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The Mystic Contract
Mystic Contract
Author Jake
Genre(s) Murder-Mystery
Young Adult

The Mystic Contract is a fan fiction written by Jake, starring various Fantendo characters in a murder-mystery setting. It can be compared to Shattered Pieces: Memory's Requiem, another fan fiction by Jake. Mystic Contract, like its prequel, The Enigma Contract, was originally slated to go for ten chapters and end with an epilogue, though the series has now been extended due to new ideas and plot points being created and expanded upon.

When given a chance to have their wish come true, twelve people are thrown into a strange laboratory with the task of either kill or be killed, with the survivor being the one to get their wish granted, no matter what it is. While they fight to come to terms with these rules, they are watched over by two observers, watching over their decisions in order to get psychological assessments.

A pre-release campaign, entitled -Mystique-, was started, leading up to the creation of the project. Both of the blogs marked as -Mystique- have a puzzle that users can solve.


The one who gathered twelve people from around the globe is a grey-haired man who goes by the name of Dr. M.M.. He claims to be able to grant any wish, though his contractors must kill before their wish is granted. His contractors are forced to sign the Mystic Contract, which locks them into the killing game.

Dr. M.M. has four assistants: long-time aids Britt Hizaro and Zander, and new aids Koloro and Ethan. The latter two participated in the killing game that spawned from the Enigma Contract, while the two former were brought together as children, saved from the desolate earth.

January is a shy and quiet girl who previously participated in the killing game that came out of signing the Enigma Contract. She was the first to sign the Enigma Contract, and did so to aid the grey-haired man.

Alyssa is a smart girl who was once studying overseas in Poland. She is a detective, and uses these skills for the killing game.

Austyn is a strange man whose body was mutated by shadows. He's quiet with a harsh temper that often makes him see red and replace his common sense.

Francesca is a spunky and kind young girl, and the best friend of young Raymond. She's kind and will jump at the chance to help others, though this also makes her somewhat manipulative.

Raymond is a very nonchalant kind of guy who just rides the waves of life. He tries to be funny in order to lighten the mood, often cracking unfunny jokes. He also doesn't think far into the future, often acting without thinking of the consequences.

Alice is a confident girl, with a short attention span. When angered, she becomes very negative and an opposite of her usual, caring self.

Sketch is an artistic young fellow with a wild attitude. He doesn't often think of the consequences of his actions, and becomes nervous when away from those he trusts.

Data's humanoid body is often overshadowed by the metallic limbs that pop out from under his shirt, thus making him, against his will, the centre of attention. More than anything, he'd wish to be normal, as he once was, but now he sits cold and alone.

Pierce is a very polite individual, speaking with a tone that sounds arrogant to some. Despite this, the curly-haired man is a "glass half empty" kind of guy, with his thoughts all being thrown into the pit of negativity.

Bobtain is the most level-headed of the participants in the killing game, though for the sole reason of him being very cautious. Despite this, he is extremely naive and will go along with what most tell him.

Amena is a shy girl who hates being around other people, as she often worries of what others think of her. She carries an air of posh attitude around her, simply based on the expensive clothing she wears, though acts just like any normal teenage girl would.

Doug is the eldest member of the killing game, who signed simply because of his childish nature. He prefers to go by his surname, Chilli, though his requests are often ignored by others. He is described as "bonkers" by the other contenders, though he just sees the world through a different light.

The participants of the previous killing game are also infrequently mentioned by some characters. For more information on them, see here. Additionally, other characters from Fantendo creators are referenced throughout the story as the game's past is revealed. These mentioned characters include Emily Davies and Akahito Kamioka, among others.


Two adults sat at the table across from me. The male identified himself as Zander, while the female Britt. On the table in front of us all rests a laptop, which illuminates the face of a sick, grey-haired man.

He coughs, and mucus sprays from his mouth like a sprinkler; blood trapped within some of the goopy bullets. One makes its way against the screen, only to slide down it and leave a trail of white, holding a dark secret.

"So..." he wheezes, his face pale as he struggles to speak. The two adults behind the screen sneak concerned glances at one another as they hear him strain to speak. "...Do you.... accept?"

Zander places the scroll on the table in front of me, and I quickly snatch it up, clinging to the papyrus enough to tear it. I quickly, and clumsily, open the scroll.

A dotted line rests at the bottom of a long paragraph, titled, in large Gothic letters, "The Mystic Contract". I skim the paragraph, not really expecting anything out of the ordinary. Something catches my eye though, and I squint at the letters, not really believing that they are actually written on the tan-coloured parchment.

Britt notices my confusion and address it sternly. "Everything on that paper is fact." She says it blunt, as if having said it before. I glance down at her hand, and notice that she now holds a dark blue pen that contrasts against her red clothing.

With a smile, I snatch the pen. "Okay." I say with a nod. "I agree with the terms of this contract."

The man on the screen wheezes once more. "Excellent." he says slowly and tired, as he watches me sign my name on the dotted line.


Twelve people are trapped within a castle and forced to murder. These murders are what drive the captives to their goal of getting their wish granted, as well as escape. Every few chapters, there is a death, and below is a list of the deaths and each chapter the character dies in.

In the fourth chapter, Pierce is found to be deceased within an unlit room by Alyssa, Amena and Data. His body had been completely destroyed, as if he had exploded, with his head laying on the ground as if decapitated. The aids watching over the experiment had been unable to view the killing, and hence are at just as much of a loss as the participants.


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