Mystic Contract

Sketch, the artist with hair the colour of snow, walks alongside his partner, Bobtain. The nine leftover contestants chose partners at random, and the there were three people who weren't chosen by anyone else: Bobtain and Sketch. The third was Austyn, who chose to go alone. "So, what do you like to do?" he asks, looking at Bobtain through the corner of his eye.

Bobtain shrugs. "I usually just follow around my best friend." Sketch scowls, of course you do.

They round a corner, and Sketch attempts to strike up another conversation: "where do you think we are?" Bobtain looks around in confusion, deep in thought as he wanders through the hall. After Sketch scowls in annoyance once more, Bobtain finally answers him: "the future". Deadly serious, too. Sketch looks at him in both shock and confusion, before craning his neck to the other side.

Five minutes of silence, and Sketch breaks it with an angry sigh: "the future, huh?" Bobtain just eagerly nods. "No way any place from my time could have lights like this." Sketch just looks at Bob, his eyes wide: is he really this stupid?? In reality, he just places his hand against his partner's back: "well then."

What's in here? Doug thinks as he slowly approaches a metallic door. He places his hand on the door and slowly knocks on it, echoing in the room behind as his fist pounds the door. Pain shoots through his knuckles as he pounds on the door once more. How do I open this door?

He presses a button on the wall; a panel glistening thanks to the light. Score he thinks, as the door slides downwards, hiding away beneath the floor; a light noise echoing out alongside the door's movement.

The girl watching the monitor turns to her partner. "Didn't you lock the door?"

The only answers she get are a grunt and a curt shrug.

Doug turns back and calls back to his partner: "January, in here."

He quickly jumps over to a desk, piled high with mountains of stark white papers, as January's careful footsteps pitter patter behind him.

January picks up a lab report on a page, letters scribbled over the page in small, messy handwriting. Her eyes go wide as she scans the page: "The Enigma Contract :: Report". She quickly stuffs it into a pocket of her dress.

Doug, on the other hand, just scans over various discs, labelled with similar handwriting. He puts a hand to his chin as he reads over the names listed in his mind. He doesn't recognize many of them as they are called out by the voice in his head: Skylar Pel, Giselle Zaman, Lorelei Akiko, Jack Johnson, Akahito Kamioka...

"Lance Darville?" he says as he picks up another disc. The one beneath it yields another familiar name: "Emily Davies?" He quickly looks back and fourth, and finds a disc drive on the table across the room.

"Oh fuck." the man says as he watches the two contestants play around in the room with papers scattered all around them. "The 'Parents' won't be happy about this, will they?"

The girl beside him frowns, her eyes locked on Doug Chilli and January as they rush around the lab.

As the others look for them, Alyssa, Data and Amena do a little exploring on their own. "So what really is this place?" Data asks the others, a shiver running through his spine. "Reminds me of a hospital combined with a museum."

Alyssa presses a button located beside a door that they reach, and the three peer into a room with no light. "What the...?" the Amena mutters. "And what's that smell?"

Without saying anything, Alyssa quickly jumps into the room and fumbles for a light switch, a warm liquid sticking to her hand as she presses the button located parallel to the her companions.

"Oh.... my......" Amena starts before collapsing to the ground in a heap, gasping for air. Beside her, Data doubles over, vomit spewing from his mouth as if a shower.

Blood covers every wall, and sticks to the shoes of Alyssa, who stands in a puddle of the human's lava. Against the wall, chunks of flesh stick to the wall, and a sole hand lays on the ground a small ways away.

"The fuck is this!?" Data yells, as he stands up straight, wiping his mouth with his good hand, he stares at the remains of a human being.

A human being named Pierce Hazel.

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