supporting character.


Real Life

Crimson's House

A location best known for housing Crimson, Indigo and Trainbro.  Inside this house you can find many items related to Crimson, such as his personal diary and his Nintendo DS.  It's your starting location in every timeline besides the Sacrifice Timeline.  In most timelines, you pick up a few items here before the place is torn apart.

Black Ditch

This is a large ditch dug out between Crimson and Samuel's houses.  If someone dies, it's often in this ditch.  The reason for this ditch is currently not known, but it has something to do with the construction of something that was halted due to low amounts of money.

8th Street

A long, busy street that Crimson's house lies next to.  Many drug dealers and crimes happen out on these streets, and the pain is almost always dished out when someone gets into trouble.  It is the game's Real Life hub.

Food Mart

A very thriving business area with many people to talk to, some of them holding answers to deaths or other situations.


An abandoned super market that seems to hold many secrets within its walls.  The reason for it being abandoned is still unknown, but it may have something to do with an accident that was rumored to have broken the link between Real Life and the Negative Wormhole.

Springfield High

A school burstling with people in the day, but creatures from the wormhole roaming by night.  The school does not matter much to the plot surprisingly, but this is where you meet some of the game's important characters.

Samuel's House Local Hospital Lost Grotto White Sea Battleline Practical Hell
Negative Wormhole

Misery Plains

A sad place where small creatures usually reside.  It's the entrance and exit of the Wormhole, if you bypass Misery Plains you end back up in real life.  Misery Plains has very little plot involvement.

Teardrop Ocean

An ocean said to be made out of tears that were created from sadness.  Swimming in this slowly drains your health as it saps out your happiness, replacing it with grief.  Many secrets lie in Teardrop Ocean, which makes this place important in the game's timelines.

Frustration Desert

This desert is said to be the ruining of your mind, playing horrible illusions on you and sapping away your time, tricking you into doing the wrong things.

Forest of Tears

A place where two in love can rest at.  Rivers made from literal tears can be found everywhere, and graveyards litter the forest...many have died of hunger here, as the forest oddly has no food.

Death Valley

Where the dead go to rest after they had enough of life, buried later in the Forest of Tears.  The sun will blister and burn your skin, so roaming in the shadows is necessary.  Skeletal foes will attack from the darkest corners of this wasteland.

Hatred Jungle

The people who have gone mad with anger seem to make their hideout here.  The jungle is sweating with hate, everyone and everything being hostle to the player.  Indigo makes his hideout here...making for important plot details.

Anger Peak Maddening Mountain Lone Glacier Town of Grief Moaning Cemetery Actual Hell


Enemies / Bosses