Mystic Contract

My name is Koloro. It's not my real name, just a nickname I use. You've probably heard of me by now. I was all over the newspapers for my sudden disappearance a few years back. I've been through a lot since then. I was kidnapped, tortured, killed, brought back to life... It's been a very interesting two years.

Yesterday afternoon, I was brought in to see a certain grey-haired man. One whose face was burned in my mind all those months ago. It was at this time I finally learned his name: Mario. He calls himself Dr. Metal Mario, for reasons I'll never fully understand. I also learned of his two assistants and their names: Britt and Zander.

And then I was re-introduced to someone who stood near me once before. A man named Ethan. We had parted eight months prior, but seeing him again, almost identical to how he was before. Same eyes, same hair, same cocky smile. Different headphones, though. There was also a slight hint of sorrow in his eyes, though he would not speak about it. Perhaps regret.

"You two," said the old doctor. His voice was like a frog's croak, but strained. "You two shall aid my assistants. Do whatever it is..." he gasped for breath, a sound that came before a man's death. I'd heard that before too; heck made it myself. "Whatever it is they tell you to do. Just do it. Remember, this is for your sake."

Little did I know what that would entail.

I stand, facing a large wall with a single image projected onto it. Nine figures pace through a hallway, their minds all a flutter as they try and figure out what has happened, what to do, where to go. Beside me stand my two supervisors and Ethan, who was the only human I had spoken to for a long time. He looked up at the screen. "Suicide is always an option." he points out. We're just as stumped as the people in the lab are; our cameras didn't catch the murder of Pierce Hazel.

"It is, but considering the circumstances, highly unlikely." Britt chews the end of a blue pen. "After all, we're granting the final one standing their wish. There's no reason to commit suicide; there's no gain."

I glance at Ethan. "Why didn't we think of that before?" he asks me. "When we thought Jake had committed suicide." he prompts after I do not answer him. With this I just offer him a curt shrug.

"I can answer that." Zander says, not looking away from the screen. "It's because you're caught in a stressful situation. Because of this, you don't think rationally." he tilts his gaze. "Well, most people don't..... Ms. Wenn seems to be thinking fine."

"Not much!?" Austyn screams, getting right up in Alyssa's face. "That's a fucking lot!"

"Presumably, Pierce was killed from an explosion from within his intestines. Activated through unknown means, he attempted to return through an air duct, which was hidden by gore." Alyssa states calmly. "That was all I could find. We are no closer to finding the culprit."

Amena sighs. "In that case, we should at least try and find January and Doug. We need to make sure they're okay and that nothing has happened."

Austyn claps once. "Yes. Great idea. Alyssa, you stay here. The rest of you split up. We've got an old man and a little girl to find. Make sure they haven't yet climaxed their lives."

"Did you... really need to phrase it like that?" Alice states, disgusted. Sketch, standing beside her, frowns. "Not a nice picture, I must say."

"She's very smart." I state. "But there's certainly something off here."

Ethan scans the faces on the wall. The faces of Alyssa, Austyn, Francesca, Raymond, Alice, Sketch, Bobtain, Data, Amena and Doug. Then there's the face of the familiar January and the face of Pierce with an 'X' drawn across it; marking his demise. "I have two suspects." he says.

"I've got two as well." Britt claims. "And I think we have the same two people in mind."

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