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(Team 2SPOOPY4U sits at the Elimination Table as a robotic duplicate of Lectro rolls in on wheels.)


Data: Ah well, it's been nice knowing y'a-(falls through a flap opening in the ground) 

Volt: That was....weird.

Alyssa: He'll get back to his home safely, r-right?

False Lectro: AFFERMATIVE. 


(Meanwhile, in a dark room)

Data: Wha-what? Where am I?

???: Our headmaster would like a word with you....

Data: Hey, isn't that Purple?

Purple: Um, nope. 

Data: I thought I was supposed to go back home! What do you want? I thought you got eliminated!

Purple: Oh, none of the eliminated contestants ever really get sent back home. 

(Camera pans to Speedy in a test tube)

Data: ...but....but what about Takeo and Bombell and the rest? And why does the headmaster want to deal with me?

Purple: *laughs* Surely you can piece it together now, can you? 


2Spoopy4U Residence

Lily: Hey Jake, Ruby wants to know what's going on.

Volt: Yeah dude, I understand there's some wack schemes going on but you have to take it easy!

Ella: Yeah. You've become....obsessive, almost.

Jake: I need to go figure out what is going on. Alone. (Walks out the door)

Volt: Hey, you can't just-

Mika Sho: We're coming with you! (struggles to open door.)

Alyssa: I-it's....locked....

Lily: How did that happen?

Ella: Well, I guess we're stuck here....


Lectro: Hey, I'm back! What did I miss?

Sketch: Just let me concentrate on my drawings, ok? 

Koloro: I think the more important question is where is the other team?

Lectro: Huh. They aren't here, now are they? Well I guess that means, uh, you're up for elimination!

Rosa: What the Hell? That's not even fair!

Sketch: Thanks for jinxing it, Koloro. 

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  • Sketch
  • Squav
  • Koloro
  • Rosa Yorkwich
  • Kurt
  • Flip
  • Alice

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