Mystic Contract

"So what'd the contract say!?" Austyn screams from behind Alyssa, back in the place that was dubbed the "Astroplane". Alyssa didn't like the name: naming something means you own it. She didn't want to admit that she owned her new prison. She crosses her arms as she walks away, thinking about the thing she had signed; the "Mystic Contract" or whatever.

"Wait up." A voice startles Alyssa from behind, and she quickly spins around, paranoid. A deeper voice, somewhat like a croak behind her. Running towards her are two figures. The cyborg, Data, and the quiet girl, Amena. The two struck Alyssa as the most normal of the other "participants": Amena was quiet, and didn't have anything to make her stand out aside from the hijab she wears; but even then, she looks just like a normal person.

"You read the contract, right?" Amena's voice is thick with an Indian accent, but Alyssa, having been around many people with accents thicker, understood her immediately. Alyssa nods, not looking at her emerald green eyes. It was something her best friend, Giselle, had said before: "Trust lies in the eyes", and right now, Alyssa did not trust anyone.

"Kill someone?" Data croaks. "Fuck that noise!" Alyssa rolled her eyes; Not a big fan of his fake "cool guy" act, to be completely honest. He did have a point though.

"I can't believe it." Amena mutters. "Is this for real?"

"Why did I think I could kill someone for a stupid..." Data cut of his own sentence, and Alyssa became curious as to what he was going to end it with.

"I was blinded by selfishness." Amena says, a tear trickling down her cheek.

Alyssa didn't want to admit that she had actually thought she could kill. After all, her wish wasn't for herself.

"So that's what the contract said." January finished, exhaling deeply as a silence enveloped those standing within the Astroplane. She'd now had to sign two of the contracts, written almost identical to one another, and as such had the words burned into her memory.

"Kill someone, eh?" Austyn said, hand on his chin as he took it all in. "That's it?" That's all he could say before the tall blonde girl, Alice Harumi, walked over and slapped him across the face. "Don't tell me you're actually contemplating killing one of us."

"Even if someone does get killed," Doug pipes in. "They would be guilty of murder. I'd even convict them."

"You're a lawyer?" Sketch asks him, silently, to which Doug nods. "I thought I brought it up before." he answers, as Sketch shrugs.

"Did anyone else sign this contract thing, or was it just us twelve?" Bobtain asks January, to which she looks at him sadly. Yeah, another eleven people: Jake, Ella, Ethan, Leah, Taylor, Mika, Umbra, Guap, Koloro and Jon. January thought, quickly shutting it away as she instead decided to say: "not that I know of".

"We should keep an eye on the three people who left." Raymond interjects as another silence settles in. "One of them might be planning a murder."

Francesca, standing beside him with her arms crossed. "He's right. Let's split up and find them."

"All going to plan." the doctor said to his two assistants over the radio. Britt Hizaro and Zander had been together for years, and considered themselves to be siblings. Now, they were being told that two more people would join them in the "assistant" position. They needed more help, too, so they didn't mind as much as they thought.

"I'm kind of sad that we're not the only assistants now." Britt says as the radio crackled out to a static snow.

"It was bound to happen at some point." Zander answered her, turning back to his desk. "He said we'll meet them in a few hours." he taps a stack of papers onto his desk to straighten them out. "I guess we could post them on the monitors or something."

Britt wheeled her wheelchair over to the computer across the room, where the doctor had sent them a new email with profiles of the new assistants. "Apparently one of them is like me." she says in surprise, glancing over her shoulder as she reads aloud. Zander takes it all in silently before he walks out of the room. "I need to do something." was all he said as he left the room, leaving Britt to be alone and confused. Her wheelchair came to a stop at her lab desk, which is modified to hold her wheelchair in place as she worked.

As she picked up the dark blue pen that she kept in a red cup on the corner of her similarly redwood desk, she mulled over what she had read. Strange that he didn't include their names, though.

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