(Lectro's Office)

Lectro: Alright, so what did you think of the tapes?

???: Hm.... Koloro's death sparked a lot of attention. I want more stuff like that.

Lectro: Cool! I have some more tapes ready for ya. See, I just started the merge-

???: You what?

Lectro: Don't be so worried! It had to happen sometime. 

???: But now that they're all together, they'll be able to stop us even more easily! They already reversed our mind control on Alyssa, who knows what else they can do!

Lectro: Fine, if you insist....


Lectro: Alright guys! Change of plans! We're negating the merge, and now we are split into three teams of four: Red, Yellow, and Orange. 

Jake: *quietly* Drat.

Lectro: Now, for the challenge: I have spread out 13 crystals throughout this area, and the team who gets the least amount of crystals is up for elimination!


Group Red (Data, Mika Sho, Alice, Alyssa) 

Alice: Yay! Alyssa and I are on the same team again!

Alyssa: Yep, th-that sure is great...

Data: Alright, I have a plan that just might work. Mika, hand me your phone. 


Group Yellow (Kurt, Sketch, Lily, Rosa) 

Lily: Hey Sketch, Ruby would like to see if there might be a crystal under that rock. 

Sketch: No way, I'm drawing on it.


Kurt: *slumps his shoulders*


Group Orange (Jake, Ella Metals, Volt, Flip) 

Flip: Well, flip-a-roo! This sure is a fine pickle.

Volt: Yeah, smart move from Lectro to split us up again.

Ella Metals: I agree with the other two, terrible catchphrases non withstanding.

Flip: HEY!

Jake: Wait, I'm getting a call. 

Data: Hey, it's me, Data. I just need to let you know that I have a plan to make sure that nobody gets eliminated.

Jake: What do you have in mind?

Data: We all need to get an equal amount of gems so that no team is up for elimination.

Jake: But there are 13 gems. Won't he get suspicious.

Data: The game ends when the time limit is up, not when all the gems are collected. So every team should get exactly four gems and ignore the last one. I'll pass this message on to the Yellow Team, and hopefully our plan will work. *hangs up*

Jake: Alright then, here's the plan.


Lectro: Well, it seems that each team got exactly four crystals....

Mika Sho: So, what's gonna happen?

Lectro: I put Orange Team up for elimination.

Volt: What? No way, man!

Flip: Son of a flip flop!

Alice: *whispers to Jake* Looks like your plan backfired.

Vote for which member of Team Orange should be eliminated

  • Jake
  • Ella Metals
  • Volt
  • Flip

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