Lectro: Well, it looks like it's time to vote! And the eliminated contestant

Alyssa: Get on with it already!!!

Lectro: um.....there are no votes. 

Alyssa: That's bullshit.

???: Don't worry, today won't be ENTIRELY uneventful.

Lily: D-...Data?

Lectro: HOW DID YOU GET OUT OF-I mean, how did you get back to the Mansion?

Data: Your servants said I could have another chance.

Lectro: Um....OK...

Mika Sho: We're glad to have you back!

Alyssa: Pfft. Whatever. 

Lectro: Well, since I'm a nice guy, I'll let you back in. So from this point on, the teams are merged permanently and you have your own private rooms!


(The Next Morning, At Breakfast)

Rosa: Ok, so we need to figure out what happened to the votes, and how Data was rescued.

Alyssa: Why is that so important?

Jake: The answer is simple. Data's AI transmitted itself into my computer, and told me about Lectro's plan to harvest the eliminatees' life force. I was merely a tool to exact Data's plan, a role I myself am not quite comfortable with. 

Data: Speaking of which, can I speak to Alyssa real quick? 

Alyssa: If it's THAT important, fine.


(Jake's Room)

Alyssa: Why are we in Jake's room, of all places?

Data: Here, can you put this on? (holds some sort of metal helmet)

Alyssa: Haha!...No.

  • Data puts the helmet on Alyssa's head, and plugs the helmet into a nearby outlet, causing Alyssa to get electrecuted*


Data: I didn't foresee that.  *unplugs the helmet and takes it off Alyssa's head*

Alyssa: W-What happened? DATA!?! I thought you got eliminated!

Data: Listen, I have a lot to explain and almost no time. Let's meet up with the others. 

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