(2Spoopy4U Residence) 

(Jake is seen typing on a computer with dark circles under his bloodshot eyes, while others are trying to sleep.) 

Volt: Can you just simmer down, man?

Mika Sho: This guy is a psychopath!

Lily: Um, has anyone noticed that Alyssa is missing? 

Ella Metals: This guy already killed her....just like he did with Koloro!

Jake: H....How did you figure that out?

Ella Metals: I was able to overhear your little conversation. Powers, ya know.


(The Day Before, at Lectro's Office)

Jake: *walks in*

Lectro: Ah, I've been waiting for you, Jake. Don't lie to me, you were the one who REALLY killed her, weren't you?

Jake: She was getting in my way. Getting in my way of stopping you.

Lectro: Stopping me? Stopping me from doing what?

Jake: It was quite suspicious when you "eliminated" your fellow recolors. Maybe you're trying to just get more henchmen.

Lectro: Are you accusing ME of being evil? You're insane.

Jake: You had the resources and the motivation. I may be insane, but I'm also tactical.

Lectro: I don't think those attributes really mix together quite well.

Jake: Well I don't give a fuck. But just remember that I'm coming for you. *walks out of the office* 

Purple: *walks in from back door* Do you think we should eliminate him, sir?

Lectro: No, give him time. If this goes on he'll destroy the others before we even have to lift a finger. Do you have the girl and the cyborg?

Purple: Yes, sir. 


Lectro: Alright ladies and gentlemen! For this round it's a free-for-all! So anyone can be eliminated! Well, besides the winner of course. And this round's competition is a footrace!

Volt: But I don't have feet.

Lily: Oh hey, Alyssa is back!

Alyssa: What, did you miss me? Or were you just to weak on your own without me?

Kurt: *gives Alyssa a death glare*

Lectro: And....go!

(The race begins, and Alyssa is far ahead of everyone else)

(Volt throws lightning bolts and Mika throws fire balls at Alyssa, but they aren't effective.)

(Rosa Yorkwich begins to catch up to Alyssa, but she throws a bomb at her, and Rosa gets hit with the bomb along with Flip and Volt, and Alyssa sticks her tongue out at them) 

Flip: Flip-a-roozle!  Where did she get the bomb anyway?

Volt: I'm more worried about how she's acting. She's very....different, now.

Rosa: No kidding. 



Lectro: And the winner is.....Alyssa!

Mika Sho: Big surprise.

Alyssa: Hah! You losers!

Flip: No need to be such a loudmouth about it!

Lectro: Welp, time for voting!

Who should be Eliminated?

The poll was created at 19:26 on November 22, 2014, and so far 1 people voted.

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