Lectro: This episode was a close call folks, but the eliminated contestant is Squav! 

Squav: Ah drat. Well, see you around! (Is escorted out by robots, but trips on the way.) 

Koloro: But this still begs the question. What happened to the other team?

Kurt: *nods*



Data: *shakes Squav* Squav. Wake up.

Squav: Huh? Where am I? This isn't home.

Data: Lectro and Purple have been hatching a plan all along to harvest the life force from eliminated contestants. I don't know why though. 

Squav: Hey, look in that jail cell!



Purple: It doesn't have to be this way. You were once one of us. 

Fyre: Just because we came from the same breed doesn't mean we are affiliated with you, scum. 

Bombell: Yeah! What Fyre said!

Lumoshi: It appears my skills in mathematics won't help us now.


Data: We need to rescue the other eliminated contestants and sabotage the votes. You listening, Squav? Squav!??!?


(2Spoopy4U Residence)

Mika Sho: *bangs on the steel door*

Ella Metals: My powers aren't able to break through the door.

Alyssa: W-Why would Jake do this? 

  • the door suddenly opens, revealing Lectro*

Lectro: I'm glad I could find you guys. We need you to come over to the lobby.


(At the Lobby)

Lily: W-WHA?

Kurt: *stands with his eyes wide open*

Jake: *arms crossed* It appears that there is a murderer among us.

(The camera pans to show Koloro's corpse with a very visible bullet wound in her chest.) 

Jake: Yes, whoever killed this person must have been a member of the Mansion Staff. Or someone with access to weaponry such as this.

Lectro: In light of this.....shocking event, there will be no challenge today.

Alice: Phew!

Mika Sho: And yeah, nice job locking us in, Jake!


(Late at night, in Lectro's office)

Jake: *walks in*

Lectro: Ah, I've been waiting for you, Jake. Don't lie to me, you were the one who REALLY killed her, weren't you? 

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