(Lectro's Office)

Lectro: Look, dude, you've been controlling what I've been doing this entire time! You've even been handing me all the challenges and stuff! I demand some creative license!

Zario: It's a bit too late for that, Lectro. Besides, you got what you wanted out of this. You know, revenge?

Lectro: Yeah, but- 

(Takeo and Kurt storm in)


Kurt: *eyes widen in shock*

Zario: Purple!

(Purple enters the room, holding a rifle.)

Takeo: ......we're fucked.

(Purple shoots Kurt in the chest with the rifle, then he uses the rifle to bash Takeo in the head and shoots him multiple times.)

Zario: And one more thing.....

(Purple aims his rifle at Lectro)




Jake: So....what do we do?

Volt: You're usually the one to have the crazy plan, Jake.

Alice: Has anyone seen Lectro?

Alyssa: I-I'm g-glad that we aren't in the prescense of that ps-psycopath.

Mika: I agree with Alyssa. But at the same time, it's suspicious....


(Fyre and Lumoshi are continuing along their path when they find it is a dead end.) 

Fyre: Well, we better find the others.

Lumoshi: Yep!

(Fyre and Lumoshi walk back to where they came from, where they find Purple.) 

Lumoshi: What are you doing here?

Fyre: Wait, d-did you?

Purple: Yes.

(Purple aims his rifle at the two, but Fyre shoots him with a fire blast while Lumoshi knocks him back with a gust of wind. Fyre picks up the rifle, and aims it straight at Purple's face.) 

Fyre: Say your prayers, asshole.

(The screen goes black as a gunshot is heard.) 


Data: I have a plan so crazy, that it just might work.

Alice: That's what everyone says, Data.

Mika: What is it?

Data: Since both me and Lectro are part robot, maybe, just maybe.....


(Lectro's Office)

Data: *runs in* Well, looks like he's dead. That makes things a lot easier.

Zario: And just what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be competing?

Data: The game's over, I won.

(Data's arm turns into a plug, and the plug plugs into one of Lectro's robotic limbs. Data's body then falls unconscious)

Lectro: *gets up stiffly, his red eye now green* Huh, I've never really inhabited another robot body before. I'm gonna have to deal with the bullet later.

Zario: NO! YOU WON'T FOIL MY PLANS! With the life force of some of Fantendo's Greatest Heroes, I can become more powerful then-

(Data!Lectro punches Zario in the head, knocking him unconscious)

(Fyre and Lumoshi run into the office, confused.)

Data!Lectro: Hey, it's me, Data! Look, no time to explain. Meet up with the other contestants, I have to free the others.

(Data!Lectro then runs the path that Fyre and Lumoshi came from.) 


(Harvesting Lab)

(Data breaks open the tubes containing Squav, Sketch, Flip, and Lily using the crowbar that Flip used to free Speedy.) 

Data!Lectro: Come on guys, don't die on me now, I sent a ship to get you guys back home and give you medical attention. 

(Data picks up the bodies and races to meet up with the others.) 



(All the characters have met up and are conversing.)

Volt: Well, it's a miracle that you dudes are still alive!

Lumoshi: Tell me about it!

(Data runs in, carrying the bodies.)

Data!Lectro: Hey guys, I was able to snag Zario's key to get out of the mansion. A jet is going to pick you up, and I'm gonna self-destruct the mansion.

Alice: OK that's cool-WAIT WHAT?!?!?!

Alyssa: But w-won't you die in the process?

Data!Lectro: .....Yes.

(Data!Lectro opens the doors. The contestants say their goodbyes as the jet arrives to pick them up.)

Fyre: You were cool, dude.

Lumoshi: I hope you live on in a better place!

Volt: Goodbye!

Alyssa: B-bye...

Mika Sho: Come on! You can come with us!

Alice: Mika....he's made a decision....

Jake: .....

(The jet picks the group up as the mansion explodes in the backround. The jet barely manages to escape the blast radius, as the Midnight Mansion is turned into rubble.)

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